Saturday, September 7, 2013

Semen expulsion techniques, Agent Orange

Pretty pussy: Ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille

The photo: Even with shaved or waxed pubes a working girl or wannabe needs a catsuit with a silicone coated relief zipper to prevent getting delicate tissues caught in the teeth when suiting up, on a potty break or during a penetrative encounter. An industrial zipper with micro teeth is used on elite level latex catsuits to allow the zipper and its protective tongue – to separate the zipper teeth from delicate labia tissue - to fit into the wearer’s pudendal cleft to produce camel-toe, in relative comfort.

Guys would be amazed to know how many novices try wearing a rubber bodysuit with a relief zipper w/o shaving their pubes and get in trouble. The women’s lounges at fetish clubs are full of them with stuck zippers and nail scissors trying to cut themselves free. Or worse getting delicate labia tissue pinched in the zipper by being too quick zipping up. Even wearing a thong under the catsuit doesn’t totally solve the problem while introducing thong lines that detract from the woman’s natural pelvic lines and can be easily seen by knowledgeable clients thus branding the wearer a novice.

Semen expulsion techniques: A seldom discussed benefit of tightening the vaginal muscles with Ben Wa balls is that a woman can expel most of a partner’s semen by clenching her muscles to squeeze the fluid out. Some of us can do that with such force that the discharge will squirt several feet enough to splatter a lover’s chest or face if he’s about to go down on you.  You can’t get it all, at least at first if he spewed ejaculate into your fornices, but after it liquefies a woman with strong muscles and the ability to clench them tightly should be able to expel nearly all of his semen. And, strangely having a diaphragm inserted doesn’t seem to affect the percentage of semen, spermicide and the woman’s natural lube expelled. I’ll use a Puffs tissue to catch the discharge then depending on where I am flush it down the toilet or put it in my purse to dispose of later. If possible I try to urinate after sex to flush out my urethra. Otherwise a girl is more likely to get a UTI from a partner forcing bacteria up her urethra.   

Actually, wearing a Reflexions latex diaphragm gives the coitial discharge an added natural rubber taste and scent, which more and more fetishists seem to enjoy.  I wondered how they learned about the taste and scent of a latex diaphragm marinated in a woman’s natural fluids until during pillow talk a partner my age told me how he learned. It was from his grandfather, who took him on hunting trips. After a few drinks and pledging him to secrecy his granddad would regaling him with stories of the amazing taste of his wife’s diaphragm, but I don't suppose that's typical. Or is it?  I suppose that must be part of male bonding, right? Or, perhaps that was just an old tipsy man recalling fond memories. Whatever the reason, there has been a significant increase in interest from young male clients to have their escorts wear latex diaphragms which in turn has led to a rubber renaissance as far as diaphragm usage is concerned.

Agent Orange: I’ve had several enquiries from concerned readers about the health of Agent Orange and the status of the mission she was training for. She’s still in guarded condition with aspiration pneumonia from the vomit in her lungs and she’s going to have to have a rotary cuff repair on her right shoulder (her dominant arm) when she’s well enough. I don’t know why there were no medical checks run ahead of time; its standard practice in my classes to have women take a pregnancy test once a week while diving. Checking her hCG would have prevented the near tragedy that ensued. She’s lucky to be alive! I was never told why there was no knowledgeable woman diver or government doctor involved. Either one would have known to check for pregnancy. Perhaps it was sequester cuts or an urge to limit the number of people involved. Adolph called for a doctor as soon as he saw her in trouble. The HB chamber is in the basement of the private hospital next door and connected to the deep water training facility by a tunnel (which is probably why his facility was chosen) so by the time AO was on the surface a civilian MD was there and they rolled her and the male divers into the HB chamber right away.

If she’d had even a half-ass medical briefing before hand a preg test would have been routine and none of that would have happened! I just think she really wanted to prove herself. You know women still have to do twice as much as a man to be considered half as good. I think she was just trying to work her way into the old boys club of secret ops. The only reason she got chosen was they needed someone with a vagina and she also had a head-turning rack.  The whole mission had to be scrapped and rethought because what happened got all over the hospital or I wouldn’t be writing about it now.


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  1. Hi, Jill,

    I must have what they call "issues." I just don't find the vag area at all beautiful, as do some of my lady pals.

    "Look at these lips, Esther."

    "Kindly get those mud flaps outa my face."

    And the male equipage is frankly creepy.

    "No, I don't think you have a lovely rod. I think you have a perfectly foul rod."

    Maybe I was freaked out at the monkey house as a kid.

    I love women's beautiful breasts and faces, and a man's chiseled features.

    Between the desire and the spasm...
    Between the idea and the reality...
    falls the shadow.
    [T.S. Eliot]

    Yet, I adore sex. Go figger.


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