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Breeding fantasies

The Greek Witch/Goddess Circe in her lair

Circe’s Lair: Readers may recall that in Greek mythology Circe was a powerful witch, Homer called her a Goddess, who transformed her enemies or those who offended her into tame animals. Circe’s Lair, our private costume encounter club, gives women an opportunity to act out that fantasy with men by giving them so much sex it drains them of their energy. A talented woman with stamina can turn a man who thinks himself a tiger in bed into an exhausted pussy.

In a comment on another post I was asked: “Do any women you know get off on either real preg. risk sex or protected pretend preg risk sex?” My answer was, not many. However, I think there are instances (and surroundings matter here) where while starting with the best intention to be cautious a woman can be lured into an encounter of far greater risk than she is prepared for. Such a place for high risk assignations is our new encounter lounge, Circe’s Lair. That’s because some adventuresome women overestimate their stamina and the effectiveness of their contraceptive protection. When that happens with a potent and determined man as a partner a woman who was having fun when she thought she was the predator can easily become prey and her fantasy can turn very scary if she isn’t careful. Of course some of us are into casual sex for just that sort of adrenaline high. Termination is the answer if a guest is left with something growing in her uterus so there is no real problem if the woman is prepared for that possibility.

STIs and vaccines: Circe’s Lair caters to the 25 – 35 demographic of young, adventuresome, assertive women from the arts and healing professions and the men they attract, but couples are also welcome. Guests are required to have a current clean STI Panel on file and we prefer our women guests to have had all three shots of the Gardasil HPV vaccine. To encourage them having Gardasil injections we give them 20% off alcoholic beverages. Their vaccine status is coded into the chip on their wristbands. Men get 10% off alcohol for having all their Gardasil shots, but few do.

Costumes: Women are encouraged wear any costume they like. Latex catsuits, lash-leathers, neoprene wetsuits (usually just a beavertail jacket) or nylon/spandex Zentai all appear in the Lair with some frequency as well as women dressed as Superheroines like Wonder Woman and of course the traditional ballerina look with tights, tutu and tiara. A few will even wear their pointes if they took ballet in school. Most professional dancers don’t want to go out socially in pointe shoes unless they intend to have ballet sex and then they will carry them in their tote until it’s time to go en pointe.  And the lady Godiva look with just a vaginal plug and long hair to conceal her charms is quite common.  All the costumes have one thing in common, easy access to the wearer’s vulva for PVI, penile/vaginal intercourse.

Unintended breeding: I’ve spent enough time in the Lair that I can easily spot returning men who are players, even if they are masked. I love watching their technique to get selected by different women each time. I like playing with a man with that sort of appetite (needing to pollinate as many lovely blossoms as he can) and when I’m in Circe’s alone I will sometimes pick one and put myself in his way, knowing full well if he starts a conversation he would like nothing better than to leave his seed in my tubes and have me conceive.

Some players frequenting Circe's have been successful in that way with pick-ups because at least two women I’ve seen with known breeders at Circe’s have had abortions at our clinic and we have had complaints from other women who claim they conceived from an encounter while in the Lair. Consensual sex can be risky even with the best contraception and if the man is riding bareback pregnancy can be a relatively common side effect even for women on the pill. That should be considered before, not after an encounter. We do offer free emergency contraceptives, Plan B One-Step, to all women guests as they prepare to leave Circe’s so we have done all we can.

For readers wondering why women still get preggers when on the pill it’s mainly because they are not using it correctly like; missing pills, throwing up within 2 hours after taking the pill or taking meds or supplements that decrease the effectiveness of the hormones. And taking meds that reduce the effectiveness of hormonal methods extends to the Marina IUD, Nexplanon and the shot as well. Too, other methods also fail. There was the couple where the man had had a vasectomy. Unfortunately he had been sniped only the week before and he was still shooting live loads when he mounted her bareback at Circe’s. She declined Plan B and got preggers. And Circe’s has its share of condom failures, but as I mentioned all the ladies are handed Plan B before they leave.  

Player mind-fucked with a Breeding diaphragm: This past week after getting back from the Scottish highlands I was premenstrual. At that time and when menstrual (I’m CD 3 today) I’m at my secondary libidinal peak and badly in need of intimate male attention and Jack was still in the UK. I wasn’t looking for Mr. Right I just needed Mr. Right Now! So I prepared carefully then went hunting at Circe’s Lair. First I removed my latex Reflections death rubber. Then I selected a breeding diaphragm (a silicone All-Flex 2 sizes smaller than my correct 80mm size) applied pre-seed which has somewhat  the consistency as FCM in the dome and inserted it.   I told my prey, the man who selected me, that I had short cycles and was not only menstrual but fertile as well. A player’s rep gets around so I knew he was into menstrual sex, but since I was fertile he seemed to tolerate the diaphragm. However, I knew better since he had already under-thrust the rims of two other Circe’s guests All-Flex diaphragms and one had conceived from the sperm he left in the dome.

I was barelegged wearing a red cotton/Lycra thong under a skin-tight gold lamé tee worn as a tunic over a front closure sports bra with old soiled red Gaynors on my feet so I could be taken from behind while on my toes, in my fave ballet-sex position. I guided him to a small encounter salle with a mirror and barre. I went over to the barre did a few leg stretches then rose en pointe and leaning back against the barre pulled him into my arms.  He pushed his tongue deep into my mouth while reaching between my legs to pull the fabric of my thong to one side, inserted two fingers in me felt the rim of my All-Flex and nodded saying that I was well protected, which told me he knew the diaphragm I was wearing wouldn’t save me from what he planned.

By then he was rock hard. I unzipped his slacks and eased his woodie into my hand. He was un-cut and lovely with pre-cum causing his glans to glisten even in the subdued light.  I turned to face the barre en pointe a la seconde and bent over the barre holding on with one hand while I helped him enter me with the other. I gasped in delight as with a single stroke he fully penetrated me! He was quite thick and just long enough to fit snugly into my anterior fornix, his first few thrusts were along the long axis of my birth canal, but then he altered his angle and I helped by arching my back so he was thrusting into my anterior wall.

Under-thrust: On the third thrust at that angle I felt the rim flex as his glans pushed under the rim and I knew he had penetrated my protection as I’d planned so we were skin-on-skin with his glans and frenulum against my G-spot. After he was under the rim I lowered my back and let him work on my G-spot and squeezed each time he sank his glans in my anterior fornix mixing his pre-cum with my menstrual discharge and the pre-seed. He kept moaning and whispering what a tight fuck I was, which was the whole point of me ripple gripping him after I had let him under-thrust my breeder. It took only 5 minutes to get him off even though he is known as having marvelous control. I wondered how long he had been w/o release as his spend filled the dome and gushed out around his shaft running down my thighs and splattering my GMs with pink tinted ejaculate.

I was pleased he made no attempt to withdraw and stayed hard inside me as he recycled for another try at immortality. He was as good the second time as the first, but his third attempt failed miserably and I did all the work ripple gripping him as he clung to me like a drowning man to a reed. The third time he came I think he nearly fainted and he struggled to stay on his feet while holding on to me. When he pulled out he was completely exhausted. I quickly slipped my thong back in place so the absorbent gusset could collect but barely contain the amount of bloody coital discharge. I could hear and feel it squish as I walked to the loo to use a bidet, change thongs and insert my death rubber again.  

Afterward:  I don’t usually socialize with a casual sex partner after an encounter, but I was worried that I had been too much for him and he might collapse so I had a drink with him afterward and I was shocked when he showed me pics of his wife (a gorgeous 26 y/o dancer I know who works at another casino) who is 3 months along with their second child and their 6 month old son. Irish twins! So much for lactational amenorrhea as an effective contraceptive method!

It’s not as though He and I were discreet either. Everyone at Circe’s who might have been interested saw us! He is a gambling equipment salesman and is over here often which may explain his time in the clubs, but not his time in different women’s vaginas.  What kind of man shows the woman he just told she was “the best fuck I’ve ever had” pics of his family? I think he has a mortality complex; that is he thinks he is going to die soon and wants to leave as many children with as many different women as possible. He is convinced that he has impregnated me and wanted to know if I would keep it if he caused me to conceive. I just smiled and patted his hand. When I seduced him I didn’t know I’d be fucking a friend’s husband, but it’s happened before. It’s just one of those things that happen out here.

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