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The 2011 Summer Solstice and Magna Carta

Summer Solstice Stonehenge

Summer Solstice 2011 at Stonehenge: Happy Summer everyone! Taryn took Anya and me and our escorts to Stonehenge, on Salisbury plain in Wiltshire, yesterday for the Summer Solstice this morning. It was awesome to be there again! I say again because I think in another life I was a priestess at the site a few thousand years ago. I know, everyone gives me a curious look and smiles when I tell them that, but I think it’s true. Or, perhaps it’s that I have a psychosis of some sort where I remember snatches of sacrifices and being a far different person, though still an attractive female, than I am now. But perhaps not since my Psychiatrist doesn’t think I’m psychotic, at least not in that way. The photo accompanying this entry is from the Internet. The weather last night and this morning at Stonehenge was in the 50s (Fahrenheit) and raining off and on, so there was no brilliant sunrise this morning just heavy cloud cover. But we were there at dawn even though the sun was just a bright spot behind the clouds. Sigh!

Dressed for the weather: The good thing about the weather was that it provided an opportunity to parade around in our rubber fetishwear among a primarily New Age and vanilla crowd w/o them paying much attention to what we were wearing other than a few envious comments about how we knew how to dress for the weather. We all wore the skirts of our hoods outside our collars so the rain wouldn’t drain into our latex suits. Since latex provides almost no thermal protection we wore the catsuits over cotton-lycra unitards to trap a layer of warm air under the latex. To be worn over a cotton-lycra unitard the catsuits were a custom design (by Gepetto’s rubber shop) back zippered and had zippers at the arms, legs to make it possible to get the chlorinated latex over the unitard. It was still a struggle, but our Dressers managed it and worn that way the .5 mm latex suits were remarkably comfy. For us girls footwear was a tradeoff because the ground was very wet and the crowd turned the grassy area to mud very quickly so ballet boots were out because we would have sunk in to the mud half-way to our ankles and even if the weather had been dry the wearing interval would probably have been to long even for us w/o changing boots several times. We ended up pulling on neoprene booties over Gaynor Minden pointes. The other girls were going to wear ballet slippers under their neoprene booties, but since I was determined to wear GMs the other two wore them too and it gave us an opportunity to stand briefly en pointe - when we could find a stone marker to stand on - to see over the crowd.

Caught: I’m CD19 and in my luteal phase today, so it’s impossible to become pregnant from sperm planted in me until I become fertile again in another three weeks. Even so I always wear an Oves, a tiny transparent silicone cervical barrier that sucks tightly on my cervix, to prevent anything getting from my vagina through my cervix and into my uterus and tubes. Even when I’m luteal my libido is very high and I needed to be serviced so about 3:00 AM, during a very heavy shower when everyone else was trying to stay dry in their cars, I took Colin and went in search of some place he could Boink me where we wouldn’t draw a crowd. We went all the way back to the far side of the car park where I found what I was looking for on a path leading toward a barrow mound, a lovely stone marker next to a gravel walk that I could bend over while my feet weren’t sinking into the mud. There I could safely stand en pointe with my legs in second position and let Colin penetrate me from behind.

Being taken that way has two advantages. First I can comfortably take a much larger (longer) man because gravity is pulling my uterus further down and back out of the way of a thrusting penis and two; I can adjust the angle of my vagina to maximize the effect of a lover’s thrusts against my G-spot. So, we look around and there is no one in sight. Colin opened my relief zipper and fingered me and finds I’m slippery wet! I told him I was ‘needy’ and he said “Bloody right you are!” as I unzipped his relief zipper and struggled to pull out his equipment w/o hurting him because he was already massively erect and dripping pre-cum. I get him out, turn, go en pointe a la seconde and bend over the stone marker, he grips my rubber sheathed hips, I reach back and guide his tip to the oculus of my vagina and tell him, “push”!

In a single powerful thrust he fully penetrates me and I gasp in delight as he fills me the instant before his tip kisses my cervix and he moans, “Oh God, I’m home!” I replied, “You are indeed!” and adjust my hips and the angle I’m bending over so his thrusts are stroking my G-spot at just the right angle and I guess we were both more needy than I thought as it was quick, violent and loud even though we tried to hold the noise level down. I hadn’t expected it to be that intense or I would have worn a ball gag or something to stifle my moans but I thought the rain masked most of my panting mewing. My involuntary contractions pulled him into ecstasy along with me and he planted his seed right against my silicon sheathed cervix before stopping his thrusts, sexually exhausted still bent over me and buried in my belly as we both caught our breath and enjoyed the afterglow for a few minutes as the cold rain continued to fall. His amazing girth still felt wonderful inside me even as he returned to his unaroused state before withdrawing. He withdrew and zipped up his relief zipper as I Kegeled most of his load into the wet gravel at my feet before closing my own relief zipper.

Our respiration was still above normal and we were in a tight embrace fondling one another when a female voice from the direction of car park said “That was lovely! Do you think your lad could boink me too?” I’m thinking “Ohhh Fuck, we’re busted!” and turn to find a sort of fairy god-motherly looking woman in a lovely rubber Mackintosh, rain hat, wellies and holding a wind-proof Aquascutum brolly over her head and standing not 20 feet from us. Colin says, “Ohhh… Hi Sam, finding anything of interest in the car park?” “Other than you two having at it?” she said laughing and I’m standing there in the pouring rain draining the remainder of his seed into my rubber suit and my escort is talking to a woman who just caught him fucking me, and I’m wondering, WTF? How did he know who she was and what’s going on? A similar thought must have crossed Colin’s mind as he introduced her as ‘Samantha’, a Sergeant in the SAS (in a gray wig and granny glasses), who was on security duty along with more of her unit to make sure there were no terrorist incidents during the Summer Solstice celebration.

Comparing lovers: Sam says to me, “He is such an amazing fuck isn’t he, like when he goes all the way in with a single thrust! You must be very deep to have been able to take all that w/o screaming!” I’m like, “well, yeah…” Then she tells me, “Just kidding about the boink, not that I wouldn’t like to, but I’m on duty and you are on his arm and I don’t poach another woman’s men. Just be careful about using protection because he has gotten some less than careful girls in a family way.” “Other than you guys it has been very quiet here,” She says to me, “You look lovely in rubber, did Colin tell you he is kinked that way?” and w/o waiting for a reply disappeared into the night. I asked Colin if she was good in bed and he said she was tight, but not nearly as deep as me so he had to be careful about how deep he penetrated her, even from behind, which I thought went a long way toward explaining why she seemed a bit wistful talking about how easily I had accommodated him. I enjoyed meeting another of Colin’s lovers, after I got over the shock, even if it was at 4:00 AM and in the rain. But I was especially pleased to know that I am deeper than she is! Girls keep score too you know.

The Salisbury Magna Carta: After sunrise when we left Stonehenge we drove the eleven miles south to Salisbury for a full English breakfast and then over to Salisbury Cathedral to see one of the four remaining original copies of the Magna Carta signed by King John on the: “15th day of June in the 17th year of our reign" (1215). The other three are two copies in the British Library (one of which was in a bad fire and is little more than a large ash) and a copy at Lincoln castle in Lincolnshire. It was awesome to see one of the original copies!

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