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Reproductive health services and AST training

Pointe shoes can be effective defensive weapons

The photo:
Platforms of a pair of well used pointes made of traditional materials. I think this image is so lovely as it is evocative of both the beauty of the shoes design and the extensive training required to wear them confidently and successfully. The working ends of pointes can also be extremely effective defensive weapons if the wearer has the courage to fight her attacker.

St Lucy’s and reproductive health services: As returning readers know, St Lucy’s is a Catholic school. However its primary endowment came from an alumna, the widow of a very successful newspaper publisher. The trust she established invested the funds very wisely over the years so that while the school is only tiny part of the Catholic higher education community in the U.S. the size of its endowment approaches that of Harvard.

Anyone who has been paying attention to the U.S media recently knows, as part of the Affordable Health Care Act contraceptives are now required by HHS to be provided free of charge by an employer for its staff and this applies to students of educational institutions as well, if insurance is offered. This has caused some concern among religious institutions that have moral objections to the use of birth control and related reproductive services.

Because of the change to a more liberal curriculum at St Lucy’s after Vatican II (1962-1965) it became apparent that a full range of reproductive health services would be necessary some of which would fall outside strictly interpreted tenets of the Catholic Church. So the way St Lucy’s endowment was structured the portion of the annual budget for St Lucy’s that covers staff and student insurance is funded separately so they have insurance options that cover the full range of reproductive health services from birth control to abortion. That prevents elderly, celibate, male churchmen from attempting to control the reproductive lives of sexually active young women and their teachers. As one woman said, “You don’t play the game, you don’t make the rules”

Students and ballet sex: Since Advanced Sexual Techniques is an elective it doesn’t affect a students GPA. However, it can have a major impact on her competitiveness and self confidence. If she doesn’t do well in AST she probably will be a ‘Mila Vanilla’ and just raise babies for some guy in the South or Mid-West. Not that that’s a bad thing, it’s just not the confident assertive sexually liberated women that St Lucy’s prides itself in turning out. AST candidates are initially self selected then screened as there are far more students wanting to take the course than there are places in class. Because of the heavy interest in and use of pointe footwear, toe-shoes and ballet boots, this year at least 4 years of pointe is a requirement and 16 is the minimum age, though we did make an exception for Cyndi when she was 15 because of her skill and assertiveness. It is rare that a 15 y/o can hold her own with a class of 16 and 17 y/os but Cyndi excelled in all aspects of the course to the frustration of some of the older girls.

One of the exams this spring – just before Spring Break - involves having sex standing in ballet-boots either taken from the front or entered from behind. So my AST students have all been fitted for a pair of Gepetto’s standard quality ballet boots. The $2,500 over the calf lace-ups with unitized stamped titanium toe boxes and shank assemblies and heavy leather uppers that when properly fitted and snugly laced prevent spraining or breaking an ankle. That boot has no armor and standard laces so a rival with bladed heels could slit the student’s laces or puncture her instep with a heel, so they shouldn’t be worn in local fetish clubs. But bladed heel boots – which are illegal anyway – are prohibited in the dorms or training areas so they are quite safe for AST training. Cyndi keeps her pairs of armored bladed fighting boots at my place rather than risk getting caught with them in her dorm room.

The trick of course is to have the boots made very snug so that when tightly laced across the instep the pointed foot is wedged between the shank assembly and the boot tongue and lacing which keeps the toes (in gel pads and tights) off the silicone rubber padding in the boots tip that will, when the weight is put on the foot, take a bit of the wearer’s weight. Then, when the weight is removed, push the instep back up a bit removing most of the weight off the toes. Lacing is critical for proper fit so the laces are made from a nylon that will not shrink or stretch which guarantees that when the boots are laced correctly the fit won’t change during that wearing. I’ve had my students practicing in traditionally made pointe shoes. The pair pictured at the top of this entry belongs to one of my students who is training in them. If a girl can control her legs so she doesn’t get rubber-legged and her knees and ankles give way when she reaches orgasm she should be fine. The students are videoed as well as wear a wireless telemetry unit that measures heart rate, blood pressure, strength of vaginal contractions and respiration among other things so it is almost impossible to fake an orgasm during the exam.

Frenulum damage: Something Pirate (who provides the ‘lab partners’ for AST training exercises and exams, and I talked about this semester is that he should provide only circumcised men for AST. That’s because two uncut lab partners tore their frenulums last semester during ballet sex lab exercises. I think it was because not only were the students en pointe with their vaginals clenched while their partners were inside them, but when they orgasmed their muscular contractions approached the strength of a woman with vaginismus and the guys thrust into one of their super strong contractions. The fact that both men were wearing condoms (which burst) at the time and the women were well lubricated with DiveGel+ suggests that neither wearing a sheath nor being well lubed will protect an uncut man thrusting during his partner’s extreme contractions.

Compartmentalization: One of the things I teach in AST is mental compartmentalization so that my students can block out thinking about wearing the telemetry unit and any discomfort from balancing on their pointes while taking their partner’s thrusts. That way they can concentrate on working with their partners to have the best orgasm they can. Once a student can orgasm while balanced on her toes in pointe shoes doing so in ballet-boots is far easier as there is major support from the heel and the tight leather boot shaft supports her ankles reducing the effort needed to prevent falling off pointe while being thrust into.

Other happenings of interest:

Birth Control and the single woman:
“It used to be called illegitimacy. Now it is the new normal. After steadily rising for five decades, the share of children born to unmarried women has crossed a threshold: more than half of births to American women under 30 occur outside marriage.” The full article from the NYT can be found HERE.

Empowering the 21st Century American woman is all very well, but if she isn’t taught to effectively control her own fertility much of that empowerment is for naught should she become a single-mom. One of the things St Lucy’s prides itself on is that our students are taught not only to excel academically, but to control their own fertility and use their physical charms to advance their careers and social positions and then have children if they want a family.

FCC bars LightSquared broadband service: I don’t usually comment on techie things, but in this instance I have a dog in the fight. “A proposed wireless broadband network that would provide voice and Internet service using airwaves once reserved for satellite-telephone transmissions should be shelved because it interferes with GPS technology, the Federal Communications Commission said Tuesday.” The NYT article can be read HERE

One of the locations where field tests were made to measure the amount of interference with GPS signals was here in Vegas and the pilots of my G550 said there is significant interference with GPS receivers as they are designed now. Use of frequencies near GPS bands would severely impact civil aviation as well as the U.S. military. Not a good thing!

Casino boardroom struggle goes public: And of local interest: Wynn Board Forcibly Buys out Founder. Wynn Resorts for God’s sake! The article can be read HERE


  1. It is catholic? I was under the impression that it was just a private school with a saints name just for kicks.

    I dont know, do you ever get mainstream celebs that pay your casino, or clubs a visit, like well known moviestars, or guys from the sports teams?

    Or is it more of a secret socity of old money, and corporate heads, so to speak.


  2. Hi jj, welcome back! Our casinos are open to whoever has the money, old or new, and as you remember I work the high-end, High Roller Clubs. And we do get celebrities if they are into gambling. Most of the kink-clubs are open if you meet their guidelines. Kinked celebs go to those too and usually their privacy is respected as the clubs don’t want to be hassled by the vanilla community.

    As with most fashionable clubs it's easier for pretty women to get in because they draw men. The "secret society of old money and corporate heads" is more along the lines of Adolph's clubs: Splash, The Lorelei and his very deep training facility and of course the KP fighting group (the ballet-boot fighting community) which, because fighting with bladed heels is against the law, has to be very careful about membership.

  3. hmm I figured its was more old money and royals, many of whome have a distain for others not as well off, or of their position, mainly politicians I can think of, they worry only about how to meet their own ends and dont care who they step on to do it only to fuel their own exclusive ol' boys club they enjoy.

    I hate people that look down on others, I hope you are not one of them, though I am sure you have more then enough info about all your posters here, that you could call them out by their real name, and know where we all live and work, I know its not just governments that track people, buisnesses do as well, especialy the well connected.

    and as for bladded heels I am sure a steel shank stilleto heel that is sharpend is just as dangerous, though they way you put it makes it sound alot like a movie sort of like fight club.



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