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The chaperone

Which, Odette or Odile? In a plum VS push-up

Late registration at UNLV: It’s been an eventful, but very rushed few days. I had a helicopter pick us up and take us to San Juan where we boarded Limnaea which was returning from Europe carrying small priority packages bound for west coast locations. Our encounter with Roni, Miranda and Ralph over the last few days threw my schedule as well as that of my girls off by several days at an inconvenient time. Not that we all didn’t enjoy meeting Ralph and getting to know him quite well in some ways. The unfortunate part is the delay caused Cyndi and my two new wards (more about them a bit further on) to be late registering for the fall semester at UNLV. Not that that is a mortal sin. Given that the casino is such a big contributor to the university there was no problem once that fact became known.

Have I mentioned that Cyndi has decided to take a gap year and start at Oxford in the fall of 2014? That might have been a problem for some as seats at Oxford (as well as Cambridge) are in such high demand, but being the granddaughter of a Duke has its advantages.  Cyndi isn’t really taking the year off as she will be going to UNLV to take biology courses since right now she wants to be a doctor. And, it will be good to have her home where she can help with Odette and Odile’s extracurricular studies. All three girls will be living with me because of the academic as well as the escort training load they will have. That way my staff can ensure they eat properly at my training table and get enough sleep. Academics can be exhausting on the mind. Escort training takes strength and stamina and is physically exhausting. I intend to make their college years fun, but challenging w/o burning them out. 

The Swan twin’s father: Newly eighteen year old identical twins who I’ll call Odette and Odile when writing about them on this blog have been my vacation neighbors on Virgin Gorda for years. While they vacation on an adjoining estate there is a mile of what I think of as jungle between their father’s villa and mine. They graduated from a private school in NYC and were visiting for the summer. Their father, Paul, is a widower and is a self employed contractor of some sort who travels a great deal. He has a lovely small place, but finding it is nearly impossible even if you know the area well as the access road is overgrown and so deeply rutted you have to have a Land Rover or similar vehicle to get to the place by land. He has asked me over several times when he found I like to shoot pistols and we’ve shot up boxes of 9 mm bullets at a time on his pistol range. He has this amazing strong room hidden in the basement full of various types of guns and ammunition. I think he could be a fun guy if you are really into guns.

I had met Paul at several of the Duchess’s parties initially through his wife who was a Brit and Soloist dancing for The Royal Ballet when he met her. Then after she was killed in a car accident in Europe some years ago the Duchess began trying to get me interested in him as she thought his girls needed a mother. While he is a lovely man and good in bed attending to my needs before he satisfies himself, he somehow seems distant. So there has never been the right chemistry between us for a permanent arrangement, not that I’m looking for one. We are good friends and have been to island parties together and the twins have stayed at my villa with my wards when Paul has been suddenly called away to resolve some business crisis.

So it wasn’t unusual for Paul to ask me as he did several days ago to have the girls stay with me while he is in London for a few days. They are both excellent students and will attend UNLV this fall. I had thought they might go to a school with a higher academic profile, but they have had some disciplinary problems with authority (I can relate and sympathize) so they decided that since UNLV accepted them and it provides a good liberal arts education that’s where they would go. I suspect that my being near by was probably a factor in Paul’s letting them go to Vegas because he had talked about their needing a strong worldly female figure in their lives.

Ballet Girls: The twins enjoy ballet which their mother started them taking when they were four and are quite accomplished in the art of pointework to be amateurs. I call them Odette and Odile because while identical their personalities are polar opposites. Odette is sweet musical and gentle while Odile is a risk taker and mischievous. Paul has been extremely protective of them with boys and I have kept my distance from them in that aspect of their socialization because living in New York the age of consent is eighteen and I didn’t want them to possibly get in trouble if I included them in my wards pelvic training.

Not that they have been untutored in the ways of men as I have given them Ben Wa sets and dildos and taught them how to use them correctly since they needed a knowledgeable woman to take them in hand in that regard. Several years ago I even fitted them with Diva cups and 60 mm Milex Omniflex diaphragms (at that age strictly for use as flow control devices), but it got them used to handling their genitals as so many young women fear to do today. Until now I’ve avoided making available men for sexual encounters other than heavy petting while the twins wore chastity belts (I have a few all custom made by Gepetto for each of my favorite teens) as that sort of denial drives men wild.  However, now that they are 18 and will be attending UNLV they are old enough and close enough to me geographically to come within my sphere of influence for serious pelvic training which will stand them in good stead in the search and competition for the most desirable mates. A day or two ago Chris, our male Gyn, fitted them both with 65 mm Reflexions latex FS diaphragms and verified again that they have lovely deep post-pubic vaults, healthy cervixes and no hymen tissue that needs trimming. So now they can begin their intensive pelvic training safely; even when I take them to the ‘Well’, Adolph’s very deep training facility, for Trimix training.

Chaperone: A “person (as a matron) who for propriety accompanies one or more young unmarried women in public or in mixed company.” After talking around the matter for days Paul asked me to be the twins chaperone a function I performed while he was away while they were on Virgin Gorda. However, he now wants me to watch over them while they attend UNLV. I tried to get him to understand that it is impossible to keep them totally safe (especially Odile) unless they are locked up somewhere. However I agreed to fulfill that duty as I understand it, keeping them relatively safe while exposing them to new and pleasurable experiences that will expand their horizons in so many ways.

Now that they are eighteen and have had all their Gardasil shots I feel free to include them in sexual activities in which Cyndi and Bea routinely participate (especially escort training) as well as take them in hand for individual coaching in the art of seduction, though their natural talent in that regard is already on display. Paul already knows they are on the pill, Beyaz, supposedly to regularize their cycles. So as long as they take their pills correctly and stay with men who have been screened for STIs they should be quite safe. While both have used dildos, Hitachi Magic Wands and Sybian machines I believe neither has been penetrated by a human male making them technically virgins.   


  1. Hi, Jill,

    Being attentive to the occasional clue, I infer that you are quite wealthy. Even so (as if that were a disability) a woman can never have enough heels or notoriety.

    It’s obvious that you spend a good deal of time polishing your essays. You’ve got a captivating style.

    It so happens that I know the publishing game. I spend most of my time training teachers within a 300 mile radius of my home to use curriculum materials in reading, math, language, writing, and science. I know what sells and what doesn’t, and I know how to turn a phase.

    You realize that your archives contain at least one book.

    Permit me to suggest a few titles and chapters.

    Bad Ballerina: Mistress of Debauchery and Mayhem

    Bad Ballerina: Perversion and Debauchery from A to Z, at Least

    Bad Ballerina’s Guide to Toe Shoes, Tutus, and Superb Twat

    [That’s all I got for now.]

    Chapter 1. Bad Ballerina: The Early Years.

    Chapter 2. The Care and Eating of Toe Shoes: The Allure, The Stench, The Perversity.

    Chapter 3. Sex with Animals, or, Everything Forbidden in Leviticus.

    Chapter 4. Sex in the Deep End.

    Chapter 5. Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down, Make Me Beg, and Just Ignore My Moaning.

    Chapter 6. Ready-Whip. Always Beat a Man When He’s Down.

    Chapter 7. Teaching the Next Generation: Towel Girls and Steel-dick Studs. [But they’ll never match Bad Ballerina.]

    Chapter 8. If it Floats, Bad Ballerina Will Fuck on it. If It Doesn’t Float, Bad Ballerina Has Water Wings.

    Chapter 9. Sex and Death---Natural and Unnatural Causes.

    Chapter 10. Bad Ballerina’s Future Life: Marriage, Settling Down, Knitting, and Other Jokes, or Not. We Shall See.

    No, no. Don't thank me. It's nothing, really. Just let us know the publishing date!

    1. Hi Esther,

      And here I was thinking you were just another pretty face...


    2. Esther:

      Are you implying that Jill isn't who she says she is, that maybe everything you read here is a work of total fiction rather than like Dragnet? (The stories you see here are real, the names have been changed to protect the innocent, right?)

  2. No, Eric, I was suggesting an autobiography.

    If Whateverhisnameis sells millions of books on 50 Shades of Boredom, Jill would sell far more, and they'd be a heck of a ride.

    The most intense response to 50 Shades of Nothing is


    The least response to a book by Jill would the on the order of,

    "Holy Christ on a cracker! Listen to this, Ethel! ...."

    "WHAT?! No f%$#ing way, Lucy!"

    "Way! Look, I'm dripping profusely here."

    "Yes, you are most definitely moisturized."


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