Friday, August 23, 2013

Towel-Girl adversity training

Foul Play

The Illustration: Foul play is used with permission of the artist, ‘HD’ for which I’m grateful. The drawing used here depicts a diver during adversity training showing exactly what happens during a session when Cyndi and I wrestle in the lava tube to see which of us can disable the other to the greatest extant and how long it takes to safely recover. Unfastening an opponent’s weight belt, turning off K-valves, pulling off fins, flooding masks and pulling out regs are all considered fair tactics during training. No knives to cut hoses or puncture BCs or small vice-grip pliers to clamp hoses closed are allowed. Nor is opening the zippers of an opponent’s suit or pulling out vaginal devices allowed during training. And we have to stay in the aquifer current where we are tumbled around as we are swept toward the ocean while trying to open our k-valves again, purge and insert our regs and clear our masks. Of course if it comes down to a real fight then nothing is off the table if it gives you an advantage.

An ideal location: The lava tube aquifer with its strong constant unidirectional current, relatively smooth sediment free bottom and walls, good depth (60 feet) and cold water provide an added degree of difficulty to the environment making ideal training conditions for combatants to train in. To protect against the cold and being scraped along the lava floor and walls we wear 5 mm neoprene wetsuits and hoods which also limit our mobility when trying to reach behind to turn on the K-valve again.

Adversity training prep: Towel-Girls taking basic training learn to empty their bowels and bladders prior to suiting up, but with adversity training it’s standard to also insert a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm for upper reproductive tract flood insurance and apply a 10 ml prefilled applicator of an intimate silicone lube, DiveGel+, deep in the vagina prior to suiting up in case she is overpowered and forcibly penetrated. That way she’s also prepared for dive-sex if the sexual encounter is consensual which often happens with a male trainer after such an intimate struggle where the bodies of the couple have been in such close contact. And, since both Cyndi and I are CD 28 and spotting we should begin bleeding tomorrow which will add another dimension, cramps, (but not severe enough to disable her, they just make her more feisty) to our training.

Cyndi’s adversity training is part of getting her prepared for exam time with Adolph who is known for just that sort of attention to attractive women. But in Cyndi’s case she needs to successfully pass the exam in order to complete the next level of training. That requires her to survive that sort of aggressive ‘playing’ at least three times during a single encounter with him before she can be considered qualified as an elite level Red Door Towel-Girl. Then she will be allowed alone in a pool at Splash, (Adolph’s adult swim club) with a new client whose dive fetishes and mental stability are unknown.  At Splash a Towel-Girl’s encounters are monitored by security so there would be someone to rescue her if attacked, but she needs to survive the initial attack. T-Gs usually wear bikinis for encounters in warm relatively shallow (20 foot deep) encounter pools so the tight suits, current and cold water of this training venue should help build up a her stamina and confidence.

Hormonal free contraception: One of very popular things about Towel-Girls at Splash is that none of them use hormonal contraceptives so they all are cycling naturally. That allows Adolph to offer dive-sex with fertile and menstruating (It’s a premium service.) T-Gs protected only by copper IUDs and diaphragms. And there is considerable demand for dive sex with the girls at those times in their cycles. Dive-sex with young fertile woman using a arcing or coil spring rim diaphragm for contraceptive protection results in a high percentage of pregnancies because the rims of those devices can be and are easily under-thrust and that is just the sort of clients Splash attracts.

Which is why only latex Reflexions FS diaphragms are worn by Towel-Girls while working at Splash because the latex has far better heat transfer characteristics than silicone and the dome is much stretchier giving a client a much better experience while the flat spring rim of a correctly sized diaphragm is almost impossible for even an expert swordsman to under-thrust protecting the T-G from a client inadvertently or on purpose under-thrusting the rim and ejaculating in the dome.


  1. Hi Jill,

    Sadly, I have no comments about towel girls, but I do have a rather nosy question.

    What is an ordinary day in your life like? I know. You have no ordinary days. Okay, then, days when you aren't on one or another adventure. For ex,

    When do you get up? Do you have a hearty breakfast consisting of adequate proteins and fats? Do you take dance classes? Do you go to a sort-of-regular place of work?

    What about evenings? A soothing bit of mother nature, a shot or two of tequila and a cold long neck, early Sinatra on the stereo, relaxing on the back deck as the sun goes down? [Oh, wait. That's me.]

    Any pets---I mean besides your male hareem? If cats, I'm betting on Russian Blue.

    1. Hi Esther,

      On an ordinary day (when I have one) work begins at 10 AM because my day ends at 3 or 4 AM, either performing or as a duty manager in the casino. I’m up by 7 (I need very little sleep) have coffee and always start the day with a 90 minute class before having a hearty breakfast. Then at work I choreograph or have rehearsals perhaps lead an afternoon class, take my turn at the casino as duty manager, teach at St Lucy’s, volunteer as a cervical barrier fitter at the clinic and help Adolph with the occasional problem and work with troubled women.

      I am a carnivore and have a very high metabolism for a small person (5’4” & 105 lbs with full breasts) I can eat a lot of bacon, steak and lobster while maintaining my dancing weight. And I like raw veggies and fruit during the day for snacks. I rarely drink alcohol. I don’t want the calories and the alcohol clouds my judgment, slows my reaction time and since I live on the edge that’s dangerous for me.

      I like classical music and pop tunes from the 40s and 50s which I use for a lot of my stripper routines. Sex is what I do to relax. Preferably with a gloriously hunky man who knows what to do with his penis to make me gasp and moan in ecstasy, but the occasional woman can be delightful.

      I have no pets right now. A few years ago I had a large cat. He was a male tiger, Caesar, which I slept with (but only after he had been fed). His penis had been declawed when he was small and he had belonged to another woman. We both used him for stud service. It put a totally different meaning to the phrase ‘put a tiger in your tank’. After he bit a keeper I had to give him to a zoo.

  2. Hi, Jill.

    So, reading between the lines, you don't play bingo?

    [Well, no right-thinking person does.]

    Can't say I ever screwed a guy with a barbed (feline) weiner, but I did screw a fisherman from Galveston who had a hook in his cheek.


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