Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Royal Enclosure, Ascot

Ascot Racecourse, Ascot, Berkshire

I’m at Milton Park, Cambridgeshire:
The flight over this past Monday (June 13) was uneventful. Our plans changed a bit and we took Cyndi and her sometime boyfriend-bodyguard, Chris, the one who got her preggers when she was 15 several years ago, who are going to stay with her Grandfather at his castle for the Summer. We topped off our fuel in Atlanta where we picked up cultures from the CDC for over-night delivery to a research lab at Cambridge and to other labs in Western Europe. We flew a southern route to the UK in case the Iceland volcano started erupting again. I had the cabin reconfigured with two beds so Cyndi and Chris and Anya and I could have sex at the same time w/o bothering each other so we spent most of our time making love or sleeping. Anya and I hadn’t had sex together in quite a while so we really enjoyed each other’s bodies and we both had multiple orgasms before we were sexually exhausted and fell into a sound sleep in one another’s arms. There is an 8 hour difference in the time between the UK and Las Vegas so working through the jet-lag has taken a day or two and lots of coffee for me.

Taryn was at the airport to meet us. Easter term at Trinity College didn’t end until the 18th so she was sitting finals, but we arrived at 6:00 AM BST (British Summer Time) and she wanted to welcome us before she went off to take her exam. His Grace, Cyndi’s grandfather, had sent two land rovers and a Rolls-Royce to pick up Cyndi and Chris. Returning readers will remember that it was the Duke’s 95 foot sailboat ‘Wanton Lass IV’ that we enjoyed during our Virgin Gorda vacation this past January.

Tutus at Kensington Palace: Taryn has gotten us tickets for The English National Ballet’s ‘Summer Party’ on June 29 in The Orangery at Kensington Palace. It will include a designer tutu auction and I hope to bid for one or more of the gorgeous, but impractical to dance in, tutus.

Colin a new man in my life: Taryn, knowing my taste in men, introduced me to several men she thought I might like so I could choose an escort to accompany and play with me during my visit. I chose Colin, a gorgeous man and one of her select stable of stallions. Colin is the eldest son of a member of the nobility, a Grad student at Cambridge who is massively hung and an expert cocksman. Taryn included him in the selection knowing that I like men with temperaments different from mine and because he would be able to reach and ram my cervix as much as I want. Colin had been an officer in the SAS and resigned his commission to take a masters in business in preparation for running his family’s extensive estate since his father is in poor health. All of Taryn’s male friends seem to be of the landed nobility so one wonders if she is looking for a husband who will inherit a title. Of course that would be years down the road, but financially and physically she would be an amazing catch for some man. So many of the old noble families these days have little money and have had to open their ancestral homes to the public just to pay for the upkeep so if she married into the nobility it would almost certainly reinvigorate the family treasury. And, since her money is from adult media products services the market for that is recession proof.

Ascot on Saturday June 18, 2011: Cyndi’s grandfather sponsored Anya and me and our escorts into the Royal Enclosure for the last day of Royal Ascot races this year. Ascot, in Berkshire, is to the west of London and Cambridge is to the North East so the Duke picked us up at Milton Park and flew us to a friend’s estate near Ascot in his helicopter where we took a car to the racecourse.

I’ve always had a fantasy about being fucked in really exotic places and The Royal Enclosure is one of them! The weather was cold, relative to the 90° weather in Vegas, with a high in the low 60s. Fortunately we had been advised to pack warm things and I wore a pair of Gepettos stiletto heels, custom Wolford 50 crotchless tights, a Chanel canary yellow wool skirt suit and a feathered creation on my head. The nice thing about the temperature was that the latex slip that I wore under the skirt wasn’t sticky hot as it would have been in Vegas. The rubber slip was so my lover’s semen draining out afterward wouldn’t leave a wet spot on the back of my skirt while we sat for lunch. The Duke’s box had a marvelous view of the track, but since Colin was penetrating me from behind while I bent over the rail supposedly watching the races I was distracted and don’t remember much about which horses won the races (he took me twice while everyone was watching the track) except one wasn’t the Duke's horse which didn’t finish in the money.

Colin wore a condom. It was at his insistence as he said he didn’t want to leave me draining his semen all afternoon. I’m CD16 and ovulated two days ago so as far as pregnancy is concerned I was quite safe even if I hadn’t had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix, but I think he’s running scared since I told him I’m cycling naturally and using cervical barriers for contraception. I don’t think he was convinced and said I should put his insistence on protection down to an excess of caution. So just as he reached orgasm I clenched my vaginal muscles and pulled his condom off and unprotected he planted his seed deep inside me. He gasped “Bloody Hell” and kept on thrusting and tipped me over the edge into ecstasy. It was all I could do not to moan or scream and I did drool a bit into a hankie as he is huge and felt marvelous as my muscles spasmed uncontrollably gripping the girth of his shaft. As he withdrew and zipped up I Kegeled out most of his semen into my hankie then slipped it into my clutch. I walked round the rest of the day with Colin’s condom marinating in my juices deep inside me.

His Grace makes a pass: Shortly after Colin withdrew the duke, who had been watching us, asked if I was having a good time and confided to me that he understood that Colin was an expert at pleasing women. If he thought I was going to blush he was disappointed as I looked him in the eye and said that both he and Colin were providing me with unforgettable experiences, to which the old bull said he would like to get to know me better. The Duchess, Cyndi’s grandmother, told me to expect he would want a piece of me and it was fine with her if I let him take me, with the provision that I wasn’t to give him so intense a ride that the exercise would kill him. I let him finger-fuck me and when he began to get too excited I suggested that he wait until he could get me alone at Milton Park where he is staying for the evening and he reluctantly agreed. It was only after he removed his fingers from my birth canal and was catching his breath that he asked how I was doing as far as my bets were concerned that I looked to see that I had two winners! One of the favorites, Await the Dawn, won the Hardwicke Stakes and ‘Maybe’ won the Chesham Stakes both of which Anya and I had been told to bet on so I came away from the day winner of 750 GBP and filled with Colin’s semen.

The Duke is in his late 60s physically fit and very sexually active and the Duchess said he is very kinky and into rubber so I thought why not and decided to leave Colin’s condom inside me if he followed through with his plan to mount me back at Milton Park, which he did. Before dinner this evening he came to my room and helped me out of my Wolford 50 tights and front closure demi-cup bra. As foreplay he gently and expertly milked me for which I was grateful as I didn’t want to pump my breasts and Colin’s beard grows so fast and so thick that his cheek against my breasts is like dragging sandpaper across them. After my breasts had been emptied I was very aroused so it took him only minutes with his face buried between my legs to suck and tongue my clit into a massive orgasm during which I squirted all over his chin and neck. He was so pleased with himself for getting that sort of a response from me!

At that point he mounted me. He is well hung and with me on my back he could just reach my cervix which he loved and rammed it while giving me a G-spot orgasm and when my vaginal muscles began to spasm uncontrollably I pulled him over the edge and we came simultaneously after which still hard and deep inside me he immediately went to sleep on top of me and I napped beneath him until he awoke 20 minutes later and withdrew. I had been right, a romp with me seemed to do his spirits a world of good, a win for him after his horse didn’t give him a winner. I think my muscles surprised him because as he came in me all he could do was marvel, between gasps, at how tight my grip was. He had said nothing about Colin’s condom I still had inside me now marinating in the semen from two lusty males and both he and Colin were very attentive to me during dinner.

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