Saturday, November 5, 2011

Latex fetish boots, BCPs and return to standard time

Louis Vuitton fetish rubber rain boots from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection.

Fetish rubber rain boots:
Louis Vuitton’s fetish rubber rain boots from the Fall/Winter 2011 collection are to die for! Fetish rubber for vanilla women finally is available this Fall, though at a price, to flaunt the dominatrix in even the most reserved of us. So far I have three pairs, and it hardly ever rains in Vegas! I thought the pull-keeper that can be easily modified to include a hasp for a shaft lock was a delightfully covert – though transparent – nod to the more in-your-face Dommes among us

The platform helps wearers ford even five inch deep puddles successfully. I love the way the shaft styling has the tops of the shafts snug against contracted calves! To me that feeling in a pair of ostensibly vanilla boots is so unexpectedly sensuous! These boots give the more blatant rubberists among us an opportunity to mainstream the boots in vanilla world settings like at church and PTA meetings where our boots can be admired or envied by other women and arouse their men.

None of the girls who I know at UNLV can afford the LV rubber boots, but I imagine the Chinese knock-offs will be out in another month or two and then there will be a rash of LV look-alike sightings. On the other hand several St Lucy’s students have been seen in town wearing LV rubber fuck-me boots to the envy of women and the delight of all the males they pass.

The pill & changing from daylight to standard Time

Daylight saving time will end in the U.S and Canada at 2:00 AM this coming Sunday, November 6th. Clocks will be set back one hour for areas that are participating in DST and we all get an extra hour of sleep Sunday morning.

So what does this have to do with oral contraceptives? Not much if you are taking a combined (estrogen/progestin) pill because being ‘late’ by one hour due to coming off DST will make no appreciable difference. That is also true for other combined hormonal methods such as Ortho Evra (the patch), and NuvaRing (the ring).

However, where being an hour late taking an oral contraceptive could make a difference is for women on progestin-only-pills (AKA POPs or the mini-pill) because of the very low dose of older progestins with relatively short half-lives in that kind of pill which requires taking an active pill at the same time every day.

For women on most brands of mini-pills like Ortho Micronor, Nor-QD, Camila, Errin, Jolivette and Nora-BE that use the progestin norethindrone and Ovrette and its generics that use the progestin norgestrel it’s important that the hour gained from the end of DST not cause that days pill time to be more than 3 hours late. There is a need to use a backup method such as condoms and spermicides for the next 48 hours whenever a progestin-only oral contraceptive is taken 3 or more hours late.

For women on the mini-pill Cerazette which uses the much longer half-life progestin, desogestrel, taking the pill one hour late should not make a difference because with Cerazette you can – according to the patient information leaflet - take a pill up to 12 hours late and still be protected from pregnancy.

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