Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Sirens

A Reflexions flat spring diaphragm and its introducer

The Sirens and Semina:
Taryn was invited to join a small newly established group of adventuresome women students at Cambridge called The Sirens. It is made up of a few girls interested in ballet as a training regimen and dive-sex and It was begun with the assistance of Tanaquil who is interested in seeing if the group can be used to identify and recruit women with the skill sets and desire necessary to become courtesans at the very highest levels of society.

The Sirens are just getting organized and Taryn volunteered Milton Park as a convenient and private place to meet and hone their skills training with male partners. Tanaquil is teaching some of the Advances Sexual Techniques seminars herself and asked if I would fit the members of the Sirens for gas-guards while I was there. I was pleased to have the opportunity to meet some of Taryn’s friends who are members of the group. However, I was surprised to find that most of them, if they knew about the need to use a gas-guard during dive-sex, were using coil spring rim Semina diaphragms which can be easily under-thrust by the woman’s partner or leak (because of rim distortion) at depths below 10 meters. I think of the Semina as a starter diaphragm – the available sizes are 60 to 85mm - for very young teens. At St Lucy’s a Semina is a starter diaphragm because of its attractive transparent pink silicone rubber which makes a new user feel confident because she is wearing an intimate device that is so pretty. St Lucy’s girls call them ‘Barbie barriers.’ However, a Semina is not for 19 y/os serious about the effectiveness of a diaphragm as a gas-guard. A coil spring rim is fine for contraception during vanilla sex, but not if the woman is to use it as a gas-guard while training to be a courtesan.

Fortunately Williams Medical, a UK supplier, had a full range of sizes of the Reflexions flat spring diaphragm in stock which is the gas-guard of choice used by professional escorts specializing in dive-sex because the device can be worn at any time during the woman’s menstrual cycle, can be worn on dives to any depth w/o rim distortion that causes leaking and because of the way the rim spring compresses it is nearly impossible for a male partner to intentionally under-thrust the rim. The only possible down-side of using a Reflexions is that it is made of latex so women with a latex allergy can’t use it. Since most of the Sirens had their Seminas with them it was just a matter of checking to ensure each woman had been fitted with the correct size and I fitted the other two who had never been fitted for a diaphragm before I placed my order with Williams, ordering two Reflexions each for all of the girls.

Fellatio hoods: Tanaquil introduced Taryn, Anya and me to a rubber hood modified for protection of the wearer while giving fellatio. It is something a small German R&D shop outside Stuttgart is developing. The owner, one of Tanaquil’s former courtesans, had given her a few of the fellatio hoods for her friends to try. The purpose of a typical hood is to mask the wearer’s identity as well as provide some head protection if thrown against the head of a bed or a wall. Or, if engaged in BDSM a blank hood with only nostril holes is for disorientation or sensory deprivation. And, when diving a hood also keeps the thick conditioner gel worked into the wearer’s hair from getting on her clothing, diving equipment or her lovers hands when he grabs her head.

The modified version Tanaquil had for us to try has a mouthpiece with soft rubber lip guards to protect the woman’s lips from being crushed against her teeth when a lover grasps the back of her hood with both hands and thrusts his penis down her throat and his pelvis slams into her lips. It also has nostril tubes for supplemental oxygen from a pony bottle to keep her from suffocating if his thrusting blocks her nostrils. An F-hood is comfortable to wear, but I haven’t had an opportunity to wear it while giving fellatio.

Deer stalking: The Duke, Cyndi’s grandfather, has invited us all to one of his hunting lodges in the Scottish highlands for a few days of deer stalking, what we call hunting in the U.S. Deer stalking is primarily a male sport, but I think he offered because he knew from an earlier conversation that I want to see his hunting lodge and he would have me where I couldn’t easily escape his amorous attention. I know that sounds conceited of me to say that, but he told me as much when he said it was extremely isolated and was I sure I would mind being with him for that length of time. I asked him straight out what about his mistress, Penelope, and he said she would have to make do with my escort, Colin, for the time we were all at Crag Abbey, the 13th century ruin parts of which he converted to a hunting lodge. Cyndi said Red deer stags aren’t in season until July 1st in Scotland, but a detail like that has never stopped the Duke from stalking on his own land. She said he routinely takes high profile guests hunting regardless of the season if there are quality animals to shoot.

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