Sunday, June 26, 2011

Latex stench in week old vaginal marinade

An easily burst blunt tip latex condom

Cycle update: I thought changing time zones as we did might affect my cycle, but so far I see no indication of that happening. Today I’m CD24 and approaching the end of the luteal phase of my cycle. I should get my period this coming Friday, July 1st so I’m still quite safe from pregnancy for at least the next two weeks regardless of how high quality the sperm and how much of it is left in me. Even so, I have an Oves cap sucking on my cervix until my period arrives this coming Friday when I change to a Reflexions diaphragm for flow control and contraception. I always wear a barrier even when I’m not fertile primarily because I feel much more confident and sexually assertive when I know nothing can get past that thin stretchy rubber membrane to enter my uterus and tubes.

A test for new Subs: I’m developing a new scent. Well, new for me. It’s the scent of a decomposing latex condom that has marinated in my vaginal fluids for several days. The longer the condom marinates the stronger the scent. After pulling it off a lover during intercourse or unrolling and inserting an unused condom with my fingers I can leave it in while being taken by other lovers until the latex reacts with my juices and other fluids left in my vagina to develop and ripen into a distinctive rubbery bouquet. In a woman with a healthy vagina a minimum of 24 hours is usually required before the condom begins to develop its distinctive odor.

When the scent has fully ripened I’ll have a Sub give me oral and try to suck the condom out. If he is lucky enough to tongue an end down where he can reach it with his teeth and then pull it out far enough that he can suck it completely out I’ll let him swallow it. My Subs seem to enjoy that, although it takes some practice before they get comfortable with swallowing a ripe unrolled condom w/o gagging. I see it as an indication of how deep and sincere a lover’s submission to me is by the ease with which he swallows the malodorous condom

When I intend to pull a condom off a lover or burst it I have him wear a blunt tip, one that has no semen reservoir in the tip like the one shown in the image at the top of this entry. That way each time he thrusts into me the strength of my grip pushes his pre-cum up around his shaft far more easily than if he was wearing a reservoir tip, which makes the condom a lot easier to pull off, or burst if I tighten my grip all the way so when he thrusts he just slides further into the tip until the latex can’t stretch any further and bursts spilling his seed right against my cervix. That’s always a shock to a guy the first time I pull off or bust his condom. Some men are secretly pleased because as a macho thing they subconsciously want to impregnate me and others freak out concerned that I might conceive from their condom failure and that I will burden them with child support.

A rotting condom: I was still wearing the condom that I pulled off Colin during our sexual encounter in His Grace’s box last Friday (June 18th) on the last day of Royal Ascot. I was CD16 and newly luteal then and there was no chance of my bleeding so in theory it could be left in until I get my period, about two weeks from the time it was inserted, if I wanted to leave it in for that long. However, technically it is not a good idea to leave the condom in while I remove my cap to clean it and reinsert because the bacteria buildup could migrate into my uterus. So the maximum length of time I’m willing to let a used condom marinate in my vaginal fluids is about ten days.

This morning I’d had the Ascot condom marinating inside me for about eight days. At about 5:00 AM - when he is so randy – Colin wanted me so before I let him penetrate me, I had him give me oral and it was so amazing! He tongued my clit until I was nearly hysterical with desire and when I came my vaginal contractions were forcing the ripe condom down and out to where he could grab part of it with his teeth and pull enough of it into his mouth that he could suck the rest of it out of me and the rubbery stench was so strong it could clear your sinuses! I watched him move it around in his mouth with his tongue and then he swallowed hard twice and the decomposing condom disappeared down his throat. He deep kissed me immediately afterward so I got a taste of some of my vaginal marinade that was still in his mouth and on his lips. I rarely get to taste my own fluids so even if it was only from the lips of a lover it was a fun experience and the fluids had an almost vinegary taste along with a strong decomposing latex scent.


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