Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pointe shoe quiz February 28, 2012

Who is the maker of these shoes and who is wearing them?

Another 'easy one' Paul D?


  1. Hello Jill ,

    I don't even need to think about this one 1948 movie the red shoes with Moira Shearer .
    As Victoria Page one of my favorite ! Freed classics from the vamp stitching. Also freed as been making( suppling) the red pointe shoes for almost every ballerina that as done the part . Since Ms. Page performed it.
    I also thought it was funny how you added me into the message !
    Paul D

  2. Dont know the maker, but Its the pretty Moria Scheerer, from the Red Shoes.

    She had the largest green eyes, I tell you


  3. Hi jj, You are right about the wearer's identity. You clicked on the photo to enlarge it didn't you? There is a really obvious clue to the maker’s identity that appears on both shoes.

  4. Freeds
    Moria Shearer from the movie with the same name - the red shoes

  5. From what I can see from the vamp, they could be Freeds.

  6. Hi Jill, Is the dancer per chance Moira Shearer (Red Shoes)? Not sure on the ballet shoe maker, will look later :)

    Paul S

  7. Hi everyone! Yes, you are all correct; this is an iconic picture of Moira Shearer in The Red Shoes! The Maker of course is Freed and the style is what is now known as Freed Classics.

    Thank you all for participating!

  8. @Paul D, have there been performances of the iconic 'Red Shoes'? I would love to see it for real.. although Moira Shearer set a big task for whoever attempts to play the part of Victoria Page.

    Paul S


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