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Security, privacy and personal electronics

The BlackBerry Curve 8350i

Training venues and personal electronics:
In the training areas (gyms, pools and encounter sallies) at St Lucy’s and our escort center as well as Adolph’s facilities (Splash, and The Lorelei) no personal electronics are allowed for security and privacy reasons. It isn’t that big a deal at St Lucy’s. Security simply put jammers in the prohibited areas, but at Splash men complained, because many had been surreptitiously taking pics of the Towel Girls with the cams on their cells. Now the guys are given a choice leave their personal electronics with security before entering the club or be banned. At The Lorelei a few business women complained, but their need for the pampering, security and erotic delights available only at TL overcame their cell phone separation anxiety. Especially when they realized they needed to be safe from being photographed in a sweat soaked leo or while mounted by a favorite stallion. How to handle member’s personal electronic use while on premises has the training/health club industry split over asking members not to use their devices and hoping for the best or to put a zero tolerance policy in place. Having decided on zero tolerance Adolph hasn’t lost any business so it was the right business decision and in the long run avoids lawsuits for invasion of privacy by means of personal electronics.

A vaginal toning program at Splash: In keeping with well known Germanic training efficiency Splash has started a vaginal training program for all the Towel-Girls. The girls call it ‘very tight pussy’ training and it had been available as a training option for about a year, but was found to be so effective that it has been made mandatory. I think it was a good idea because it will standardize the intensity of the experience clients should expect to get at Splash. And for what they are charged that’s a very good thing! Inga was to teach the course and use training balls, Ben W sets, and Kegel trainers in addition to other devices to tighten and measure the strength of vaginal muscles.

However, since Inga’s death [For more about that see my December 18, 2011post entitled: Breeding diaphragms and ‘death rubber’] Abi, manager of Adolph’s Spa, The Lorelei, will be teaching the course until he can find a replacement for Inga. Most of the methods and equipment are the same as those I’ve been using to train escorts as well as my circle of friends who wanted to be able to ripple grip a partner to orgasm in spite of any attempt on his part to prevent ejaculation.

Of course, that’s why Cyndi progressed so rapidly up through the ranks of the Towel-Girls despite her youth and relative inexperience. Her apparent youth (though she is well over the age of consent in Nevada) her seeming innocence and the skill with which she uses her unbelievably strong vaginal muscles make her the most sought-after TG for servicing diving and breeding fetishists and the envy of the other girls.


Saudi Gazette
December 19, 2011
By Mohannad Sharawi

Birth control pills are 99% safe: Doctors

“JEDDAH – Birth control pills are safe and do not cause medical complications such as blood clots and infertility, according to doctors who attended a medical seminar here recently.

Dr. Hisham Arab, secretary general of the Saudi Obstetrics and Gynecology Society (SOGS), said that studies conducted over the last six months by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) showed that there is no relationship between the pills and blood clots. He added that other family planning pills on the Saudi market are also safe.

Dr. Abdul Hafiz Khoja, a family medicine consultant, said rumors about the safety of certain products were the result of a “dirty trade war” between rival pharmaceutical companies.

Khoja said that SOGS had recently issued a medical bulletin to all obstetricians and gynecologists in the Kingdom confirming the integrity of such pills and outlining supporting scientific evidence.

“All the latest experiments and research conducted by many research centers and scientific bodies around the world have revealed and confirmed that family planning pills are 99.99 percent safe. These medicines are also known to prevent women from contracting some diseases especially cancer.”

Khoja said that research from the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) showed that these pills are safer than other forms of contraception such as intrauterine devices (IUD) and injections. The FDA also rejected rumors that using such pills for long periods may cause infertility.

Dr. E’etedal Idrees, a faculty member at Dar Al-Hekma College, said the medical rumors are dangerous. “We should verify the news we receive from unknown sources especially from the Internet.”

He said that he tested birth controls pills such as Jasmine and found it to be safe. “I also talked to the SFDA here and asked them if they ordered the withdrawal of such pills from the Saudi market. Their response was negative.” ”

Personal Comment: This was written after the publicity in mid December when an FDA review board recommended stronger warnings on oral contraceptives containing the progestin drospirenone and on Ortho Evra, the Patch. It puts a different spin on the fact that an estimated 10 in 10,000 women will have a serious adverse event while taking pills containing Drospirenone. You have to love the male dominated society’s arrogant certainty in the opening sentence, even though it’s stretching the truth. There is a small (but absolute) increase in blood clots associated with all combined (estrogen/progestin) contraceptives and the risk with some progestins, like drospirenone, is greater than with others.

Edited on January 15th to reply to comment: First, Google/Blogger has (again) inserted bugs into the system while trying to introduce the Two Level comments feature, which in their wisdom they’ve made mandatory! Apparently the coders don't have the time to thoroughly test such a complicated feature before deploying it... Sigh! I hadn't opted to use 2-level, but I seem to have been caught in the process of trying to fix the initial problem so I'm locked out of replying to comments posted to blog entries, at least for now. So until the problem is fixed I'll be replying to comments as an edit, unless that gets fucked up too...


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    1. Testing a reply system to your blog? I hope this is a passage...

      Anyway, I see all the time in locker rooms and restrooms in public places: "Use of cell phones are prohibited in this area." I think Adolph, Gipetto, yourself and the St. Lucy's administration are in the right to limit or block cell phone use in intimate areas. You wouldn't want to have your clients in compromising positions, would you? In fact, I think there is a new commercial series for the LVCVB talking about people who tweet or Facebook their experiences over there in Vegas. It goes as far as to show a gal, when she enters gatherings, the parties stop and disperse because she "violated the code." It's obviously a take off of "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" mantra.

      Has anyone scolded you in revealing what goes on in your areas of expertise, albeit anonymously?


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