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Our first dive-sex seminar

How safe am I wearing a Reflexions for dive-sex?

Gyns, diaphragms and dive-sex: For the last 18 months my clinic has been considering hosting a seminar for selected Gynecologists to disseminate information about how adventuresome women can protect themselves from reproductive tract injury during sexual intercourse underwater. As returning readers know the need for intimate protection during dive-sex has been apparent to me for the last several years from the number of pelvic infections we have been seeing in patients who had recently had underwater penetrative sex.  

Of course not all underwater sex occurs while wearing dive gear. There are hot tub encounters and penetration while holding on to open pool gutters, but we are seeing more and more reproductive tract problems that seem to originate from encounters while wearing SCUBA and are occurring in deep water, which for the purposes of this post is below 6 meters, approximately 18 feet, depths which are available in most high-end pools these days. Problems can occur either from masturbation or with a partner. There is almost nothing in the published literature about the use of diaphragms to prevent upper reproductive tract infections caused from water forced into the uterus by the hydraulics of a toy or a partner’s thrusts when the vagina floods, which is fairly common, during underwater sex. So we felt a seminar to increase awareness of the problem and ways to minimize the danger of serious side effects from dive-sex was long over due.

The Venue: Our clinic got Adolph, who operates one of the countries deepest dive training facilities and the private underwater sex club, Splash, to sponsor a seven day conference/seminar for a few influential female Gyns from areas where most of the dive-sex related problems seem to be occurring; LA, Las Vegas The Hamptons and Palm Beach. All expenses; transportation, meals and lodging were paid  by our casino for the attendees. The seminar was held at The Lorelei, (think Splash for women) Adolph’s luxury Spa in the hills which is connected to his dive training facility so his multi-bed hyperbaric chamber was easily accessible if needed.

The first day was Spa check in, each attendee was tested for hCG – a precaution since diving can harm a pregnancy - and fitted for a diaphragm (none had used one before) and an evening dinner, four full days of seminars and training in encounter and deep water pools, primarily Adolph’s, but mine if necessary, and two days of sightseeing afterward to allow nitrogen buildup to purge from traveling attendees bodies before flying home. I had pushed for four full days of raining while others thought three was sufficient and that the attendees would be too tired after four very active days, but I was proved correct as the Gyn’s fitting skills were excellent after six fitting sessions with patients and none were tired enough to forgo any of the eight pool training sessions with male partners. Adolph participated because he sees the market for dive-sex training expanding as well as potential guests for The Lorelei and Pirate, who provided the male escorts, sees an increase in demand for dive-sex escorts both at The Lorelei and to service the demand at other locations within the continental U.S.

The participating Gyns: There were ten participants, four from LA and two each from Las Vegas, The Hamptons and Palm Beach all of whom were SCUBA qualified. None were allergic to latex and all were between the ages of 29 and 32. We intentionally kept the seminar small because of the need for personal attention and training for each woman with her male partners, experienced dive-sex escorts, first in encounter pools and then in deep water. Over the course of the seminar each Gyn was given the opportunity to be with five different male partners to give her experience with a range of underwater thrusting techniques. None of the Gyns was familiar with diaphragm fitting nor had any been diaphragm users themselves before the seminar. All the women were sexually active and none were married though most were in monogamous relationships. All the participants had the full series of Gardasil shots, negative full panel STI tests and were shown the recent clean full STI panels for the ten male escorts who would be partnering them. That way the women were reassured they were safe from STIs and could enjoy skin-on-skin contact with the men entering them.

All were anxious to experience dive-sex with an experienced trainer so they were able to rationalize sex during the seminar as just another part of their medical training. They had been given a chance to opt-out of the underwater encounters, but, quite rightly, felt it was vital to experience what it is like to have dive-sex so they would know what a patient would experience first hand and what it’s like for a woman to wear protective equipment to minimize the likelihood of problems from vaginal flooding during active penetration underwater. Even the two who were initially reluctant enjoyed the opportunities to experience underwater encounters for themselves while properly protected. All the women were on long acting reversible contraceptives (LARC) six on the single rod implant Nexplanon and four on the progestin releasing IUD Mirena. The emergency contraceptive Plan B One-Step was available if any participant felt her primary method of contraception might have failed.

Pelvic grooming and ageing: All the participants had pubic hair at least to some extent. Most had thick pelts trimmed to their bikini lines, but several had been waxed except for a thin closely trimmed landing strip.  If the participants were going to be fitted for penetrator plugs pubic hair would have been a problem, but for dive-sex training with professional partners who wouldn’t grind their hair into the mons veneris pubic hair was not a problem. And for one participant her partners used a soft cock ring as a buffer since she was slender and had very little fat padding her pubic bone.  

In the common women’s dressing room we all got to see each other’s bodies and all the participants had lovely proportional figures. While none had Victoria’s Secret class bodies, all were very attractive and seemed confident about how they looked even though a bit nervous about appearing nude among a group of near strangers. Several participants commented on my totally nude pubes, my perfect high small breasts and how soft and smooth my skin is. They were fascinated to find I had never been pregnant, but am lactating and wearing Lilly Padz under my bras to prevent milk stains from leaky nipples, which occur when I’m sexually aroused.

What I didn’t tell them was that six months ago my endocrinologist started me on a weekly regimen of a special blend of amino acids injections to increase my production of Human Growth Hormone, hGH. The shots are low dosage to minimize the risk of side effects such as joint and muscle pain, swelling in the arms and legs and carpel tunnel syndrome. Even so my hGH production has more than tripled! It’s costly, but very effective, at least for me. The shots have rejuvenated my skin, and toned the flesh on my throat and around my eyes so it is as firm and smooth as a twenty year olds and it boosted my energy and libido as well, though neither of those was showing any sign of decreasing. None of the Gyns had any idea that I wasn’t in my late twenties, but forty-two until I mentioned starting to use cervical barriers when I was twenty-one in the early nineties and they did the math. 

My role and Reflexions: I was part of the support staff as an expert cervical barrier fitter and dive-sex demonstrator. I fit them all with the latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragms we all wore for dive-sex training. In fitting them with Reflexions I stressed the marvelously stretchy dome membrane, the wonderful heat transfer properties of latex and the fact that the rim of a correctly fitted Reflexions is nearly impossible to under-thrust. Making it perfect for deep dives is the fact that the rim will not distort due to water pressure (as other rim styles will below 10 meters) regardless of how deep the wearer dives, a fact they would test for themselves on several 100 ft training dives. Fortunately they all had deep post-pubic vaults with the necessary pelvic ledge to take the anterior rim and wonderfully thick soft vaginal rugae in which the rim could sink to form a strong seal. As dive-sex specialists my partner and I demonstrated different positions and thrusting techniques and I dove with the Gyns and a woman divemaster on their first few dives to help reassure them of their safety if a woman is correctly fitted for and is properly using Reflexions as flood insurance.

In my oral presentation I didn’t mention my need for or benefit from wearing a death rubber as that is something only psychiatrists are likely to encounter, but I did stress that a correctly fitted and properly inserted latex Reflexions FS diaphragm and a good thick silicone base vaginal gel were the cornerstones of safe underwater penetrative sex for a woman. Women on hormonal contraception can safely use a diaphragm for flood control as can women with an IUD if a silicone gel lube is applied in the dome to prevent ‘string-grab’. I also taught the diaphragm fitting course at our clinic and then had evening fitting sessions for the Gyns using escort trainees as patients and one or two other women with anatomies unsuitable for diaphragms in evening training classes as examples of women who shouldn’t be fitted.

Costumes, equipment and comfort: We women all wore string bikini bottoms and swimsuit front closure sports bra tops for pool encounters and the guys wore Speedo slingshots. The men all had gelly cock rings to use if his partner said she was getting sore from having her pelvis pounded from her partner’s thrusting, but only one asked for a cock ring to be used during the entire five days a tribute to the professionalism of their male partners.

All the Gyns wore OTS Guardian FFMs, 80 cu ft aluminum tanks and Scubapro back inflated Ladyhawk BCs (all provided by Adolph) while the men and I wore our own OTS Guardians and other gear.  OTS Guardian FFMs are standard for escort training, Splash, The Lorelei and the deep water training facility so buying in volume we get a great discount.  It took a few test dives to get the Gyns accustomed to floating on the surface in a wing back BC, but after that they loved the comfort and freedom of movement wearing a Ladyhawk gives a woman diver.

During the day we refreshed ourselves with sports drinks and fresh fruit to replace the electrolytes excreted. In the evenings we replenished our energy with high calorie meals to replace the calories burnt off by underwater sex, which is surprisingly strenuous. Adolph had his divemaster hang a net across the well at 100 feet and fastened sets of tethers (ankle leashes) to it so the Gyns could experience dive-sex at 100 feet while breathing Nitrox. That way there was no worry about a fatal accident if someone had an uncontrolled descent she wouldn’t go to the bottom at 216 feet.  The Gyns loved the four days of strenuous exercise during which they rotated through at least five men each over that period enjoying multiple orgasms with each partner while screaming and moaning into their FFMs. At the end they were all on Ibuprofen for sore pelvises and abs muscles from meeting their partner’s thrusts during encounters that began unhurriedly progressing to frantic couplings and underwater ecstasy in a cloud of bubbles.

Afterward: Most of the Gyns didn’t think they would be able to orgasms during dive-sex encounters. Obviously none had been with a professional escort who can make a girl believe she is the most interesting, beautiful and sexually fascinating woman he has ever seen and mind-fuck her into falling under his spell at least while he is with her. All of the women reached orgasm within ten minutes and the average was five after the first time when they were all in lust for their men. The girls said afterward that they had no idea that being taken to orgasm while sucking gas one hundred feet below the surface could be that intense, which may spell trouble for some of their boyfriends.

The attendees all agreed that their intensive diaphragm fitting training and underwater penetrative encounter training gave them badly needed insight into the thrill and dangers of underwater sexual intercourse and the skills and knowledge to counsel their patients about the use of safety equipment to minimize the likelihood of reproductive tract problems occurring from dive-sex encounters.  Our clinic, Adolph and Pirate all thought the time and expense of the seminar were well worthwhile as it brought together and developed friendships and a solid base of specialist knowledge among high profile trend setters in women’s reproductive health located in up-market areas of the country where it is likely to be most useful.




  1. Jill:

    Very nice report there. What do you think is the best thing the Gyns learned from the seminar? Or do you think they just took more of the personal pleasures than the professional lessons?

    1. Hi Eric, We are all very pleased with how positive the attendees were after the seminar. I think there were two primary lessons learned: 1) How to fit and wear diaphragms correctly and 2) that the latex Reflexions FS will protect a woman during a penetrative encounter even at a depth of 100 feet.

      You can read about studies all you want, but there is no substitute for actually experiencing the activity yourself. I think it was the length of the training interval, four full intensive days of fitting training and penetrative underwater encounters that caused the participants realized they weren’t just lucky the first time, but were protected and comfortable over and over again for the entire four days. That allowed them to build up their confidence level in the ease of use and effectiveness of Reflexions which they will transmit to patients needing that sort of protection.

  2. My congratulations for getting health care professionals for this training. Too bad men cannot be involved as I have never met a male gyn who though anyone could teach him anything about female genitalia. As for our sexual response, they are all self-proclaimed experts until you get one in bed where they become like any other incompetent male fiddling around with girl parts.

    I shudder to see "hot tub" included in a sentence involving sexual penetration. The inner lips evolved for a purpose. When a girl is born, she has only a pinpoint (sometimes not that) of an opening in her hymen. The opening grows about one millimetre per year until she reaches puberty. When the hormones kick the "skin" of the hymen changes characterologically becoming similar to the mucous lining of the vagina. Much easier to penetrate and do away with. The hymen is only a temporary device to keep nasties out whils she is developing.

    With the hymen gone, the vagina is "sealed" against water intrusion by the inner lips. The greater the pressure on them, the greater the seal pressure. This should keep water out whilst bathing swimming, etc. If this seal is broken by a finger or penis or simply fiddling, water rushes in. With the bad press hot tubs have gotten over the last several years regarding microbial content, manufacturers have responded with recommendations for higher concentrations of chemicals. We are faced with accepting higher levels of bacteria entering into us or, alternatively, higher concentrations of chemicals. These in turn upset the microbial balance of the vaginal ecosystem and we get even worse infections.

    Doing blowjobs in a tub may be fun but delay allowing penetration until you are out of that water.

    I assume that the vaginal jelly preparations you have made up help with the nasties from sea water. I would risk that before a hot tub! The diaphragm protects against pressure forcing water into the uterus but the vagina still needs some help with the foreign agents.

    1. >I assume that the vaginal jelly preparations you have made up help with the nasties from sea water. I would risk that before a hot tub!

      Yes, DiveGel+ (still in clinical trials) started out as a thick silicone gel industrial bearing lube. The formulation was tinkered with to reduce the melt temperature and duration so that it will liquefy after being at body temperature for three hours and 4% Octoxynol-9 spermicide and a biocide were added. We have been using it successfully for several years and it has worked really well underwater and protecting against bacteria and micro-organisms in hot tubs as well as lake and seawater.

      The only problem is that it is difficult to get out of swimsuits and bed linens. I use special suits, lingerie and linens and then have them dry-cleaned which usually gets most of it out.


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