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Autumnal Equinox performance challenges at location Z

Loch Broom; in Scottish Gaelic, Loch Bhraoin, meaning loch of rain showers.

The Photo: The entrance to Loch Broom on a clear day with the mountains in the background where location Z is located.

The weather at Location Z: On the west coast of Scotland a great deal of rainfall occurs, because of the weather coming off the Atlantic. It averages for the year a bit more than 50 inches at Loch Broom, autumn and winter being the wettest seasons. On the east coast the annual rainfall is only about half as much. The average daily maximum temperature for the year is a bit more than 46 °F. Temperatures for January and July are 38 °F and 57 °F respectively so it’s not often even warm in high summer. 

No historical weather data have been compiled for the mountain top on which Loc. Z is located, but Jack says in the year that he’s been working there the site averages 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than Ullapool. Precipitation has been harder to measure since the site is often in the clouds when at sea level it’s dry. And there is almost always a strong wind across the site, making one wonder why the ancients built it there. Perhaps they eventually wondered too and abandoned it for one on a plain with an unobstructed view and better weather. Or perhaps it was originally to worship a Rain Goddess.

The loch of showers: That’s a very appropriate name and one I think fits it better than the alternative suggestion that it was named for the gorse that is so prevalent in the area.  It turned out that there had been torrential rains during the night so when we arrived (in the rain and in mule drawn carriages) at the women’s tent on site we found the forest fall that had been spread around the altars had all been washed away as well as the remaining topsoil around the altars in which the gorse had been growing revealing stone paving dressed and fitted to form flights of low steps to reach the altars and gutters to channel the runoff away from the ceremonial area. It was a good bit more clearing than Jack had done and the stone paving and gutter system tied the entire site together as a single entity that it lacked before.

Once on site the rain did not let up though its presence probably prevented the temperature from falling much further into the 40s. However, the wind chill from the 30 mph with gusts to 40 made it seem as though it was near freezing and I thought hypothermia might be a real possibility. The wind that moaned and howled through holes in the vertical stones seemed to come from every direction and was almost terrifying. It was not good weather to be celebrating on site, but I viewed it as a test of our dedication to the old ways and His Grace agreed with me.

Cycles and servants: As far as our cycles were concerned I was CD3 and bleeding heavily on Sunday (9/22) which is normal for me. The Swan Twins were fertile and wet with FCM, the first time since coming off Beyaz and Bea and Cyndi are luteal. So the tale about women bleeding while around the altars of the site regardless of where they are in their cycles doesn’t seem to apply to concelebrating women. No other local women came up to the altar level, but I had brought along my dresser who came over with us and who has had her tubes tied. She was only two days past her fertile interval and she began to bleed heavily. I had warned her about that possibility and she had brought along her Diva cup so she was prepared, but it does appear that there may be truth in the story that women not participating directly in the religious ceremony will bleed if they are near the altars.

Altar assistance (a function that Jack kept running smoothly) was carried out by the ten young male concelebrants who weren’t otherwise engaged on the altars with their female partners having their turn at the ritual of planting autumn seed. The assistance the men provided was to initially help the women mount their altars and later help the male who had just been drained of his vital fluids off his partner and the altar and back to the men’s tent to rest and rehydrate since at the end of their encounter most of them couldn’t stand by themselves.

.Males and Gales: I was concerned that weather conditions (especially the temperature) would prevent the men from maintaining erections. However, His Grace had already minimized that possibility by ordering that our partners be fortified for the challenge with the performance enhancer Cialis in addition to Gorse brandy. Jack commanded the men’s tent and oversaw their donning robes of red deer skins and administered the Gorse brandy.

His Grace commanded the women’s tent and was fascinated to watch my dresser robe the women (we were all nude under our Red Deer robes) and us putting on Freed Classic pointe shoes, dyed to match our robes. He had insisted that we all bring and wear pointes while on the altars, but ones made with traditional materials, even though there was no equivalent footwear in ancient times. I thought they would be ruined for sure as in the rain the blocks would quickly melt, but as fate would have it our Freeds survived almost unharmed. Shortly before leaving our tent for the altars we all applied 10 ml of DiveGel+ from prefilled disposable vaginal applicators and His Grace served us our portions of Gorse Brandy. Then at 6:50 AM we left our tent to mount the altars for sunrise at 7:06 AM.  

At that moment the wind picked up noticeably and the howling from the wind through stone holes increased considerably in volume. The rain stopped and the clouds lifted just off the site and raced overhead. It was like walking into the wind from an industrial fan to get to the altars.  By the time we staggered the twenty yards to the altar site the wind had blown them dry. I was afraid for Odile that she would be blown off the north altar and over the cliff, but the altar is positioned so that it is protected from the wind except from the north which if she was blown off by a north wind it would toss her against the north end of the primary altar so from that perspective (in theory) she was relatively safe and she fearlessly mounted and lay waiting for her first man.

Once all the women were on our altars the wind almost stopped and the holey stone moans stopped entirely.  It was eerily quiet.  While the rain and wind had stopped there was no break in the cloud cover and no sunrise to be seen as we kept on schedule and (according to Jack who was acting as master of ceremonies) the first male penetration on all five altars occurred exactly at sunrise, 7:06 AM.

Donald: My first partner was Donald a strapping lad of 13 who was amazingly well endowed for someone his age. He was such a sweet boy, who had learned about sex from his older brother and an obliging ewe. By all accounts I was his first penile/vaginal sex with a woman. He had never seen hairless pubes on an adult woman and so was fascinated by the sight of my waxed vulva. At first he thought from my size, my face in deep shadow and being hairless I was younger than he was and wouldn’t mount me, which I first thought endearing until I realized his balking might throw the ceremony off schedule. So I spoke to him in my most dominating tone of voice and he quickly mounted me and properly positioned we waited for 7:06 AM.

He had older and younger sisters and knew what a very young girl looks like as well as having seen his older sister’s bikini trimmed bush. I told him I was menstrual and he said he’d taken bleeding ewes so blood was no problem if I felt OK and asked if I wanted him to use a condom. He said his sister didn’t want to be around her boyfriend when she was bleeding. I said it was important for this ceremony that he not use a condom as the purpose was to have him plant his seed as deep in me as he could. He was so pleased as he like most men hates condoms.

He lacked technique, but made up for it in energy, short recycle time and enthusiasm so that he got off four times in twenty minutes, the last two times I ripple gripped him while I was breastfeeding him. Who knew that he was fond of breast milk! I asked where he developed the taste and he told me he had a nursing relationship with his grandmother who he is helping stay fresh as she works sometimes as a wet-nurse. What a darling boy! He had to be helped off me the last time and was smiling as two of his friends helped him stagger away. 

Afterward: It took us about two and a half hours to finish our work on the altars after which the Red Deer rug I was lying on was sodden with my menstrual flow, arousal lube, DiveGel and my partner’s semen. All my encounters, the three initiates as well as Jack and His Grace, and the other altar girls altar encounters went w/o incident and the clouds scudded just a few feet above the site with no sign of the sun. The altar rugs with the celebrant’s fluids were collected and taken back to the lodge to be ritually burnt as would the Freed pointes we had worn while on the altars.

Then as we were in the carriages returning to the hunting lodge the rain and wind came again. By early afternoon we were back at the lodge and the sun was out briefly. We all had naps after long hot soaking baths. Before dinner we participated in the burning of the altar rugs and shoes throwing the Freeds we had worn and the deerskin rugs we had lain on onto a bonfire in propitiation for any offenses against the Goddesses we may have been guilty of, such as wearing pointes on the altars which I was very skeptical about. His Grace’s staff sets a marvelous table and we all sat down to a delicious evening celebratory meal of rack of lamb with the newly initiated boys before they were taken home to their families.

Given the girls fatigue from cold and exertion and because getting a helicopter in with the gale force winds would have been difficult we decided to stay over another day and leave for home on Tuesday the 24th. It’s now 6:30 AM here and the helicopter is coming for us at about 7:30 AM. So after I post this I’m going down to breakfast. If His Grace wants to celebrate the Winter Solstice at location Z we may have to do it in parkas and snowshoes. 


  1. Lovely picture from the Minch by the Summer Isles of the entrance to Loch Broom. Your translation from Scots Gallic to English is accurate and may be real but we locals (as I was) still claim the name comes from the yellow hills of broom covering both north and south hills in Springtime. The difference in the weather we experienced is not at all unusual. At Calanish, West shore of the Lewis, we were a few metres above sea level and you could have been as high 1000 metres. The hills in the picture are fifty kilometres from where the picture was taken. In Calanish, we had clear skies and temperatures in the fifties (Fahrenheit). Quite comfortable in robes. When mine was open, I was covered by the male participant and his robes. Our fish roast was outside and my mum's former house a twenty minute drive. I have returned to Germany and have meetings the rest of the week in Sofia.

    On the Hebrides we receive much rain but just as much passes over us and piles up against the mountains. It is rainy and cloudy most of the time but those clear days are glorious. The few roads in the mountain you were trodding are the sites for some of the most spectacular mountain climbing races in cycling and are the training areas for some Tour de France competitors. Not as high as the races in the Alps and Pyrenees, but generally steeper. I stopped those for myself after going through a guard rail and landing fifteen metres down the hill with my all carbon Trek exploding. It is amazing what such a strong material does when it breaks. It was all gathered up by the Trek company and shipped to the States for analysis. I had an advanced case of road rash but nothing broken - other than kit.

    I am glad that you enjoyed our miserable weather and had a successful celebration. Prey, what is the present role of the local crofter who participated in your ceremony?

    1. Hi Brenda, I’m so pleased you were able to celebrate the equinox at familiar and family locations and had decent weather as well.

      >Prey, what is the present role of the local crofter who participated in your ceremony?

      You are asking about Donald, my 13 y/o, right? What a darling boy! He has great potential and skill in wielding his sword as well as having the stamina of an ox, a marvelously sculptured body for his age, is graceful and quick on his feet, has a winning personality, a great sense of humor and a desire to please. I’ve spoken to His Grace about getting him into an intense regimen of private ballet training for 6 months to a year before mainstreaming him in a ballet school somewhere in the UK. As strong and graceful as he is he should be able to pick up ballet technique quickly and the training and discipline would be excellent for him.

  2. One thing I'm wondering about is why did you use kids so young in the ritual? Is there some reason why you had teen-aged boys, mostly not of the age of consent? I would've liked to have seen more about the other two initiates.

    1. Hi Eric,

      >Is there some reason why you had teen-aged boys, mostly not of the age of consent?

      It is the male participants potential not their age that is the reason for their selection to participate in the planting of seed. Donald seems the most likely of that group to progress to the priesthood if carefully trained.


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