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Fighting in ballet boots

Hermès 7 inch training boots not suitable for BDSM (no shaft locks)

Relief zippers, latex condoms & lack of foreplay:
At our casino’s clinic and at UNLV Student Health we are seeing more requests for Plan B One-Step because condoms are failing for a variety of reasons. Things like being snagged on the teeth of relief zippers on low-end latex catsuits. In some instances men’s latex root-boots slip off or are pulled off during an intense encounter. This can happen where the man doesn’t stay focused and he becomes soft enough to slide out of his sheath or where he is rock-hard, but the woman is so tight that his natural pre-ejaculate lube is pushed up around his shaft and he slides out or she grips him so tightly when she isn’t properly lubed, because of not enough foreplay, that his thrusts burst through the tip and he ejaculates directly against his partner’s unprotected cervix.

There has also been an increase in reports of women being injured when they are not properly aroused. Not only can the condom come off or be destroyed, but the woman can suffer from 'Collision dyspareunia' the medical term from the man ramming her cervix because she isn’t properly aroused and tented. The common thread in these reports is that the women were trying to service their partners too quickly because they were having sex in a public place or were expecting to be walked in on by a roommate or someone sharing an office and the woman ends up being badly injured by deep penetration during rough sex.

Aimée to get her first pair of Gepetto’s ballet boots: It wasn’t supposed to happen this quickly. Actually I was hoping it wouldn’t happen for a year or more, but one of Taryn’s Adult Media crews will be working on a full length ballet video about the lives of two young students at an elite private ballet academy supposedly set in France – but they will be using my place and the studios at St Lucy’s and perhaps some scenes in the boot-fighting school at Gepettos. The casting director wants Anya to play the Ballet Mistress/Domme and Gigi and Aimée to play the young leads with Cyndi as a 6th form student who is their mentor. Anya, Cyndi, Gigi and I all have pairs of Gepetto’s ballet boots to wear, but Aimée didn’t. She had only an exquisite pair of Hermès soft leather 7 inch training heels – used primarily to learn to walk naturally and confidently in ballet boots and for teens to show off their skills at parties. So there has been a scramble to get her two pairs of Gepetto’s fetish boots at $2,500 each. The good news is that Taryn’s company is springing for the full cost of her boots, which she will be allowed to keep.

It’s creepy how Aimée in ballet boots came up recently. First she has been after me to let her get a pair of Gepetto’s BBs and I have been resisting, not because she doesn’t know how to wear them correctly, she already does. I knew she brought with her the lovely pair of Hermès training boots and that she has been secretly wearing a pair of Gigi’s BBs to learn how to walk confidently in Gepettos boots that are built on KP fighting boot lasts and doing an excellent job of it according to Gigi. But once a woman is confident in ballet heeled fighting boots it is only a short step to wanting to be fitted with pairs of knife pointe armored fighting boots. I don’t know a single woman in my circle who hasn’t progressed to at least getting a pair of armored KP-boots to try sparing in student armor at Gepetto’s training school. And that’s something I didn’t want Aimée to be doing for at least another year, until she is almost 17. Now it’s going to be harder for me to deny her a pair of armored fighting boots and at least a taste of KP-fight training. When this possibility came up a week or two ago in a conversation with a wonderful long time friend on the East Coast I told him that Aimée in KP-fighting boots would never happen. Now I’m fairly certain I was wrong.

Ballet boots and vulnerability: In the D/S subculture ballet boots usually end up on Subs as a form of punishment, euphemistically known as ‘training’, for some infraction against the Subs Master where the woman is locked in a pair of BBs for hours or perhaps even days where her calf and ankle muscles are cramping so badly the woman is reduced to tears. However, there are some assertive women, almost always trust-fund girls in their very early 20s who have spent years taking ballet and pointe, who like to show off their legs and feet en pointe w/o the effort it takes to build the strength and stamina to walk around confidently en pointe in toe-shoes. Other than the small community of KP boot students and professional KP boot fighters these are the women who are the niche market and will spring for extremely expensive ballet boots to help display their beautifully toned bodies while projecting an aura of athleticism, sensuality and by flashing a pair of 7 inch heels, mystery and danger.

When a group of 23 y/os are walking around in pairs of custom made ballet boots that start at $2,500 and can easily double in price for no frills pairs the girls tend to strut a bit and swing their hips like Victoria’s Secret models on a runway. It’s then, when they think they’re getting into their predator mode - trolling for men - that they become most vulnerable to being seduced and taken against their will. We try to prevent that false sense of security by teaching St Lucy’s girls that while they are strong and accomplished they are also quite vulnerable in certain circumstances and teach the girls how to use the 7 inch spikes on their boots as weapons for self defense.

Ballet Boot injuries: Recently we have seen a doubling of patients being treated in our clinic’s ER for ballet boot related injuries. They aren’t coming from Gepettos clients, but from women (primarily) in the general public who are trying to use poorly made and badly fitted ballet heels for fetishwear and for fighting. Of course the fighting that can be done while wearing a poorly made pair of ballet heels is a parody of KP boot fighting, but because no armor is usually worn the fighters can sustain serious injuries none the less. There are severely sprained or broken ankles from the lack of ankle support or heels breaking off and the poor fit of cheap BBs. There are also slash and puncture wounds in the insteps, abdomen and breasts of the women fighting as well as perineal straddle trauma from being kicked in the pelvis when not wearing a Jill-cup. As I’ve mentioned before when writing about boot fighting there is a tendency for inexperienced women fighters to go for an opponents breasts. The instances of ruined boob jobs when a woman has a breast implant punctured by a kick from the spike on a ballet boot wearer’s heel has risen three fold in the last six months and is putting smiles on the faces of plastic surgeons involved with breast augmentation surgery. And there have been instances of women wearing Gepettos ballet boots in the wrong part of town being attacked for their boots. The attackers come prepared with bolt cutters to cut the shaft locks off so the victim’s boots can be stolen.

Because of her role in the video and her need to practice in her new boots Aimée should have her first pairs of Gepetto’s ballet boots by this coming Tuesday. Fitting her with such sophisticated and dangerous pairs of boots while she is still so young is a risk, but I was going to do it anyway in a few months and she is already far more adult than many 25 y/os. Fortunately she doesn’t have to be at the age of consent to own or wear them.


  1. Where can the Hermes or Gepetto boots be purchased? I have been searching the net for years to find a high quality pair with no luck since Little Shoe Box went out of business.

  2. Hi Anon, welcome! Unfortunately Gepetto’s ballet-boots are not commercially available to the general public. He tried that briefly and the market wasn’t there for such an extremely expensive product.

    I don’t think Hermès boots are commercially available either since they cost more than Birkin bags and there is a far smaller market for the boots. But, you could enquire at their main office in France.

  3. Hi Anon, welcome! Unfortunately Gepetto’s ballet-boots are not commercially available. He tried that briefly and the market wasn’t there for such an extremely expensive product.

    I don’t think Hermès boots are commercially available either since they cost more than Birkin bags and there is a far smaller market for the boots. But, you could enquire at their main office in France.


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