Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rubber Lust, Death rubber and sensitives

A Latex All-Flex the dome deteriorated from age

Cyndi, her death rubber Omniflex and Chi:
As I mentioned in my entry for December 18, 2011 post entitled: ‘Breeding diaphragms and ‘death rubber’ Cyndi has gotten her first death rubber device, a Milex Omniflex silicone diaphragm, which she pulled from her mentor’s still warm body after she died during a surface SCUBA encounter at Splash where she was senior Towel Girl. It first appeared that she was asphyxiated due to a tank mix-up, but that didn’t seem credible because of her years of experience. An autopsy determined that Inga died from a ruptured aneurysm in the brain which no one knew she had and which the pathologist thinks was triggered by her increased blood pressure during orgasm when her air ran out. Cyndi who was being trained by her was initially devastated, but in the following weeks with her ritual ‘purification’ at Salisbury Cathedral on the recent Winter Solstice she seems to have fully recovered.

I’ve noticed that when Cyndi has Inga’s Omniflex inserted she is confident, her voice sounds more self assured and she is more willing to take greater risks comparable to what Anya and I routinely take. However, the most fascinating thing is that she has become far better in reading the ‘tells’ that men give off and able to anticipate what they both want and need. That is the same thing that happened to me when I first wore a rubber encasement suit in which a friend I had at school suffocated during a sexual encounter. I found I could concentrate and think things through far quicker and easier when I was wearing that encasement suit because, I realized latter, I was channeling the former owner’s mental energy. Somehow becoming sensitive to the aura of the previous owner’s Chi.

Now I have become even more sensitive in that regard and can channel a former owner’s energy by wearing something as small as a dead woman’s cervical barrier if she died while wearing it during a sexual encounter when her pleasure and positive life force were aligned. So both Cyndi and I have become sensitives able to channel certain dead women’s energy that still inhabits intimate items associated with their deaths.

Rubber Lust: I’m seeing the same thing that happened to me happen to Cyndi when she is wearing Inga’s Omniflex. I call it ‘Rubber Lust’ because I become far more sexually assertive when I have a cervical barrier inserted and that’s true in spades if I’m wearing one of my death rubber devices and if I’m fertile or menstrual (as I am now, I’m CD12 and should ovulate this coming Thursday) I’m sexually insatiable. Of course her Omniflex is a shallow water barrier, only effective as a dive-sex sports-shield at depths above 30 feet.

Cyndi already has a new 70mm latex flat spring that she was fitted for, but what she needs is a 70 mm Death Rubber latex flat spring device that will effectively protect her from having water or air bubbles forced into her uterus at depths below 30 feet so I’m on the lookout for fatalities among UNLV students, escorts, escort trainees, towel-girls, women guests at The Lorelei and submissives who are sent to Adolph for training who wear latex diaphragms and enjoy risky sex. A 70mm is a common size and as the health risks of hormones are becoming more widely publicized cervical barriers are becoming increasingly popular for women in the fields in which I specialize and especially with women rubberists.

Women at risk: I’ve been asked by readers of our local obituaries and crime news in Nevada why more of the deaths I write about don’t make the news. Some of course do, but for the most part the women I write about were engaging in something extremely dangerous or illegal or both often involving breathplay during penetrative sex while wearing a gasmask and rebreather bag or SCUBA gear and underwater. For a woman participating in that level of sport as an amateur there is a steep learning curve and w/o proper training a substantial percentage drown, are asphyxiated or end up with permanent brain damage.

Some of the women were in the country illegally and were in an illegal business so no one wants publicity and the women disappear. Some U.S. women have come to Vegas to work in the sex industry which likes to run smoothly and quietly so local venues where fatalities sometimes occur are often successful in having the woman found in her car on a dirt track way out in the desert or over the edge of a mountain road. And occasionally an entrepreneur is found at the bottom of a pool behind a foreclosed house or hanging by a vaginal hook from the balcony as a warning to others if she was caught poaching on the Organization’s territory. And a few are put through a wood chipper and the bits sprayed into a pond of quick lime.

Guests at The Lorelei are cautioned about how strenuous breathplay during penetrative sex (especially dive-sex) can be and even though they must pass a stress test to ensure they have the stamina to fully participate the warning doesn’t seem to put anyone off. There have been two fatalities, one before the test was required and one afterward. Both were German women, who refused to admit they were not mentally up to the challenge of having their air shut off during orgasm under 15 feet of water and panicked. Adolph believes both of them were frightened to death when their air was shut off during orgasm even though they knew it was going to happen. So while it seems unlikely at first that I will be able to find a 70mm latex flat spring death rubber for Cyndi, or that she can find her own, the chances are considerably greater than one might expect.

Flat spring sports-shields/gas-guards, their strengths and weaknesses: The flat spring rim sports-shields that almost all professionals use has its own set of pros and cons. I think the strengths of flat spring device is that they are made of natural rubber latex which has nearly the heat transfer characteristics of skin-on-skin contact and the dome is much stretchier than silicone, the scent of a latex barrier left to marinate in vaginal fluids for more than 24 hours is wonderfully strong and pungent and a properly fitted and correctly inserted FS rim device is nearly impossible for a partner to under-thrust or displace. And it can be safely and effectively worn on dives to any depth.

The drawbacks of latex diaphragms are that they can’t be used by women or couples who have latex allergies. The flat spring rim is best used by women with strong muscle tone so it isn’t recommended for women who have delivered vaginally. A latex device left inserted for more than 24 hours has a much stronger and (some say) unpleasant scent than a silicone device left inserted for the same interval and latex can be relatively easily and quickly destroyed by greasy or oily medicines or lubricants. Even when well cared for the dome of a latex device will eventually deteriorate, harden and crack from old age as readers can see from the photo of one of my latex All-Flex diaphragms that is more than 15 y/o that accompanies this entry. In my experience a well cared for silicone diaphragm will typically last two to three times as long as a latex one. However, a latex diaphragm is usually about half the price of a silicone one.

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