Monday, June 3, 2013

A menstrual Firebird

Menstrual in Grishko Maya pointes for Firebird

Firebird: I’m CD4 and menstrual so I’ll be performing the role of the firebird this evening in my erotic version of the 1910 Stravinsky/Fokine ballet. In the first performance, in Paris, Tamara Karsavina danced firebird and Michel Fokine danced Prince Ivan. I’ve been experimenting with Grishko Mayas for a few weeks to see if wearing Russian made shoes help me get into the role of firebird and I really think wearing Mayas does with the great fit of the block and the élève design hard ¾ shanks show off my high arches. I have a dozen pairs that I rotate through over the 5 days I dance the role while I’m menstrual.

In my version of Firebird the prince Ivan wants a magic golden apple from the garden of an evil sorcerer. He asks me to get it for him and n return I ask for his help to release me from the sorcerer’s spell. We agree. I fly over the wall protecting the garden steal the apple and give it to Ivan who in payment removes my diaphragm, drinks my magic flow then penetrates me and plants his vital bodily fluid containing his seed transforming me back into a princess who marries him. It’s a difficult role with lifts, fouettés and jumps and being penetrated while menstrual w/o a diaphragm inserted for flow control. During the fouettés and when landing jumps my flow splatters so the sueded soles of the Maya pointes give me excellent traction on a slippery stage. Being w/o contraceptive protection while menstrual at my age shouldn’t be a problem as my cycles are still very regular so I’m not likely to ovulate while his swimmers are still alive in my tubes. Still, it’s always a possibility so it’s quite thrilling to contemplate.

My Firebird diaphragm: For Firebird performances I wear a silicone wideseal Milex 80 mm Omniflex (coil spring rim) which is easier for my partner dancing Ivan to pull out w/o spilling too much of my flow. He really does drink it then slips the bloody thing into a hidden pocket in his tunic. I don’t wear a death rubber diaphragm, a latex Reflexions flat spring, while performing for several reasons: First a flat spring diaphragm would spill too much flow while he’s pulling it out. Next, with a DR inserted I would appear too confident and as an enchanted princess I need to appear vulnerable. And lastly I wouldn’t trust a man handling anything as vital to my psyche as a death rubber whose former owner’s Chi I’ve bonded with. When I return to my dressing room I immediately reinsert my current death rubber and then I feel far more confident and well protected from male manipulation.   The Omniflex used during the performance is given back to me and I rinse it off then drop it into a bowl of isopropyl alcohol to sterilize it before I wear it again the next night


  1. An interesting twist of which Stravinski would have approved. Living with a sick wife, his mother and mother-in-law drove him into affairs and indiscretions that covered two continents. A bleeding Firebird would seem natural to him. Nex on your creative list? Perhaps a coital Pledermaus?

    I admire your in-your-face womanhood. "Here I am bleeding; deal with it!" Also, after several half-hearted attempts at developing a menstrual cup, it was a stage actress and dancer behind the Tassette and Tassaway cups, each of which had brief lives mainly because of poor management and marketing. Who needs absolute menstraul protection more than a ballerina? Your approach is more appealing: Share it with them rather than hide it from the world.

    I, personally have done nothing in the rest of the month that I will not do menstrual. Then, I have never had a diaphragm ripped out of me on stage! Sounds like fun.

    As your period winds down, you may want to change to an unlipped diaphragm. Those last two days you will want as much as available to spray around. During your heavier flow, the Milex is a great choice that most would never have thought of. Few of us have used Milex.

    Rather than soaking it in isopropanol may I suggest a vinegar solution? Easier on the device and actually a better germ and smell killer. Two parts water to one of white vinegar. That is what I use monthly for menstrual cups, toys, diaphragms and, when I have too many dates, douching between acts.

  2. Hey, Jill:

    It's me Eric. I've linked my account and created a blog here as well, so I've thrown off my invisibility cloak as it were. Anyway, I was, up to this point, unfamiliar with "Firebird," so I went to YouTube and watched the version with Ekaterina Kondaurova and Ilya Kuznetsov in "Firebird" pas de deux.

    It looks like your theme would be infinitely more interesting! Anyway, have fun with your performance, and I hope you dazzle your crowd.


    Eric F.

    1. Hi Eric F, welcome! Since I know several Erics one of whom comments occasionally, which one are you? Or do you want to be known as Eric F? If you tell me I won't post it... Just curious...

    2. Never mind... I see you are a 'New' (to me) Eric. I'm so glad you like my blog enough to subscribe. If you have questions please ask... I may not know the answer or take a while to reply, but I try to reply to all comments from subscribers, not spammers. Again, welcome!

  3. I'm the Eric with the irrational fear of death rubber (because I have death issues in general). I reached out to you a couple of weeks ago, but I've decided to create a blog with my real name and digital effigy attached. Anyway, I've lost hours and hours on your blog absolutely glued to all of the latex encasement (I have a huge latex encasement fetish, which is how I came across your blog in the first place.) and dive sex posts. I think dive sex would be awesome, yet I live about a 1/4 mile from Lake Erie. I would need a dry suit to feel comfortable diving in that nasty over-sized pond. I kid you not, I was walking on the shore about 3 weeks ago and there was a capped syringe by a bunch of rotting fishes on the beach! Talk about a buzz-kill. Gross...

    The ballet posts are interesting, and I've attempted to learn more about point shoes. I don't know if I'll ever be as adept at "Name that Shoe" as some of your readers on here. Point shoes aren't really a sexual stimulant for me but soft ballet slippers and toe caps are divine. My wife wears toe caps for me every so often (when I'm in the mood), and I assure you it's a treat!

    Finally, I don't mind you taking a bit to respond. I didn't think you would even chat with me, so I'm all smiles now that I have your attention.



    1. Hi Eric F, I’m so pleased that you are back!

      >I'm the Eric with the irrational fear of death rubber (because I have death issues in general).

      I’m so sorry that my death rubbers affect you that way! The cervical barrier ones are harmless to males and to most females unless they are sensitive to paranormal phenomena. I know in an early version of this blog (on Yahoo more than 4 years ago) I wrote about collecting and wearing wet, dry and encasement suits that women had died in and I called them death rubber suits. Did I write about them in this blog too? I don’t recall… Is that what’s troubling you? I still have some of my faves, but haven’t worn them in such a long time as my interests changed.

      However, as my fetishes evolved, even though they are harder to find I discovered it far more thrilling to wear cervical barriers (primarily diaphragms) that women were wearing when they died during a penetrative sexual encounter because a cervical barrier is a purely feminine protective device. And I can wear a death rubber diaphragm all the time w/o anyone but my sexual partner(s) knowing I have one inserted. A death rubber cervical barrier is harmless as far as my partner is concerned so you shouldn’t be afraid of one.

      On the other hand, I have been trapped on the bottom of a pool in a flooded and weighted drysuit with a defective inflator while wearing a Kirby-Morgan helmet. While I managed to escape I still have nightmares about it! So in that regard I can understand your fear of encasement suits.

      >I think dive sex would be awesome, yet I live about a 1/4 mile from Lake Erie. I would need a dry suit to feel comfortable diving in that nasty over-sized pond.

      I can understand, but even if it was clean the lake would almost certainly be too cold for any sort of meaningful penile/vaginal intercourse, except in one’s fantasies.

      >My wife wears toe caps for me every so often (when I'm in the mood), and I assure you it's a treat!

      I’m so pleased that your wife can participate, at least to some extent, in your fetishes. I know that endears her too you even more!

      I do hope you will eventually be able to tame your fears enough to vicariously share my pleasure when I wear a death rubber barrier in the adventures I share with my readers.

      Congratulations on starting your own blog!

  4. you are a strange one jill with your practices. However, being close to a spirit is not unknow to my circle of influance, but again you have to be careful which spirits you let around, as the holy roller christians say,

    are your shoes leather as they usually are in this one?
    or satin, they shine like leather but I read you like gm's for the support.

    you say you often were pointes outside performing, do you ever stand on your toes and crush your cans or plastics for recycling? or nay, I would presuppose you have hired help as you said you were a trust fund child growing up so I would presume you have cleaners and food workers.

    just out of curiousity, how much does the cost run for one of your encounters for a new person that just wants to have fun with one of the dancers in the studio, after they pass the std panel of course, That is if you care to share.


    1. Hi JJ, welcome to my world!

      Thank you for your concern. I think the Chi from harvested death rubber diaphragms should be safe enough as the women’s drives were very like mine.

      The Grishko Maya pointes shown in this post are standard pink satin that have been dyed red which may make them look a bit like leather in a photo. I normally wear Freed Classics with ¾ leather shanks for performing in, but I felt with the Russian themed story I could immerse myself in the role more completely if I danced in Russian shoes and in this case it seems to have worked.

      LOL! I don’t crush cans by stepping on them while wearing pointes. My house staff takes care of recycling. But even if I did crush cans myself I wouldn’t do it in pointes as there is too much chance of turning an ankle.

      As you might imagine one can’t just walk in off the street and casually have his way with a willing dancer. In addition to the need for current clean STI panels there is the matter of her age, height, weight, eye and hair color as well as her skill, strength and stamina en pointe and the depth of her vagina and the strength of its grip. There is also the matter of where she is in her cycle and what (if any) contraceptive protection both she and he will use. And the crucial size compatibility issue. Does he want a snug fit or is he interested in battering his partner’s cervix? So male admirers need an introduction and the cost can vary widely depending on requirements. For example: If the dancer is fertile and the client wants no birth control protection of any sort used during the encounter he is billed for the cost of an abortion regardless of whether she conceives or not.


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