Sunday, November 20, 2011

Choo’s shoes, labiaplasty and vacuum aspiration

Tamara Mellon co-founder of the Jimmy Choo brand

Choos shoes news: 14 November 2011 “TAMARA MELLON has resigned from Jimmy Choo, the brand she founded in 1996 along with shoemaker Jimmy Choo, following the label's £500 million acquisition in May this year. Chief executive Joshua Schulman has simultaneously announced his resignation, though new owner Labulex insists that pair intend to pursue independent careers.” For the complete article see:

Mellon's Next Move: Updated Tuesday November 15, 8.57am: Is Tamara Mellon set to become the UK's answer to Tom Ford? The Jimmy Choo founder, who surprised the brand's new owners Labelux when she resigned this weekend, is planning to launch her own lifestyle brand - like Tory Burch or Tom Ford - when she leaves Jimmy Choo later this month. Industry sources have revealed "funding is already in place for a Tamara Mellon brand," WWD reports, but did not offer any further details about the launch.

Personal comment: Jimmy Choos five inch stilettos are awesome for standing in during vanilla penetrative sex as they keep a girl’s feet at three-quarter pointe helping to clench her pelvic muscles while she’s being nailed. Three-quarter pointe doesn’t provide as tight a pelvic grip as when penetrated while en pointe, but so few women can balance on their toes in pointe shoes while being thrust into from behind.

A perfect pussy: In the article: “Recent Data on Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery and the Problem with Normal”, Cory Silverberg explored the possible thought process by women in the UK seeking labiaplasty and is concerned about how the medical community and their patients determine what is ‘normal’. His article can be found at:

Personal comment: Our clinics cosmetic surgery practice generally supports the high end sex-worker community where a perfect body is a must in the competitive world of elite escorts as well as in the porn actress community.

Lara’s vacuum aspiration: In an earlier post, ‘Lara Croft and extended cycle BCPs’ (Nov. 14, 2011) I wrote about a UNLV grad student I called Lara Croft who was impregnated during an encounter at her sorority’s charity bordello over the Halloween weekend. Returning readers will remember that Lara took Mifeprex, which I said was about 95% effective. Unfortunately she fell within the 5% with complications. She experienced heavy bleeding and pain and ended up in the clinic’s ER where she had a vacuum aspiration to remove the remaining fetal tissue she was not able to expel on her own. While there she had a Nexplanon (etonogestrel) single rod contraceptive implanted so she should be well protected against pregnancy for the next three years. She decided against the Mirena (Levonorgestrel) IUD because she enjoys rough sex and a framed IUD such as ParaGard or Mirena can be bent and expelled during cramping from rough sex.


  1. was a paternity test done on the fetus?

  2. Actually, it was! Although, Adolph was the only man who nailed her that she knew and the test was done at his request. Not that he cared that she terminated it. He just likes to keep score of the number of women he has impregnated. It wasn't his. He was rather disappointed...

  3. I've seen Jimmy Choos along with other high-end shoes on The Price is Right often as prizes, and the sets the show features, which also usually includes two or three pair with a handbag, range in the $2,000 to $3,000 neighborhood. I'm sure Ms. Mellon is worth quite a bit of money. Is she available? (Wish, wish)

    Of all the things someone wants plastic surgery on, I don't think the box is something that is necessary for most women. Of course, some of the people you work with are self-conscious of how she appears down there, but I think they should worry about how it works.


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