Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Highly scented Gaynor training shoes

Two pairs of pungent smelling training shoes

Scent training and Gaynor Minden pointes: The great thing about Gaynor Minden toe-shoes is you can dance far longer in them and the sex en pointe is marvelous! With strong shanked shoes, just lock your knees put your weight on your heels and enjoy! However the polymer toe-boxes don't let your feet breathe and they sweat, a lot! Gaynors dry out very slowly so unless a dancer has a few pairs and she is able to switch to different pairs she hasn’t worn in a few days while the damp ones dry thoroughly they develop a strong smell fairly quickly. Gaynor Minden has tried treating the inner lining of the shoes with anti microbial inhibitor, but it only lasts a couple of weeks of heavy wear after you get new shoes. I use an antibacterial spray in mine after each wearing which keeps the scent down.

However, smelly pointes aren’t entirely without their uses. There is a small subset of ballet fetishists who enjoy having sex with dancers wearing evil smelling toe-shoes and ripe Gaynors are ideal footwear while having sex with these men who will pay a premium for the opportunity. I have been working with Cyndi to help her create several pairs of very ripe (Amazingly odiferous!) Gaynors to wear for men who enjoy strong female derived scents and who are in her thrall at Splash. As a Red Door level Towel-Girl she is developing her own unique set of services for favored clients and she is becoming sought after for her specialties of ripe scented feminine protective equipment – pointe shoes and cervical barriers that have been left inserted for 48 hours or more to develop a strong and some say unpleasant rubbery odor from marinating in her reproductive tract secretions.

Super Bowl XLVI (2012) at my place: I thought this year wasn’t as interesting as previous years and I didn’t watch it all, even though I was sort of rooting for the Giants since I spent so much time in NY. I had a smaller group this year since several friends were traveling. My guests were: 1) Cyndi & Chris, 2) Anya & Robin, 3) Shelly & Jeff, 4) Marie-Claude & Pirate, 5) Diané & Peter, 6) Adolph & Abi, 7) Gigi & Jon and 8) Jack & me. No new men this year except Jack Sandbach who returning readers will remember I met this summer on his father’s estates in Scotland.

The good news for me was that Jack was there. When he travels he goes by the name of John Sandbach, from the courtesy title Viscount Sandbach, one of his father’s lesser titles. Jack is in Arizona for the next few weeks working in his archeology specialty on a possible link between the ancient peoples who inhabited England and the ancient Indian sites around Flagstaff. He is investigating a veiled reference found in an Anglo-Saxon text in the Bodleian which seems to have been in error or misunderstood as far as can now be determined. Even though Jack’s research has been disappointing so far it did put him within commuting distance of me and I’m delighted to share my bed with him whenever he can get away.

Neither Jack nor I were interested in the game so we had amazing dive-sex in ‘The Pit’. I was CD24 and had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix so there was no possibility of him accidentally impregnating me. I took him all the way to the bottom at 68 feet and tethered myself to the bottom my legs spread with ankle leashes so he could enter me in a sort of modified missionary and thrust w/o us rotating and drifting into the walls. He gave me a series of such intense vaginal orgasms I nearly fainted even though we were breathing Nitrox II which is 36% oxygen. After we came out of the pool and showered rather than watch the rest of the game Jack watched ‘Downton Abbey’ with me. He had already seen it in the UK, but held my hand and we snuggled in my bed while I watched.

The Nevada Republican Presidential Caucuses: The Caucuses were held this past Saturday (February 4, 2012) and the result was about what everyone expected with Governor Romney winning 50% to Speaker Gingrich’s 21%. The four horsemen of the apocalypse were in the state for most of the week ahead of the caucus and it was a zoo. I’ll be so glad when a candidate is picked at their convention in the summer, although watching the candidates savage each other is fun. The November election seems so far away, another 8 months! The country needs to get rid of the far right Republicans in the congress so a bipartisan working relationship can be reestablished and the country can move forward again.

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  1. I totally agree with you on the extreme right wing. The Republican/Tea party is the problem right now with the country not improving as it has in past recoveries. They're not interested in working with the President or other Democrats, even some in their own party in the Senate. They are so obcessed with getting Obama out they're trying to turn this country into Somalia to do so.

    I am surprised you didn't watch the end of the football game, as there was much drama between the Patriots letting Ahmad Bradshaw scoring to give Tom Brady time to come back to the Hail Mary ending to Giselle curing out the Pats receivers.


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