Monday, May 23, 2011

Pointe shoe quiz May 22, 2011

Who is the maker of these shoes?


  1. So far that impossible to say?! Here is all the information that is avaible:
    In Germany, a company makes pointe shoes for the American company Danskin
    Sorry Jill

  2. following on from our very own Columbo (Paul D)

    This any good Jill?

    and I quote...
    "Through the years, the enduring popular brand has gone through several sales and acquisitions, an IPO, a return to non-public status and most recently (2007) a sale to Iconix, whereupon the company has licensed the Danskin name and presently operates the Danskin® Brand under DJM International, LLC."


    Paul S

  3. Thanks Paul... The name is dancin and that's what i was looking for

  4. Hi Paul S, I think Paul D may have fat-fingered the keyboard... the correct spelling of the pointe brand is Dancin' but your comment was interesting as we now know what has happened to the Danskin brand in the last few years... Thanks for your post.

    Paul S, have you had any trouble leaving a comment? Blogger/Google is having a problem at the moment with the comments section for some blogs... which is why I have no pic at the moment... Sigh!

  5. Hi Jill,

    Doh! Makes sense now with regards to the quiz.

    Yep, sometime I need to keep pressing the 'Post Comment' button to get the 'captcha' security thingy mabob to appear... but other than that I can post with no problems. Need to get a proper Blogger account ideally!

    By picture, do you mean the one in your profile or on your blog posts? Seem to be working fine now? Wonder if they fixed the issue?

  6. Hi Paul S Thanks for the feedback. I was talking about the one that appears with my comments


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