Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Toe pads as a fetish

Ouch Pouch Jr. toe pads

Sweaty toe pads: The photo is of a model wearing the Ouch pouch Jr. which is what most of my company dancers and St Lucy’s ballet students wear. The crescent-shaped pad is made of a thin layer of gel material inside a fabric pouch. Great for wider feet and for those who want only the toes cushioned. The new design offers more coverage in the bunion areas, a deeper cut vamp to better match the line of the pointe shoe, a sleeker shape that hugs the foot and keeps pads from sliding or bunching and an enhanced gel formulation that helps prevent bottoming out, thinning from use.

I love the scent of sweaty toe pads and one or two of my intimate male friends love the scent and taste of sweaty toe pads too! The ouch pouch Jr is the ideal pad for me worn in Gaynor Mindens (I don’t wear toe pads with GMs during my period when my feet swell a bit) to prevent the shoes getting so sweat soaked when worn for long intervals. Because of the absorbent lining inside plastic boxes Gaynors can take forever to dry and if worn when wet they quickly develop a pungent aroma that only a toe shoe fetishist can love. Additionally, sweaty toe pads make small inexpensive souvenirs that can be given to very close friends as tokens of affection rather than being pressured to give away a pointe shoe or shoes which can be very expensive if a dancer doesn’t have shoes that are so dead they can’t be worn for class. For the Fetishists into the tastes and scents of a woman the freshly used pads worn w/o tights can be turned inside out so salty sweaty residue, tape adhesive, blood, polish chips and toe cheese with the merest dash of my wintergreen liniment can be licked off while my partner is watching me change pads and pointes. I’m taking along several dozen pairs of OP Jr toe pads on my European trip for use and in case I have pad-worthy lovers who I would like to reward with a memento of our intimate assignation.

Slit Kits and contraceptive supplies: In preparation for our European trip I’ve restocked Anya and my large slit kits that we use for extended travel, replacing the Semécide with the new formulation from Labia Labs professional products line of contraceptive products. It is Semécide+ an O9 spermicide made with dive-gel and Octoxynol-9 and contains a biocide that reduces the chances of contracting HIV. I’m stocking it in prefilled 10ml applicators - easily carried in an evening clutch or mesh bag during a dive - and in addition to the applicators in our slit kits I’m taking a 500 applicator case since Semécide+ will be our primary lube for dive-sex. I’m also taking a dozen Reflexions latex FS diaphragms in my size and a dozen in Anya’s for use as gas guards in case we lose one in a pool or have a dome failure. Returning readers will remember Reflexions can be used at any depth and at any point in the menstrual cycle in addition to being extremely difficult for a partner to under-thrust so it is the cervical barrier of choice for professionals specializing in dive-sex. I’ve also replaced the Plan B one-step with the 5-day EC pill ella which is far more effective in case of a contraceptive failure and replaced the original female condoms (FC1) with the new nitrile FC2 which is stronger and has better heat transfer properties.

St Lucy’s girls and Penetrator Plugs: As young women grow and become more sexually experienced their vaginas lengthen and if they are taking pointe their vaginal muscles strengthen from the clenching and contractions while on pointe. So the fit of their Penetrator plugs need to be checked every 6 months or so and just before summer vacation is when St Lucy’s girls have their semi-annual Penetrator checks – along with the barrier (Reflexions or FemCap) that they use as a gas-guard for Upper Reproductive Tract (URT) protection during dive-sex. Having the students vaginal rubber checked at this time in the school year the girls are assured of a proper fit while they are on vacation

Porn pools and training facilities: A reader asked why I don’t just call Adolph’s 200 foot deep training facility and my 68 foot deep pool ‘Porn Pools’, rather than training facilities. I think of Porn Pools as being located in rental homes or foreclosed properties that have been accessed through contacts in the Real Estate industry frantic to get some revenue from a dormant market for upscale homes with nice pools in isolated areas. Or, perhaps worse, homes just squatted in for a few days to get enough video action scenes in the pools to fit into several videos for the adult market. As the weather has warmed up there is more of that going on and there are so many large homes in foreclosure out here that it’s fairly easy to get away with unapproved use of a home.

It’s true that there is a great deal of sex occurring in my and Adolph’s deep pools, but it really is for training of escorts, or European BDSM students (at Adolph’s) or just old fashioned recreational sex w/o a video crew from Taryn’s Adult Media Co. present. So I feel neither Adolph’s nor my facilities can reasonably be thought of as porn pools.

Training pool pregnancies: Our clinic is seeing a spike in pregnancies involving women being impregnated during private dive-sex lessons while training in unlicensed dive schools set up in large up-market foreclosed homes in isolated sections of town. These small ‘SCUBA Schools’ advertise teaching intimate dive skills at low prices primarily so the ‘trainer’ can get paid by his students for having dive-sex with them. Usually the women are young, sexually inexperienced and new in town and trying to get training w/o having to pay much for it. Some of them end up having to pay for an abortion. Most thought they were on the pill, but weren’t taking it correctly or were taking another med that interfered with their birth control hormones effectiveness and none were wearing gas guards for upper reproductive tract protection. So far none of the women have wanted to call attention to themselves by reporting the scuba schools for fear their pregnancy and abortion will become public knowledge and become known by their parents or ruin any chance they might have of getting a job as an entertainer or into an escort training program. These women usually end up having a GyneFix IUD implanted if they can become part of the GyneFix clinical trial.


  1. Probably I sometimes miss the punchline because I'm German, but it's funny to read about the same topics that move me, written by a woman...or pretending to be one... ;-)


  2. Hi Fetishdiver, welcome! I'm glad you enjoy some of my posts. Mmm... Is it common for men to pretend to be women in Germany?

  3. Hi Jill ! In my experience it is not sjaldan within the Fetishist - Scene. Actually there are quite a lot of men, pretending to be women via the internet. Probably it makes it easier for them, to get into contact with other women...or something like that.

    I stumbled over your Blog accidently, but definetly enjoy to follow the topics. Espacially because I'm also into both - scuba diving and classical ballet...yepp...I'm a "male ballerina" ! :-)

    But not as my profession. Just for the pleasure of dancing.


  4. Oh, sorry, but I saw it too late, to cancel the post: Of course it is not "sjaldan", but rather "seldom", or "unusually". My brain just switched over to Icelandic language for a second. Never mind ! Shit happens... ;-)


  5. Hi again Fetishdiver. Thanks for the insight about men involved in fetishes sometimes posting as women! Go figure! I’m glad you enjoy both diving and ballet! And, as you said shit does sometimes happen! Sigh!


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