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The chick with the silicone rack

Danger Girl trains with an old style twin hose reg

The picture: ‘Danger Girl’ I’m indebted to the artist, HD, for permission to use this original artwork. The image used for the blog shows her earlier in the day suited up for familiarization with the mistral twin hose she would use for mission training. I think she was talking with Adolph who likes to know the motivation of the trainees passing through his facility. She found the water so warm that she could train in a bikini which she would be wearing for the mission, allowed her partners easier access and for her maximum flexibility.

Adolph as a contractor: We had just gotten home from Virgin Gorda and I my girls were back in school - Cyndi, Odette and Odile at UNLV and Bea at St Lucy’s - and I get this call from Adolph. He doesn’t do frantic well and when he gets excited his German accent thickens so much he is unintelligible. He always has someone else place his calls for him so when I heard his voice and the state he was in I knew there was trouble.

It seems a government agency, the GSA negotiated the contract and they wouldn’t say which one (“now never you mind little lady you don’t have a need to know” said with a West Texas twang) has rented his deep water training facility, known to readers of this blog as ‘The Well’, as well as his multi-bed hyperbaric chamber for a few days to train some of their employees and there are a lot of slashed air hoses, fins and masks on the bottom of the facility, 216 feet below the surface. Now when Adolph punctures a BC or cuts a submissive’s hose to her octopus he doesn’t get upset so what’s with his jitters now when the U. S. taxpayers are funding the destruction?  

He was upset because the sole woman trainee had no female support and from his experience with dive-sex and what she told him of her background she had no real understanding of what was going to happen and he wanted me to intervene on her behalf. Who would have known? He can be brutal, but occasionally he shows a bit of his softer side. Though he may have just been upset because he wanted to brutalize her himself. You can never be sure with Adolph.

Be careful what you wish for: Apparently the facility had been rented to train a female agent, but someone had no idea how to go about it safely and the agent herself had no clue about how to protect herself when intending to be penetrated during dive-sex. Though after the fact everyone agreed she was enthusiastic about the prospect.  By the time I got there and was allowed access to the pool area it was too late and the critical part of her dive training was underway.

I found out later that it was amateur hour as far as the woman diver’s div-sex training was concerned though in the hand-to-hand combat that preceded her being gang raped she actually did quite well disabling two of the five men who attacked her. There were a great many problems with how her training was conducted.  There was no female divemaster involved and no doctor present. She had not been given a pregnancy test to ensure she wasn’t preggers so she could safely withstand a strenuous series of dives. She wore no cervical barrier protection to prevent water being forced into her uterus from the hydraulics of her trainer/partner’s thrusting. Protection should have been used at least during training to minimize the chances of PID even if during her actual mission she couldn’t use it. And, they had her use water soluble K-Y Jelly as an underwater vaginal lube filling a vaginal applicator from a tube.  However, K-Y Jelly is not the same pH as the vagina so if a woman is prone to trouble with yeast or bacterial vaginosis that could be a problem. Under the circumstances I suppose she’s lucky nothing happened to her breast implants..

Agent Orange: I’ll call the athletic young woman undergoing training ‘Agent Orange’ which was the color of the thong-back bikini she wore when entering The Well. She is a 26 y/o, 5’8”, 125 lb blonde with a law degree from Yale and was a competitive swimmer in high school and college. She is on the low dose contraceptive shot, Depo-subQ Provera 104, taken every 12 weeks, which can be very effective if you are careful about getting your shots on time and avoid taking meds that might affect how the progestin is metabolized. However, taken for several years Depo Provera can leach calcium from the bones, but so far after 6 months on the shot she has stopped having periods which she was happy about. Her breasts have been enhanced to D-cups which to me looked out of proportion on her, but drew the attention of every male in her presence which I suppose was what she wanted. She’d had the silicone gel implants done several years ago and the scars are almost impossible to see. I’m thinking she’s going to have back problems carrying that rack around by the time she’s 30 and that’s not jealousy talking either.

An Aqualung Mistral twin-hose regulator

An Aqualung Mistral twin-hose:  She was being trained using a twin hose reg which was giving her trouble even though it wasn’t an original, but the ‘new’ Aqualung Mistral twin-hose version. She was having trouble getting the head movement (lean the head to the left and exhale) needed to clear the mouthpiece of water, which was made worse by the fact that she had a stiff neck from the buoyancy of the air in the hoses keeping her head raised unless she forced her head down. And when her mouthpiece was pulled out and the hoses went above her head their buoyancy made the mouthpiece difficult for her to retrieve. Her Mistrial was not equipped with an octopus or secondary reg as her equipment providers saw them as just something to get tangled on underwater obstructions or grabbed by an attacker. Nor did her mouthpiece have a spit-strap attached that fastens around the neck to prevent the loss of the mouthpiece if the diver gasps or screams. In the twin-hose units I’ve dived I found the spit-strap a very handy feature to have. Another problem was that she was training at a depth of 100 ft while breathing regular air which put her at considerable risk of developing nitrogen narcosis (rapture of the deep) while her trainers were breathing Nitrox. It least there was the usual net stretched across the pool at 110 feet to prevent an uncontrolled descent from going all the way to the bottom at 216 feet.

The dive: When I walked out on the pool surround and looked down there was Orange with three men around her. She had already injured two others so severely that they had surfaced and I was told the idea was to use just enough force to disable her while keeping her alive to train as an underwater submissive, a category that up to that time had escaped my attention. When trained they hoped that she would be able to charm her way into the small stable of submissive dive-chicks owned by the Dom head of the organization to be penetrated. The fight with her trainers ended up with her fins being pulled off and her hands flexi-cuffed behind her tank. She was not tethered with an ankle leash so they tumbled and twisted as they mated We really couldn’t see anything from the surface because the four streams of bubbles masked their activity so we relied on the four HDTV cams videoing the encounter as the men cluster fucked her.

She seemed to take her first attacker w/o serious physical discomfort, but after that the K-Y had all been washed away. When the second man pushed his way inside her, her back arched, she shuddered, her mouth gaped open as she screamed sending a stream of bubbles toward the surface and her mouthpiece and corrugated hoses floated away over her head. One of the men had to grab it and stuff it back in her mouth and that went on repeatedly as her partner’s thrusts brutally rammed her cervix.  When he shot his wad and withdrew a thick gray fog gushed out of her vagina. The third man tried to mount her, but she drew her knees up to her chest and kicked him in the reg and mask flooding his mask, breaking his nose and knocking out his mouthpiece. She floated away briefly curled in a fetal position while still bleeding profusely from her vagina. As the two uninjured men approached she was writhing in pain while lying on the net across the well at 110 feet and the longer she lay there curled up the more heavily she hemorrhaged. By that time the men realized they had to get her to the surface and so it was an emergency ascent and all three went immediately into the multi-bed hyperbaric chamber with a Gynecologist who was on call and being paid for by Adolph.

It turned out that she was about three months pregnant and had miscarried when her cervix was brutally pounded and the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusting forced out the mucus plug protecting the fetus and K-Y Jelly and pool water were forced into her uterus. She had vomited from the cramps and developed aspiration pneumonia and there was a massive tear of her right rotary cuff which probably occurred when her arms were cuffed behind her tank. Fortunately none of the divers suffered any apparent DCS from the emergency ascent, but Agent Orange also has PTSD. She’s now under guard in an isolation room in Adolph’s private hospital for people with inconvenient injuries or inconvenient people with injuries difficult to explain to the general public.

Who you gonna call?: That left the gang who can’t shoot straight w/o a viable agent and the mission apparently dead in the water, in a manner of speaking. Phone calls were made chits were cashed in and another agency agreed to provide a mission candidate who happened to be nearby and could be on site within an hour. Go figure! However, there was a catch, the agent wasn’t going to be forced to take the mission. The borrowing agency would have to explain their needs in sufficient detail for her to accept or reject the assignment. So we all waited to see who would show up. In the meantime the agent in charge having had the shortcomings of the training he provided to Agent Orange explained to him in great detail agreed to have me on hand as an advisor, to train the new agent.



  1. Kinky Feds and Kentucky jelly. Yep, that drew me out of the wood work. How are you, Jill? Things are good in Ohio. I went for a swim in Lake Erie in July and you were right, it was freezing on the surface! I don't suspect I'll be learning to dive there.

  2. Government getting dirty on the tax payers doller which dont surprise me anymore. You killing people just for fun, you people are Vile, with a capital V.
    Remember, what goes around comes around, people are not toys to use and throw away, and its people like you and adoph that make me want no part of Vegas.

    I like dance, but you make something beautiful, and then drag it to the depths of hell in the mud with the swine.



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