Saturday, February 18, 2012

Adolph’s party

A Mestel SGE 400 3 BB gasmask

A successful evening: Adolph’s party (on Valentines Day evening) was a great success! By that I mean that all the guests had their passion slaked and none of the women were killed though two escorts were seriously injured. All the St Lucy’s girls survived w/o injury though we all have bruised montes veneris from rough sex, but none of us were torn, which I think was because all the girls had trained with large dildos, were aroused and naturally wet and in addition were well lubed with DiveGel+ before each encounter with a guest.

I was watching the girls being taken en pointe and I was so proud of them! In a few cases their ankles wobbled, but none fell off pointe or sprained an ankle and by compartmentalizing they were able to withstand the physical challenges of sex en pointe while enjoying the pleasure their partners gave them. The 18 y/os had a marvelous time pretending they were adults and strutting around on their toes in their eternity collars, FemCaps and pointes. With GyneFix IUDs implanted and wearing FemCaps too it’s nearly impossible that any of them could have been impregnated, but three were fertile and no method of birth control is perfect so we will be waiting for them to get their periods in about 2 weeks.

Several had rough sex with very large partners who could thrust into their cervices. Even though FemCap provides some thrust buffering the dome will collapse when thrust directly into (the removal straps had been trimmed off) and permit him to ram the cervix. Fortunately, although they were both initially in tears, they were able to withstand the pain long enough to have a cervical orgasm, which is fairly rare while a woman is wearing a FemCap. Afterward I spoke with them both and they said that the intense pleasure of a cervical orgasm was worth the pain experienced to reach it.

Concealing identities: The St Lucy’s girls and I wore latex zip-back hoods, w/o hair cones, to hide our identities and to prevent guests from grabbing our hair to pull us around. Our collars and pussy hook leashes were quite enough for that! The professionals were interested in repeat business so the were proud to show off their lovely faces with their perfect features, enhanced breasts and unblemished skin and I saw several give guests their business cards. None of my girls or I have tats or other identifying marks or scars so without facial recognition we were just slim muscular ballet-bodied female submissives. While I’m well known in entertainment and fetish circles I’ve managed to keep my picture off the Internet and because of my other activities I value my privacy. Going as a submissive for the evening was a major change for me, but I found by playing to a guests vanity I could top from the bottom so it gave me an opportunity to practice a seldom used skill.

Chocolate and nitrous oxide: One of the professional escorts went swimming in the huge chocolate fountain and another who was wearing a Mestel gasmask for breathplay nearly drowned when the guest she was with chained her spread-eagle on her back to a bed. Then while he was fucking her he poured chocolate syrup from a gallon container into the 40mm canister fitting of her mask filling the oral nasal unit as she orgasmed and lost control of her breathing. She bucked and squirmed under him trying not to inhale the syrup as he planted his seed in her, but her struggles were futile. He finished and withdrew while she was still squirming and he popped the quick-release fasteners on the spider and pulled off her mask, unclipped the chain from one wrist and turned her on her side and she vomited. The EMT team that Adolph had on standby arrived and cleared her airway, but she had gotten chocolate in her lungs so she is in a private hospital that Adolph and the fetish community use for accidents like that and is being treated to try and prevent her developing aspiration pneumonia. That experience will probably put her off chocolate for a while.

The other injured escort was also wearing a SGE 400 3 BB gasmask. It’s the standard gasmask that Adolph uses for breathplay after he got a good deal on two dozen of them. She got in trouble when her lover screwed an adaptor into the canister fitting of her gasmask and filled it with Entonox (a mixture of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen) through a demand valve and put her to sleep when she began to scream as he rammed her cervix. She wasn’t awake for much of the time he was brutally battering her cervix and we only realized what had happened when we played back the video from that encounter room. Her internal trauma is so severe that she may have to have a hysterectomy and is sedated for a few days until the swelling goes down and her condition can be reevaluated. All-in-all Adolph was pleased that it was a very successful party.

Afterward: I arranged with the Administration for the girls to be off the next day and for them to have a sleepover at my place after the party so we used one of the casinos 13 passenger vans and driver as transport. After the party, but before we left Adolph’s, I had the girls do a good warm up then the first of a series of slow calf stretching exercises to try and stretch their calf muscles. They had been doing stretching exercises and wearing legwarmers all evening between encounters with guests so I was hoping that while tired they had maintained their flexibility.

When we got to my place about 3:30 AM we all went down to the spa where my trainer had setup two large Epsom salts whirlpool baths and we soaked for a half hour and compared stories about the guys we had been with then showered and iced our feet for 20 minutes before going to bed. After breakfast at 10:00 AM the next day, just to make sure they were ok I had all the girls take a special ballet class with me so I could gage their condition after the long hard workout at the party. We had all taken 800 mg of ibuprofen at breakfast and started stretching slowly especially working on our feet and legs with particular attention to the calf muscles since we had all been en pointe for so long the previous evening. It seemed to pay off as no one had problems wearing flats when I took the girls shopping and then in the evening back to school


  1. Now that's what I call a party! At least there were no casualties.

  2. Entonox forced through a mask sounds like something I'd like immensely--but without the chocolate of course.

  3. Hi alpharalph! The problem with Entonox is that it is volatile because of its high oxygen content and so extremely dangerous if not used with the proper equipment. If there are any traces of grease or solvents in the mask the gas can catch fire and it burns so rapidly it’s really an explosion.


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