Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cum sluts and conventional morality

Male spoor from an arboretum encounter

Cyndi and the swan twin’s reputations: As first year students at UNLV the girls are already the object of considerable interest to returning male upper classmen. Perhaps that’s because of their looks, but more likely because of their sophistication as they seem far more worldly than most forth year women on campus. Scholastically their course material shouldn’t be a problem as they are astoundingly bright and can dazzle in class w/o lording it over their fellow students. It’s learning to successfully avoid the rocks and shoals of conventional morality while leading far different private lives that can be tricky. That is where their feminine wiles will stand them in such good stead.

While I’m training them in the skills of fetish escorts and they go bareback with their male trainers in my classes they absolutely must use condoms for STI protection and limit their partners at school or they will quickly be considered cum-sluts. They already have far better pelvic technique than most other women at their school (A few professional escorts are enrolled there as well.) and shouldn’t flaunt it, but when they take lovers at UNLV the men will almost certainly brag to their buds about “the amazingly tight girlfriend I have”. Limiting their UNLV partners has, so far, not been a problem as all three love being in demand and are reveling in being pursued socially while withholding their favors until they get to know their suitors better. Some of their girlfriends are already jealous because the twins cause men to stop and stare. Of course they have been on campus only two weeks and the swan twins just having come off Beyaz have only now become fertile and are experiencing the surge of hormones that makes many of us, especially young very fertile women, desperate for a man. With that in mind I’m making sure that they have an assortment of sizes of Japanese super-sheer latex condoms in their purses so when the time comes they can tell the lucky men, “no glove no love” and mean it.

The Duke arrives: The old bull has come out to inspect his granddaughter’s, Cyndi’s, living conditions and school. He can’t understand why she is studying since a gap year generally means the student takes a break from studying before moving on to university. Since Cyndi lives with me her living conditions are luxurious, compared to student housing so that’s no problem. The University admin is falling all over themselves being nice to him hoping for some financial support, like him endowing a chair in one of the arts or sciences. That’s very unlikely as even though he’s English he’s every bit as parsimonious as a Scotsman. He came west on Limnaea, my G550, which stopped in Edinburgh for him as well as Jack (Viscount Sandbach) his son. At Dulles they refueled and picked up Fiona, Cyndi’s mom, who brought along her BoyToy (Maj. Colin Tree) so I’ve been draining English semen for the last few days and loving it!

His Grace knows my drill if he wants bareback sex so he arrived with a recent negative full STI panel and a semen analysis which shows that at his age he is still quite potent, a fact of which he’s very proud. So none of his female admirers should think he is shooting blanks and protect themselves accordingly. However, the old bull does use a performance enhancing medication to make sure his body can keep up with his libido. Jack is sleeping with me, Fiona with Colon and my four girls Bea, Cyndi, Odette and Odile each have their own small suites and they sleep with their trainers as part of their escort training.  

His Grace has his own large suite in which he entertains a different fetish escort every night. His routine is the same. The flavor-of-the-day first gives him oral (and swallows) to take the edge off and make him last at least long enough that she might have an orgasm. After which she helps him into a securely fitting condom. Then after helping him insert himself (he has a marvelously thick shaft) she squeezes him so tight his pre-ejaculate is pushed out of the tip and around his shaft after which she can easily pull the condom off and he finishes bareback coating her cervix with semen. He just loves that they can pull a properly fitting condom off while he is erect and hard! I didn’t think the swan twins have that strong a grip yet and they are jealous of Bea because she is only 16 and can already do it easily. That has turned out to be an amazing motivator for the twins to do their pelvic exercises.

Having John’s father in residence is one of the few times I like to use my large dining room table, heavy linen tablecloths and the good china and silver. I brought in kitchen and serving staff (working for me on their own time) from the casino’s exclusive restaurant so that we can all enjoy meals together. And invite dinner guests like Anya who is in town and Chris (our Gyn), Pirate (who runs our escort service) and Adolph (who owns the deep water training facility). The guys bring along some of our casinos best fetish escorts, as dinner partners/arm candy to show them off to His Grace so Himself can select a partner for the evening.

His Grace And the swan twins: The old bull loves the thrill of getting off inside gorgeous teens in public places while avoiding getting caught so I had already warned the twins that he might be interested in getting to know them biblically in public and they found the prospect exciting, especially Odile who like me has a thing for risky sex. They both have had no discomfort or bleeding from their GyneFix placements on Saturday (September 7th) and when they were introduced to His Grace he took an immediate liking to them. A day or two later he asked Odile (who had been chatting him up at every opportunity) if she would show him the University Arboretum as he said he was interested to see the desert flora on display. Having been warned about his interest she was prepared. She gladly accepted and off they went.

Before they left I made sure she had some large super-sheer condoms and was wearing a party panty (a thong with an absorbent gusset) under her short sage jersey skirt and a lighter sheer sage silk blouse that allowed her to blend in with the shrubbery. She was barelegged and wore old sage dyed Gaynor pointes as I’d told her the old bull is fond of women in toe-shoes. I wasn’t sure how she would do being taken from behind which is his fave position as she had only been taken in that position while en pointe by her trainers. I made sure she was wearing toe-pads with her Gaynors which with the internal platform padding I hoped would protect her from thrust-drop. But Himself gets off quickly and is usually interested in his own pleasure not his partner’s so I thought in GMs she could probably stay on her toes until he came in her.

I was right. When they came back he was very pleased and even after doing SETs (Kegels to expel his semen) she was still draining ejaculate into the gusset of her party thong. He’d had her roll a condom on to him to see if her grip was strong enough to pull it off. And amazingly it was! It was her first time pulling a condom off a man other than one of her trainers and she was so excited about that! But she didn’t orgasm which left her frustrated. She was able to pull his condom off probably because on pointe her pelvic muscles were naturally clenched so any additional tightening, and she did have strong vaginal contractions that were maddeningly short of climax, was enough to force his pre-ejaculate down along the inside of the condom so he slipped out of it.

Iced toes and masturbation: When she went to freshen up I went with her and iced her feet to reduce the swelling from prolonged pointework. But first she squatted pushed down and with two fingers reached in and pulled out the condom that had been forced into her posterior fornix after he had slipped out of it. While she iced her toes she took a few minutes to quickly masturbate to orgasm using her Hitachi Magic Wand so she could release the blood still pooled in her pelvis because she had not been sexually satisfied and left uncomfortably bloated and frustrated.

She said that in the small clearings surrounded by thick shrubbery where she took him there were condoms and tampons littering the ground and bushes. The ground was still sodden in places from the showers we have had for the last few days, though the really heavy rains were well to the east of us. Her Gaynor pointes were a muddy mess, but the blocks and shanks came through undamaged and the ribbons and stitching held though the sage satin is now the color of sand.  Knowing he often leaves his partner’s unsatisfied I’d suggested she give herself a clitoral orgasm while he was taking her from behind, but she said she didn’t dare because they were almost seen by student couples and she couldn’t chance them hearing her moan or cry out in ecstasy. After showering she rejoined us and she was fine. Odette is now looking forward to her turn with Himself.


  1. Looks like Odile had herself a pretty good time with His Grace. I think she was right to not get herself off with witnesses. Let him have all the fun at that time.

    Sometime soon, Jill, I'm going to send you a private email with a personal update...

  2. Hi, Jill!

    As a loyal sister of the working classes (Daddy was a ferrier at a ranch the size of Rhode Island; I rode the horses when I wasn't being ridden by the cowboys; and Momma had a superb squeezebox), I hope that, since you refer to members of the British aristocracy (who haven't been aristoi since Queen Eliz. I was a lass) by their titles, you require that they show similar respect to you.

    After all, we saved their precious isle at least twice, and never got even a thank you note.

    Envisioned as follows.

    "Hello, Jill, My Dear," says Lord Chinless in that goggle-eyed way that speaks of diminished capacity.

    "Don't Hello, Jill, My Dear me, bucktoothed closet poof. Kindly address me as Captain Jill, Mistress of Mayhem, Empress of All Things Balletical and Heretical. (see suggested titles of autobio in an earlier comment.) And please inform your Lady of same."


    "Your wife. The one with a face like a dray horse after a hard day. The one outfitted in loathsome tweeds. The one wearing a saddle strapped to her fulsome rear. The one who races for the oat bag at the sound of the feed gong."

    Like that, I mean.

    [No offense to real British aristocrats, such as Mick Jagger, Richard Burton, and Dame Margot Fonteyn.]


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