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The Winter Solstice and other Holidays

Stonehenge Winter Solstice 2011

My trip to see Taryn in the UK:
Again things didn’t go the way I had planned. The Winter Solstice celebration at Stonehenge (on 12/22) went well with the temperature in the mid 50s F. It Was Cyndi’s first at the ancient site and in celebration we had a private ceremony for her in the undercroft of Salisbury Cathedral just a few miles down the road before we went on to Salisbury plain to the stone circles. Even though Cyndi has no Druid blood a Druid priest – as a favor to me – was willing to ‘purify’ her for the sunrise ceremony. The purification consisted primarily of her being filled with his seed after being entered from behind, and I was involved since I presented her to the priest for purification while wearing the sacred Druid Priestess’s circlet of beaten gold lent me for the occasion. The Priest placed the circlet on my head after my hair was let down and brushed out and even though the circlet weighs about 12 troy ounces it fit perfectly and was fairly comfortable. I am thankful that I don’t have to worry about security for the Druid regalia. Such parts of it that remain are cared for by the Druid Elders. Cyndi was in no danger of becoming pregnant by the priest even though she was CD7 and fertile because she has a GyneFix IUD implanted.

For those readers wondering about my being a Druid Priestess – though a relatively minor one - the position was a surprise to me. I didn’t seek it (it’s hereditary) it was thrust upon me and I only found out about it in the last few months. It seems my natural father, a Welsh miner who immigrated to the coal fields of Western Virginia and who became very rich from investing in coal bearing property, was from a community of nearly pure Druid stock that had migrated into the mountains of Wales after leaving Stonehenge. When Uncle John (as he was known to me) impregnated my mother he did not know, nor did anyone else, that she had a high percentage of Druid blood in her family as well so that I have one of the highest percentages of Druid genes of any woman alive today, or so I’ve been told by geneticists who have studied the ancient people and who helped locate me.

After the Spring Equinox I was sought out by the Druid Elders and it was explained that the old ways are dying out and my participation was required to sustain the bloodline such as it is and the Elders have been encouraging me to breed with a suitable mate, which I’m reluctant to do. Its not that I mind the act of breeding I just don’t want to have a baby. I think my Druid genes may account for some of my ability to foretell some things and make use of dead women’s Chi and perhaps may also account for my fondness for risk taking. Learning about my family genealogy in the last few months has helped me understand why I’m the way I am more than the five years of therapy I’ve had, though I think the therapist prepared me for the role I might play in preserving the Druid bloodline. I’m not entirely sure what is expected of me as a junior member of the Druid aristocracy, but the Chief Elder said I would be eased into my ceremonial role depending on the availability of other priestesses. I think they see me primarily as a breeding stock which if that’s the case may be a problem for me.

After Stonehenge: we went to Taryn's home to the north east of Cambridge Christmas and it was marvelous! One of the stonemasons working on the renovations (before she moved into the Manor) called it ‘Cunt Castle’ and the name seems to have stuck with her circle of friends, though not with the locals, or at least not to her face. While we were there Cambridge was all abuzz with Prince Phillip in residence at Papworth hospital for four days having cardiac stents placed and with HM and other Royals coming and going to visit him. We all wish HRH a full and speedy recovery and he seems to be doing well and is back at Sandringham with The Queen as this is written. Of course with her husband's illness and now the body of a 17 y/o Latvian girl being found within three miles of Sandringham House Her Majesty isn’t getting the restful winter escape at her Norfolk estate she had hoped for.

With the tube strike and shopping crowds at after-Christmas sales we stayed away from London, so Taryn, Cyndi, Anya and I went to Paris for two days and saw the Repetto ballet shop decorated for Christmas with some of the most beautiful tutus! We returned to find that my male partner Jon (one of my younger stallions with seemingly inexhaustible stamina) had a ruptured appendix and had had an emergency appendectomy so he was out as a sexual consort. Fortunately My Summer Lover Jack - John, Marquis of Marle - heard I was at Taryn’s and came calling. I thought he had escaped me, but found he had become available again as Sylvie, the aristocrat that his family had picked for him to marry, hadn’t lasted in his affection nor had her stamina to accompany him diving or in bed. So when I say we were happy to see each other again it’s something of an understatement! I was delighted that Jack accepted my request that he accompany us to my place on Virgin Gorda for a few days of sun and diving.


  1. Do you plan on having a child and if so how will it be conceived?

  2. There are five distinct possibilities;

    a) Dive pool
    b) Stonehenge surrounded by druids
    c) Casino table with chips smothered over Jill
    d) In a bed
    e) In the changing rooms at M&S

  3. Wait! The changing rooms at Marks & Sparks aren't all that inviting! Paul S, I love your droll sense of humor!

  4. Wow! You're a junior Druid priestess? I wonder how one can discover how much Druid they have in them. I know I have a sliver of Native American in me (my Grandpa Smith was like 1/8 or 1/16 Native, not sure which tribe), but I also have some English from my Grandma Smith's side of the family, so there could be a part of Druid in me.

    Paul S had made suggestions of how you would conceive, but what I want to know is what would you do if the Druid elders order you to breed to perpetuate the line, and I wonder, also, if Jack being available on New Year's is a sign.

  5. The Elders I met seemed quite intent on wanting me to breed, but if I decide to go through with it I'm sure I will have a say in working out the details. I was told I would be given a list of men with suitable DNA.

    As to how I would conceive, there could be several ways, but one I think is far more preferable than the others and should lead to a much greater likelihood of excellent results…Leaving out the fitting rooms of Marks & Spencer entirely. Sorry Paul S!

    You are right Eric, having Jack come back into my life I took as an omen


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