Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Party training, Slave auction and Gabe Watson is back

An eternity collar prototype

Training for Adolph’s party:
The St Lucy’s girls who will be posing as Submissives, wearing eternity collars, vaginal hooks and pointe-shoes, have been concentrating on pointe and vaginal stamina for the last several weeks. At the last minute Adolph said the girls may be asked for dive-sex which was supposed to be off the table. All the girls agreed because being at the party has become a huge boost in status for them and they have had dive-sex training, but wearing an eternity collar might change a woman’s buoyancy and any weights on her FFM could need adjusting so we have been scrambling today to have all the girls including the two back-up girls, take test dives in an encounter pool to see if there were any buoyancy issues that needed resolving. It turned out that as far as the divemaster and I could tell everyone is good to dive wearing her infinity collar, but not with any significant size or amount of chain attached. So now all the girls SCUBA gear is packed. Adolph has promised to have a net stretched across The Well, as his training facility is called, at the 30 foot level so that no guest can go deeper which is a good safety measure and should prevent a diver in trouble from sinking to the bottom at 216 feet. Of course some bloody minded guest could get around and below the net if he wanted to. Adolph is furnishing all the tanks. I was really hoping that The Well would be locked and unused during he party. The best I can hope for now is that it will be hardly used at all, but even then it still means the entire training facility has to be staffed.

The Ballet training table: All the students taking ballet at St Lucy’s eat at the ballet training table. That’s because the intense workouts involved with ballet training require a proper diet to provide maximum strength, stamina and minimize the likelihood of leg cramps. And of course for the girls who will be ballet Submissives and en pointe for extended intervals on Valentines Day night a diet rich in electrolytes; calcium, magnesium, potassium or sodium is imperative since an imbalance in one or more electrolytes can contribute to leg cramps. Dehydration can also cause leg cramps so citrus juices are served at the table and everyone carries her own personal bottle of water.

As hard as I’ve pushed the girls in the past several weeks cramps have been a rarity and everyone’s feet are in amazing condition given the length of time I’ve had them en pointe. Calluses and nails are well trimmed and pads have been selected so that their almost used to being dropped on their toes when a lover thrusts lifts them off their platforms only to be dropping on their toes when he withdraws and this is repeated until he comes and is finished with her, until next time.

Kinky sex: The girls are all experienced in cunilingus and fellatio, but how they will take anal penetration, fisting, cervical battering and breathplay is uncertain although they have been exposed to those kinks in my AST course and seemed to cope well. Everyone of the women include me and Abi - Adolph’s hostess for the evening - will take 800 mg of ibuprofen an hour before the party so we will all be available for rough sex if a guest wants any one of us.

Although it’s against my nature I’m wearing a leather dog collar from Hermes (in their signature orange) and the requisite FemCap and pussy hook, Gaynor-Minden pointes and leash with which I can be led around and going as collared to Adolph for the evening, which will allow me free access to his entire complex so I can keep an eye on the students. The leather in my French collar does smell wonderful and it looks gorgeous around my long slim neck, but I’m just not the sort of girl to be content in a collared relationship.

The Slave Auction: At the beginning of the evening Adolph intends to auction off the Submissives to his guests in a ‘Slave Auction’, the proceeds from which will be donated to a local charity. It’s not clear if the full-figured escorts or the St Lucy’s students will be in greater demand, but after the initial auction once we have all been purchased guests can exchange ‘slaves’ between themselves as often as they like during the evening so a guest could take advantage of the delights of both body types, for an additional ‘exchange’ fee to the slave master’s charity. Adolph says it’s just going to be good fun, but I’ve been to his parties before and some professionals have been torn or unable to walk afterward. He assures me that won’t happen to the 18 y/os in pointe-shoes, but a man in an alcoholic rage can’t be reasoned with, so we shall see. I’m planning on drinking nothing stronger than diet coke so I will have a clear head if I have to fight.


Murder on the Great Barrier Reef: Finally, what goes around comes around. Gabe Watson goes on trial in Alabama for killing his bride during a SCUBA dive by shutting of her air while diving on Australia's Great Barrier Reef during their honeymoon Read more here.


  1. Hi Jill,

    Speaking about collar's I do like the look of these!


    Might even buy you one ;) :D

    Paul S

  2. That's a lovely collar Paul S, but a bit heavy for continuous wear.

  3. Jill to stop or minimize leg cramps toetappers use pickle juice. It is a runners trick!


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