Friday, January 13, 2012

Brenda, the Nigg Stone and a sea change

The eighth-century Pictish cross-slab at Nigg

A New Follower: I have a new blog follower, ‘Brenda’; who says she is a Pictish Princess, possibly a cousin many times removed, and who has left me a fascinating comment – not yet posted - on my blog entry: The Winter Solstice and other Holidays [January 09, 2012]. Since it concerns bringing new genes into the Ancient’s bloodline as I am being encouraged to do I thought I would mention her approach while my sponsors within the Priesthood examine her background as there aren’t many women Priestesses or Pictish Princesses especially in north eastern Scotland.

Unlike Sister Brenda I am (so I have been told) a Druid Priestess a much older title. Perhaps that translates to the equivalent of a Pictish Princess, but I haven’t been told that, at least not yet. I think The Nigg Stone (at Nigg Old Church on Cromarty Firth) where Brenda says her most recent fertility ritual was held, is one of the earliest and best examples of Pictish stone carvings and is thought to date to the 8th century AD, much more recent than Stonehenge, but still a step on the path to the present for my British ancestors. I was amazed to find her description of the Pictish ceremony coincided in considerable detail with my ceremonies for St Lucy’s students to welcome them into womanhood when they reach menarche.

My purification rituals not differing appreciably from the ‘purification’ process by which Brenda relates Pictish novitiates are cleansed - by combining menstrual blood, the symbol of renewed fertility, and male genital fluid in young females as an offering to the Gods of fertility - suggest to me that I’ve been channeling ancient Druid ceremonies w/o realizing it. As returning readers will remember, Jack is working on his Doctorate in Archeology at Oxford. So when he and I visited Aberdeen last summer he had one of the Duchy’s helicopters take us to see significant ancient sites on Scotland’s North East coast and Nigg Old Church was one location. Not because the church is significant, but because it houses the Nigg Stone which is pictured at the top of this entry. In her comment Brenda wrote:

“The men, save one, then retired to the church for ceremonies around the Nigg Stone, praying, circling and masturbating one another. We women remained outside…”

It can be seen from the photo that it’s not possible for anyone to circle the Nigg Stone in its present setting so perhaps they just stood around it as best they could. I suppose they used natural lamb condoms since women weren’t allowed in to clean up the splatters. Since Brenda wasn’t allowed inside the church to see the male portion of the ceremony perhaps she misunderstood about circling the Nigg Stone. Until recently I never understood the spilling of so much male seed at fertility rites rather than depositing it in every sacred vessel available either by willing desire on the part of the woman or by force since there were so few breeding females. That was the case in ancient times since the death rate was so high for women during childbirth so it was important to keep as many of us as possible pregnant to advance the bloodline. Today however, the criteria have changed since from what I understand there are so few women with suitable DNA, which would leave the lesser men with nothing to do but masturbate rather than produce children with weaker genes.

A change of attitude: I was surprised to receive a letter yesterday from the Duke, Jack’s father. The old bull has recovered from the heart attack he had while fucking me this past summer. When I went to visit him in hospital he told me he thought I “was a piece worth dying for”, which I thought was an amazing compliment! The Duchess knows he’s a satyr, which is why, after she fulfilled her procreational duty, she is now living on Virgin Gorda with her lover. His Grace is very resilient, but extremely stubborn and opinionated and there are few people who can reason with him. I thought he was jealous when Jack, his heir to the Duchy, took his place in my saddle and then when Jack seemed to be getting serious about me the Duke became glacial in his relations with me and orchestrated the introduction of Sylvie into Jacks orbit and strongly suggested that at 40 I was too old to be counted on to produce a healthy heir for continuation of the bloodline, an argument that I admit has some merit. Now it seems there has been a sea change in his attitude toward me and he wrote to tell me how pleased he is that Jack and I are together again! WTF!

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