Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bougainvillea, ballet and dolphins

Virgin Gorda Flora

 The photo: Bougainvillea on the walls of my home on virgin Gorda. There are also violet and yellow plants as well and I love that some of it smells like honeysuckle.

Ballet and vacation: It’s a delight to get away where there isn’t someone always wanting a bit of my time and I can relax with almost no responsibilities. The only must is that the girls and I take at least one 90 minute class every morning, At my age I shouldn’t take any time away from the barre as it’s a struggle getting back in shape so it’s a lot easier to just make at least one class per day a normal part of my vacation schedule. As returning readers know I rarely wear slippers, preferring dead pointes or new pointes if I’m breaking in new shoes, for class. That way I keep my feet toughened. I have brought along my Gaynor Mindens to play in, but returning readers will remember that I prefer to train and perform in bespoke Freed Classics which I think, because the shoes have molded to my feet, give me much greater confidence and permit a wider range of expression.

Fertility: I’m CD 14 and ovulated today. I’m still closely enough involved with Bea and Cyndi that they are in menstrual synchrony with me so they are fertile now as well. Cyndi has a stringless GyneFix copper IUD inserted, but Bea and I are dependent on cervical barriers for contraception so we are wearing Suckers as well as Reflexions for dive-sex.

I love my fertile time of the month because all my senses and my creativity are at their height for these few days. Which reminds me that is another thing I love about Freeds, the scent of moist pointes after a hard class; damp leather, fabric, paste, rosin and sweat that makes a unique bouquet with the scent from the bougainvillea on the walls surrounding the protected patio on which we take class.

My studio: I’ve had the studio redesigned and relocated to a patio overlooking North Sound and the Atlantic in the distance. With the roof and the north and east walls of retractable glass the view is stunning - with Prickly Pear Island about two miles off to the north east across North Sound and Baker’s Bay to the south - and the breeze off the ocean is delightful. We take class with our backs to the ocean so we aren’t distracted. I had a fully sprung floor put down on top of the patio stone so there is no worry of training on hard surfaces. In addition to the bougainvillea there are several large Night Blooming Cereus plants below that patio that I hope will bloom while we are here. The large white blossoms are gorgeous and have a strong delightfully sweet woodsy scent.

Recreation: It’s off season with the temps high and occasional showers, but the weather has been great. We have the use of his Grace’s sailboat, the Lusty Lass IV, so we can explore the other islands or have a picnic in a deserted cove or dive the wall a few miles east of the islands. And with the ocean breeze time with a book by the pool is to be treasured. Then there is ballet-sex and dive sex with the guys and even in the rain swimming with the small pod of dolphins or exploring the lava tube on the bottom of the cove below the house are thrills enough for everyone.

Dolphins in the cove: I’m hoping for sex with one of the male dolphins while we’re here. I’ve written about it before and there is a young male of about 250 lbs, I’ve named him Junior, who is the right size.  He doesn’t seem to have a mate and I’ve been swimming with him as much as I can. I think he may be interested in me because he likes bumping me and pushing me toward the cove bottom. By caressing his genital slit I hope I can get him to penetrate me. In earlier dive-sex with ‘freckles’ my former dolphin lover I wore a mask, regulator and used an 80 cu ft tank. I wore an Oves then for flood insurance and even with his prehensile penis Freckles never pulled Oves off my cervix so I should be safe as far as upper reproductive tract protection is concerned.

Dive gear: This time I ‘m a bit better prepared with my dive gear.  I’m using an OTS Guardian FFM and a 130 cu ft HP steel tank. A 130 is far too large to allow rear penetration, but for dive-sex in the ocean I prefer missionary so I can watch my partner to try and avoid accidents. I have a cage guard over the valves at the top of the tank so if I get pushed into coral it won’t damage the valves and first stage. Ever since Anya had her upper arm badly torn several years ago, when a lusty dolphin forced her on to the bottom while trying to breed her, I’ve been wearing a 5mm vintage rubber beavertail jacket (with brass wrist and front zips and brass crotch twist fasteners) and hood to protect my trunk and arms if that happens to me. The twist fasteners allow me to be almost immediate available if a male is interested. I’m hoping that if I use lots of DiveGel and guide him inside me and wrap my legs around his tail my legs should be ok if I’m forced on to the bottom under him. Other reasons I’d like to avoid sex with one of the pods bulls are because their penises are too long and the older ones can have barnacles growing on their skin that can cut as bad as coral if his weight is on a diver.  .

The cove: The bottom where the lava tube collapsed and the aquifer empties into the cove is at about 60 feet and that depression covers around 1200 sq feet while the rest of the cove is an average of 35 feet deep tapering to 120 it the mouth where it empties into the sound. The outflow of cold fresh water is great enough and the aquifer current strong enough that the water in the lava tube depression is mostly fresh causing divers weighted for seawater diving to be a bit over weighted for the less dense cold fresh water in the depression so it’s best to wear a BC to prevent continually adjusting weights. On the bottom of the lava tube depression I’ve had anchors sunk in the rock to attach ankle leash tethers for dive-sex to hold the couple in place in the current.

The other girls and I usually breathe regular air diving the cove, but if I intend to play with Junior I’ll dive Nitrox to extend my depth and bottom time and wear my Scuba Pro Ladyhawk back flotation BC with air2 as well as an inflator hose off an octopus so if something happens to my main air I stand a better chance of getting to the surface. With dolphins you can never be sure what they will do. The nice thing about the back flotation of the Ladyhawk is that it allows me to get closer to my partner to be easily penetrated in missionary.   My cove can be such an exciting place!


  1. Good golly, I envy you, Woman!

    The bougainvillea alone makes the spot a heaven.

    Can't say I've bedded, or even swum (swam? Okay, been in the ocean) with a dolphin. Been nipped in the nethers by a cheeky Mallard, though. I could tell he was up to no good when he winked at me through his sunglasses and then dived.

    "My cove is such an exciting place!"

    Yes, for more than one species (!), but I would respectfully advise you NOT even to consider Brahma bulls. Dear Jill, their foreplay displays NO consideration for a woman's needs, and they never call you next day. [Hmmm. Zactly like my men.]

  2. Esther:

    I must disagree with your last assessment. When I was with my ex, I tried to meet her needs during foreplay, though I might have had a little too much suction on my kisses, but I revved her engines before I went pedal to the metal.


    It seems you are getting very busy out there. What else have you done while in VG?

  3. Jill: regarding your vintage beavertail jacket, doesn't seawater corrode the fasteners?


    1. Hi john, welcome! No the zippers and twist fasteners on my beavertail aren't corroding. I'm not a metallurgist, but I understand there are a number of brass and bronze alloys that won't corrode in seawater. I suppose the makers of my jacket knew what they were doing and used hardware made from one of those.

  4. Hi, Jill,

    There are three adaptations to combat—-three kinds of soldiers. I mean, once you realize you’re not in Kansas, anymore. One second, you’re talking to a farm boy from Nebraska, and the next second chunks of him are in your eyes and mouth, you’re blinded by smoke and flash, and bullets are snapping through the trees. Now what?

    Some guys panic, and stay that way. They’re considered cowards, but that’s not exactly right. Whatever part of the brain chooses fight or flight is simply, for them, programmed for flight. They run until they are killed, or they go mad.

    Most guys---grunts---take it day by day, knowing that their number could be up any time. They count the days, think of the girls at home, do the job well (enough), and get through it with drugs and comradeship. Pretty much like most people, anywhere.

    And then there’s the third---the rare---breed. These guys have no fear. They’re not in it for---nor do they bolster themselves with swill about---God, country, family, and freedom. They’re in it for the hunt. It’s not that they enjoy killing. It’s just the only game in town, and they are exceptionally talented, intelligent, and inventive. They’ve learned to treat and to channel what otherwise would be fear into mastery of danger. Their weapons are not merely tools. They are extensions of the self, and are treated lovingly. They can be quite sociable, but at heart they are loners. They’ll even teach you their craft. But few ordinary grunts have what it takes to follow them all they way into the jungle, where they might be surprised by what they learn about themselves.

    I mean no disrespect (in fact, the point IS respect) when I suggested that you strike me as the third. Much (most?) of your life is a series of dangerous adventures (I mean, I’m not about to f%$# a lady dolphin, even if she does have a shapely tail.). In addition, your essays show attention to details of scene, and even details of your own body, that is found only in the third warrior, who is aware of every movement around him. Well, that was weird.

    1. Hi Stunning, welcome back! I

      will admit to being adventuresome and detail oriented... However, I'm certain that my wanting to fuck a dolphin can not realistically be compared with the bravery and sacrifices our best warriors make in defense of our country. Even so, I think you paid me a huge complement and if that was your intention I thank you for it!

  5. The last time you reported dolphin love, the internet had some secrets. There is a book on the market by a bloke who wrote about his nine month sexual relationship with a female dolphin. Always in shallow water and always on her side. She evidently had an incredible grip.

    Others (some of the sites I visited were far out) all recommended picking smaller animals, as you have, shallow water, which you have not, and having an escape, Have you? More importantly I took a veterinary professor to dinner to talk about some of the stuff I had found. One of her classmates is the lead vet at a dolphin training facility in Southern Europe. I am glad we had privacy for that conversation. She does not allow any women in the water whilst menstrual. No one has documented how dolphins react to human periods but they are very sensitive to the smells of female dolphins and are much more likely to get revved when the females are ovulating. We human women, however, do not experience estrus and our identifying odors would come whilst menstruating. Dolphins, as humans and other higher order apes, do engage in recreational sex as well as procreational sex and frequently masturbate. The latter is usually same sex.

    The dolphin trainers do often masturbate their animals. Mostly human women bringing off male dolphins although masturbating the female dolphins seems quite easy as their clitoris is quite touchable through the slit. The slit shows on both males and females and erection in the males is mostly the slit opening and the prehensile penis emerging rather than enlarging as with ballet dancers.

    I do hope you are careful - the girls, too - and it would be interesting if one your male wards would attempt to seduce a female.

    A note to Stunning: Perseveration is only one of the symptoms of PTSD. I suspect you have others. Please seek some help at a Veteran's Centre or wherever.

  6. I very much appreciate your diagnosis and advice, Doc Brenda! You are GOOD.

    Story telling---again and again and again---to relive in a safe environment with guys who feel the same way, and eventually to assimilate experiences and become desensitized---has been a staple of the group. I know, as you know far better than I, what often happens without that.

    I realize that no one asked, but, given your kind concern, let me say that I no longer feel any panic, reach for weapons that aren't there, have night- or day-mares, or even feel compelled to talk.

    I'm at the point of studying and learning what IT was all about. It belongs to me; I no longer belong to it.

    I'm just a regular guy--he says, blowing a double shot of Jack Daniels through the nose while slaughtering paper dolls with a machete. That hatred of clowns? Well, every one should hate clowns.

    At any rate, my point (at least I believe that was my point) was to suggest that Our Jill has the qualities of the best of the BEST and the baddest of the BAD--as in Leroy Brown bad, when provoked.

    I don't suppose you'd write me a prescription for phenobarb? Kidding.

    Returning to Jill's World, I got fifty bucks says she won't tackle a giant squid.

    1. Hi Stunning,

      >I got fifty bucks says she won't tackle a giant squid

      Actually, I have dived with a large octopus in a private aquarium when I was back east, before I moved to Vegas and my suit was really cut up. I wrote about it when I was blogging on Yahoo more than 5 years ago now.

      I won’t take your bet on diving with a giant squid as it has too many arms, teeth in the suckers and a razor sharp beak that I wouldn’t be able to get away from. So no dive gear would protect me from having it shredded and my mask pulled off. I’m adventuresome, but not suicidal.

  7. In all my years I have never been jealous of a person, I have lived very, very well, but now I am!

  8. Okay, Jill, so banging giant squids is off the table. One understands.

    But you could at least make a ballet number to this. [It doesn't follow, but I had to work it in somehow.]

    Not your usual Pachelbel's Canon, esp at 2:50.

    100, make that 150, I'm that confident---says you can't sit still once Eileen gets her bow cooking.


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