Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pro training, first penetrative encounter with Junior

Reflexions flat spring diaphragm a pro’s 1st choice

Summer school:  I’m continuing escort training for Cyndi and Bea while we are here on Virgin Gorda. They are actually enjoying it as they get to train their vaginal muscles with stainless steel ball bearings. They are up to wearing a 1.25 inch solid steel set each ball weighing 4.61 oz. Having a 16 and an almost 18 y/o girl able to comfortably and confidently take pointe class with more than a half pound of stainless steel tightly gripped by the muscles of their vaginas is a major confidence building accomplishment and they enjoy sunbathing with them inserted and moving the balls one at a time up and down their vaginal barrels. Working with the 1.25 in. balls is about the heaviest weight practical and they have mastered the necessary grip quicker than I did.  

Training ball maintenance: There are some housekeeping issues when training with steel balls. The acidic Ph of the vagina can begin to corrode the surface after prolonged use as can training with them in chlorinated pool water or in salt water encountered with swimming and diving in the ocean even when washed thoroughly after each use. To prevent this, a small amount of a high quality silicone intimate lube can be used to coat the balls prior to insertion.  We use DiveGel+. That serves two purposes it makes the ball harder to grip increasing the strength and stamina required to wear them and prevents the vaginal fluids or any water flooding the vagina from interacting with the polished surface of the steel ball. 

Pelvic requirements for training with steel balls: While all women can get some benefit from training with 4.6 oz steel balls while lying on our backs to get the full benefit – being able to stand, walk, dance and swim with them inserted - a woman needs a pronounced post-pubic vault in which the balls can rest against the back of the pubic bone even when the muscles in the vaginal barrel are gripping them. Otherwise the balls will drop out when the woman stands or bears down for a bowel movement and relaxes her grip. A very high percentage of women have deep post-pubic vaults, but a few don’t and some of those who want to be capable of the full range of escort services will have surgery to create a deep post-pubic vault just to be able to effectively use a diaphragm and heavy vaginal training balls.

Pro level vaginal training:  Being able to successfully manipulate vaginal balls while a diaphragm is inserted and a silicone lube is being used to protect the steel surfaces of 4.6 oz balls from the acidic environment is one of the ultimate vaginal skills demonstrating the strength, stamina and agility of a woman’s vaginal muscles. The dome of the diaphragm slippery with natural lube as well as silicone lube makes manipulating the heavy balls up and down the vaginal barrel a challenge, but with dedication it is an achievable goal.  

For Cyndi and Bea’s training they are wearing Reflexions FS latex diaphragms just as the professional girls do because (as returning readers will recall) a properly sized and correctly inserted Reflexions is extremely difficult to under-thrust, even for the most experienced swordsman and the wonderfully stretchy dome has much better heat transfer properties than does a silicone device. Personally, I think Reflexions develops a stronger seal so I usually wear Reflexions, over a Sucker, when with a man who has a very high fertility probability either from testing his semen or his paternity record with his partners.   

As I’ve mentioned before the Reflexions flat spring latex diaphragm is the style preferred by professional escorts where I live. Many of the young ones who have grown up with hormonal contraceptives are now switching to the Reflexions diaphragm, for two reasons; they are tired of hormonal side effects and there is a growing interest from their clients in having sexual encounters with women protected only by a cervical barrier. Most of the girls have tried FemCap and found it unsatisfactory either because it didn’t fit correctly or because it hurt their clients so the Professionals are returning to their grandmother’s cervical barrier, the diaphragm.

Dolphins and diaphragms: Today I am CD 20 and had my first penetrative encounter with Junior! For my encounters with him I’m wore a Sucker screwed down tight on my cervix and my standard 80 mm Reflexions FS latex D over it.  He saw me coming in the zodiac and met me on the surface over the lava tube. I anchored to the dive buoy that has a deco stop rope attached and checking my gear – My vintage beavertail jacket, an OTS Guardian FFM, a 130 cu ft HP steel tank of Nitrox and a Scuba Pro Ladyhawk BC - one last time then went over the side of the zodiac and Junior was all over me immediately I was in the water and I let him push me to the bottom.

I was lucky Junior took me to the bottom in the lava tube where it is relatively smooth and clear of sand because of the current. I was glad to have the cage over my K-valve as he pushed me along the bottom until my tank hit some lava rock where it caught. I was worried that if I was dragged along a sandy bottom sand could get stirred up and get into our moving parts or the valves on my FFM. Junior’s penis is about 2 inches in diameter and he had no problem finding where to place it to push it into me.  As I wrote above I’ve been working on strengthening my grip and since there was no foreplay involved I thought I’d get right to the purpose of our encounter and initiate the fluid transfer by contracting my muscles around his glans and got almost immediate results.  

I was so glad I was wearing the Reflexions as I could feel the soft dome stretch when he thrust into both my fornices, but particularly the anterior one where the latex squeezed his glans. He liked that enough that by the third time he came in me - he had nine other ejaculations during that 35 minute encounter - he learned to aim for my anterior fornix while my muscle contractions milked his shaft.

I think there is misinformation about the velocity of a dolphin’s ejaculate. While it’s very fast having him cum in me wasn’t harmful or even uncomfortable nor were any of the other encounters I had with Freckles several years ago.  Junior filling me with his thick bioadhesive semen feels like a sort of soft fisting (because of the quantity of his load) before it squirts out of me around the shaft of his penis in a thick cloud.  There is so much of it! Studies have shown that an adult male can produce more than 60 ml of semen per ejaculation which, if you think of a human male’s orgasm as releasing up to 5 ml of semen, is twelve times the amount of genital fluid! Then there is the fact that during a normal breeding encounter a male dolphin may ejaculate ten or more times so during our encounter I became covered in semen since the current was carrying it over my body and head where it stuck to the lens of my FFM making it difficult to see even though I’d wipe it off each time he came in me. . Fortunately dolphin semen doesn’t coagulate a few minutes after release as some animals do to prevent another male’s sperm from reaching the females egg.

Afterward: When he was finished he withdrew nuzzled me gently away from the rocks where my tank had been caught and seeing I was free swam away. At the time I had no idea that I’d been on the bottom with him for 35 minutes! I was exhausted, but elated to have had such a loving encounter with another intelligent species and be able to enjoy and tell about it afterward. I didn’t inflate my BC just finned up to the deco stop at 30 feet and clipped on for a 15 minute ‘just-in-case’ decompression stop before surfacing and climbing into the zodiac I use as a diving platform.  Unlike human semen dolphin ejaculate doesn’t liquefy 20 minutes after release so I was still Kegeling out his thick semen as I pulled the zodiac up on the beach.



  1. Hi, Jill.

    Here's a kind of inter-species psychology question.

    Did you have the sense that Junior has self-consciousness---as though he can see himself doing what he's doing?

    More interesting, to me at least, did you have the sense that Junior saw YOU as a self-conscious being that is conscious of HIS consciousness?

    In other words---and even more pedantic---did you have the sense of "inter-subjectivity" with Junior? Or was the interaction more like two bodies whose actions merely elicited instinctual behavior?

    One last...

    Did he send flowers or at least call the next day? If not, I'd dump him. He's clearly a pua---in it only for himself. The finny cad.

    1. Hi Stunning,

      >Did you have the sense that Junior has self-consciousness---as though he can see himself doing what he's doing?

      He knows what he wants and he’s certainly possessive and he knows the difference between men and women. If other women are with me he doesn’t mind and may try to mount one of them, so he’s not big on fidelity, but then I’m not looking for a husband. If a man is with me he will bump him and run him away, which could become a problem. Fortunately he is out of the cove a good bit of the time feeding with the rest of the pod.

      >did you have the sense that Junior saw YOU as a self-conscious being that is conscious of HIS consciousness?

      I don’t know. When he’s breeding me he knows when he is pleasing me. I think that’s by the increase in the volume of my bubbles as my respiration changes and how I tighten on his penis. He really likes me ripple griping his glans and to push it into the stretchy latex of my Reflexions which squeezes it when he thrusts into my anterior fornix.

      >Did he send flowers or at least call the next day?

      No flowers, sigh! He doesn’t carry cash and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have a credit card. The CC people probably think he is a poor risk because his home is underwater. But he does show his concern for my wellbeing. At the end of each encounter he will make sure I can get off the bottom and can surface before leaving me. We have a ritual during my ascent. He actually pushes my beavertail between my legs wanting me to fasten the latches, but I just rub his nose. Then he will usually watch me Kegel out most of his semen as I ascend or while I’m at the deco stop. At that point I will relatch my beavertail snugly in place and only then will he leave me.

      He’s certainly in our relationship for what he can get and when the pod is in the cove he waits by the dive buoy for me. We have such an amazing relationship that I try to be with him every day if I can. I think he’s rather considerate for a male.

      My human male partners understand or claim they do and my human encounters have lost none of their allure for me or my men partners so I’m currently sexually proficient with at least two species. I’m not counting Caesar, the tiger I had a relationship with several years ago, and the Great Dane I had carnal knowledge of when I lived on the East Coast.

  2. During your travels in the Cove, I have been wearing my Reflexions almost constantly. Think of it as solidarity (plus my diaphragm fetish) though penetrative sex with any other specie is not on my bucket list. When first you posted, a few years ago, regarding sex with dolphins, I blew it off but, then, did my homework discovering it is far from unknown for humans to have sex with dolphins. A few of Stunning's questions are addressed, either explicitly or implicitly, with a google search. I am fascinated to the point of following up with my veterinary contacts to visit the dolphin centre in Southern Europe, but that shall be several months in future.

    Fascination. Why, when I have rejected the idea of a dolphin entering me? Your description of the amount of ejaculate you receive is tempting. Though I long ago decided that women are much better lovers and partners, there are still two things that bring me back to a male from time to time. The first, completely physical, is feeling a penis slide into me. I love it. There is nothing that compares in the tactile world and I wish the rest of fucking kept me on that same high. The second is the deposit a man leaves in me. We have evolved with exactly one purpose for the vagina: to extract semen, then deposited at the very spot the sperm need be. This is a purely psychological response, using my vagina for its intended, natural purpose. I then walk in the clouds as long as I "know" that sperm is swimming inside me and semen is in my veins. That is a few days!

    To experience "my cup runneth over," is a fascinating thought. Oh, we all get the drippies after vaginal deposits are made but what you describe, six times what we are accustomed to, would cause instant flooding and overflow. Of course an immediate repeat would leave us swimming in semen! The closest I shall ever come is with seven, sometimes eight, partners consecutively on the ritual altar. And even all of them together supply less than one dolphin discharge!

    The force, however, some report dolphins can ejaculate fourteen feet, is a bit daunting no matter what latex barrier may be installed. The idea of a baculum, rather than a blood erected penis, being in there is downright frightening. When a human male gets frisky, even the stiffest gives a bit, protecting our vagina whilst the penis bone projecting from a frisky male could impale us in an instant.

    Enjoy, dear Jill, enjoy. I shall only share vicariously in this experience and thank you for that.

    1. >During your travels in the Cove, I have been wearing my Reflexions almost constantly. Think of it as solidarity (plus my diaphragm fetish)

      I’m so pleased that you enjoy wearing Reflexions as much as I do! I think the flat spring latex is the best of diaphragm designs and materials because it is so difficult for even the most experienced man to under-thrust and impossible to go unnoticed by the wearer should that occur, unlike an All-Flex that can be so easily and unnoticeably compromised, especially while being taken doggie style. There is the bit about the shorter wearing life of a latex device and the possibility of latex allergy ruling it out for a few couples, but on balance I think the superior heat transfer properties of latex, the marvelously stretchy domes, the thin rim which can be effectively worn by women with a shallow pubic notch and the strong pungent rubbery scent of a Reflexions that has been marinating in vaginal/cervical fluids and semen for 24 hours makes Reflexions far superior! Decomposing human semen gives the bouquet such a wonderfully distinct and sharp aroma.

      >Your description of the amount of ejaculate you receive is tempting.

      I figure that he releases an average of 50 ml per ejaculation (though larger more mature animals release more than 65 ml/ejac.) and with an average of 10 ejaculations per encounter (so far it has varied between 8 and 12) that’s 500 ml or almost 17 oz which is more than a large bottled soft drink in the U.S.

      >The force, however, some report dolphins can ejaculate fourteen feet, is a bit daunting no matter what latex barrier may be installed.

      I’ve seen reports of extremely high velocity ejaculations by dolphins. However, my experience has been that while the animals I’ve been with ejaculate very forcefully, taking his semen stream against my cervix and in the fornices is not really uncomfortable if I’ve emptied my bowels and bladder before hand. The vaginal expansion briefly feels like a soft fisting before the volume diminishes as it spews out around his shaft. Also, as I mentioned earlier, when wearing a Reflexions the dome, which squeezes his glans as he thrusts into my anterior fornix, also provides some velocity buffering as well as thrust buffering. So far I’ve been quite comfortable from the standpoint of semen velocity. With a 500 pound bull that might be different, but velocity wise I doubt it. I’m hoping I don’t find out as I think there would be far more serious problems with a 100 pound woman mating with a bull that size.

      >The idea of a baculum, rather than a blood erected penis, being in there is downright frightening. When a human male gets frisky, even the stiffest gives a bit, protecting our vagina whilst the penis bone projecting from a frisky male could impale us in an instant.

      I’m not sure the information about dolphins having a baculum is correct. Most (but not all) of the references I’ve seen say that cetaceans (whales and dolphins) do not have a baculum. My experience has been that I can’t tell from mating with them as the glans is soft and the shaft compresses to some extent with my vaginal contractions. I’m not about to attempt to bend or break the penis of one of my partners just to find out! The dolphin and I have had mutually enjoyable experiences with each other and I don’t intend to change that especially when I’m on life support in his environment where he could easily kill me if he decided to.

  3. Hi, Again, Jill.

    "...but then I’m not looking for a husband."

    Well, I'd hope that dolphins are off the list, anyway. They always leave the seat up and the only meal they'd cook for supper is fish.

    "Fish again? What IS it with you and fish already?!"

    Doc Brenda says,

    "...some report dolphins can ejaculate fourteen feet, is a bit daunting no matter what latex barrier may be installed.."

    I've been known to ejaculate at last 30 feet, but it's always been off a third floor balcony onto unsuspecting passersby below, who do find it somewhat daunting.

    "What the ^%$#!, Ethel. Something just went plop on my head. Oh, for Christ's sake!"

  4. You are quite correct; I was in error in describing the dolphin penis as a baculum. Though it does not erect as a human through engorgement with blood, it does not have the characteristic bone of a baculum. I guess that is why we have never seen back scratchers or walking sticks made of a dolphin's penis. For that matter, neither is the human penis; I only like what they can do for me.

    My apologies to anyone led astray. On your next biology quiz do not answer "baculum." Thanks, Jill.


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