Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rubber training suit and comments

Black textured rubber Maillot strapless boned swimsuit with scuba paneling.

A training grope-suit: Pictured above, a Lisa Marie Fernandez mid-leg swimsuit has a zip fastening through front, is boned to waist at front and has a scuba interior. 84% nylon, 16% spandex; interior bonded to: 100% chloroprene.

We have begun fitting new escort trainees in Lisa Marie Fernandez design neoprene lined strapless maillots as a confidence builder since it gives them limited control – they can be easily groped, but not penetrated - and to get them used to the heat and constriction of wearing rubber fetishwear while at work. We start by having a partner give them a clitoral orgasm, caressing her through the fabric of her suit, while she is wearing a gas mask. The gasmask is so she gets some idea of what it will be like underwater with her breathing limited to the air she can draw through the canister. Actually, as far as head comfort is concerned having dive-sex while wearing a FFM is a lot more comfortable than having surface-sex while wearing a gasmask. That’s because the compressed gas is cool and dry so the wearer’s face isn’t dripping sweat with it getting in her eyes even though she is wearing splatter lenses to limit eye irritation.

Surface-sex in a gasmask also is an introduction to breath play by using canister connector fitting attachments such as rebreather bags and blank connector covers that restrict or totally block the wearer’s access to fresh air so the candidate can experience asphyxia techniques to understand what’s in store for her so she is less likely to panic when having her air shut off for the first time during dive-sex training.

The Fernandez designed maillot looks vanilla enough that it can be worn in a family setting while the wearer is constricted by the boning and sweaty from the chloroprene (Neoprene) lining. Some trainees unzip their suits when they think they aren’t being watched to cool off and breathe more easily while the boning isn’t restricting their breathing. If a girl is caught with her suit unzipped during training hours she is dropped two places on the all important student standing list which determines when a trainee gets to choose the male partner she is teamed with for the day.

Death Rubber: It is also the first instance of a trainee wearing a professional quality sports-shield (gas-guard), the flat spring latex Reflections diaphragm although it’s not used. It just gives the trainee an opportunity to wear her FS diaphragm to get used to it and see that (when properly fitted and correctly inserted) it’s so comfortable she forgets she is wearing it. We have found that calling a cervical barrier a sports-shield is seen by students as a more user-friendly term than gas-guard. So far there haven’t been many trainees who have latex allergies and the ones who do usually drop out of the course since so much of a professional escort’s work can involve wearing some amount of rubber fetishwear. I keep a close eye on the trainees who wear the same size cervical barriers I do so that If any should have a fatal accident while training (Rare, but it does happen, especially during advanced training.) I can get first refusal of her sports-shield for my collection of death rubber.

The Ringlets and hCG: Returning readers will remember in my entry for December 16, 2011: ‘The Ringlets, NuvaRing and dive-sex’, A group of UNLV NuvaRing using grad students were going to Cancun on a dive trip on a live-aboard over the holidays and needed sports-shields that could prevent their NuvaRings from being accidentally pulled out during dive-sex. I fitted the girls with Cooper Surgical Milex wide seal Omniflex (coil spring) rims because they are all young with good vaginal muscle tone and all wear 70mm or 75mm diameter diaphragms which are large enough that the ring can safely and comfortably fit in the dome and the wide lip or flange around the inner edge of the rim helps hold the ring inside the dome. However, a sports-shield as a NuvaRing keeper only works effectively when the woman inserts her Omniflex before diving. The girls had a great time! It was so good in fact that two of them forgot to insert their sports-shields on several dives and lost their rings and one lost her spare ring as well. Now she has found that even though she took ella (30 mg of ulipristal acetate) she now is testing positive for hCG which she verified by having a serum pregnancy and she immediately took Mifeprex. Women think they can forget about precautions when they are on hormonal birth control and get away with it, but it just doesn’t work that way.

Comments and replies: As I mentioned in an earlier post Blogger in its infinite wisdom has decided to roll out mandatory features that are poorly tested and debug them by having the bloggers who are affected participate in getting the bugs fixed. Two Level Commenting is the latest example. While the Techies are attempting to fix the problem(s) they created I can post readers comments but not reply to them by comment! Go figure! So I will also post the comment in a blog entry and reply to it there.

Comment: Eric VanSickle on Security, privacy and personal electronics on 1/15/12
Testing a reply system to your blog? I hope this is a passage... Anyway, I see all the time in locker rooms and restrooms in public places: "Use of cell phones are prohibited in this area." I think Adolph, Gepetto, yourself and the St. Lucy's administration are in the right to limit or block cell phone use in intimate areas. You wouldn't want to have your clients in compromising positions, would you? In fact, I think there is a new commercial series for the LVCVB talking about people who tweet or Facebook their experiences over there in Vegas. It goes as far as to show a gal, when she enters gatherings, the parties stop and disperse because she "violated the code." It's obviously a take off of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" mantra. Has anyone scolded you in revealing what goes on in your areas of expertise, albeit anonymously?

My reply: Hi Eric: No, no one has scolded me since I cloak my subject’s well enough that their identities aren’t revealed. Actually, in some instances my posts seem to have increased the interest in Adolph’s clubs such as Splash and The Lorelei. The cost of those places is prohibitive and by invitation only or through membership in other exclusive clubs, but interest has dramatically increased.

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