Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Deflowering the twins:

A fetish escort’s must-haves GM pointes and a Reflexions latex FS diaphragm

Fetish escorts: The economy is back in full swing; at least for the segment of the entertainment industry that supplies elite fetish escorts. We’ve been noticing an increase in interest in girls into kinky things at the elite level of beauty, education and physical skills and so we have revised our training program to concentrate on providing lovely well trained girls to fill that need. This means we have become even more selective in choosing fetish escort candidates. We are looking only for ballet bodies and training, both men and women. The classes will be smaller, longer and more challenging for the candidates to successfully complete, but they will be much better prepared to provide every client far more intense experiences than in the past.

Saying that I’m looking for ballet bodies doesn’t mean I’m against other body types it’s just that’s where the demand is right now. There are plenty of show-girl intimate training courses out here for statuesque generously proportioned girls, but our school isn’t one of them.

Escort training:  Odette and Odile have been to the Gyn for pelvic exams, serum pregnancy and full panel STI tests to establish a base line for their sexual health during their college years while they are in my care. They have deep post-pubic vaults and healthy and ideally positioned cervixes. In additional to sexual health the girls were given full phys exams including stress tests and echocardiograms to make sure there where no heart defects as the training can be quite stressful at times. In addition to thorough medical screening I had Gepetto’s custom shop measure the twins for Penetrator plugs that are custom fitted to each woman’s pelvic anatomy. And they have been equipped with fetish escort quality slit kits to cover almost every need.

Having successfully gotten this fat I’ve started them on some training preliminaries, like increasing the weight of their Ben Wa sets from the one inch diameter solid Pyrex glass balls weighing .65 oz each (for a total of 1.3 oz the set) that they have been using,  to one inch solid steel balls. Each one inch diameter solid surgical stainless steel ball weighs 2.307 oz. for a total of 4.6 oz when both are inserted. I call them my “McBalls”, as they are a quarter-pounder! They still wear the one inch glass balls to UNLV, but when home and for my ballet classes they wear their McBalls. Learning to pee and defecate with balls inserted is always tricky, but they mastered that challenge quickly so I’m very pleased.

I’m also pleased to say they are dropping them much less frequently than when they first got the McBalls a week ago, though they have to remove them for an hour or so occasionally to prevent severe cramping. The one inch steelies can really tighten a girl’s grip with just a few weeks of intense training and there is just a bit more maintenance with steel than glass. The balls need to be washed, dried  and coated with an intimate silicone lube (DiveGel+ in the case of the twins) before insertion (which makes them even harder to grip) to prevent the acidic vaginal pH from corroding them over time.

I’m also having them take a ninety minute ballet class 7 days a week primarily to strengthen their feet and legs for ballet-sex. Returning readers will remember that the purest form of that to my way of thinking is being penetrated from behind while sur les pointes a la seconde. Given that women in my circle typically like at least 20 – 25 minutes of foreplay and penetrative pleasure before reaching orgasm my goal is to have the twins comfortable while continuously en pointe for at least 30 minutes.   

So I’m having them wear GM pointes all the time they aren’t at UNLV and walk around sur les pointes as much as possible to strengthen and toughen their feet. They are doing that so much that I’m having them wear negative heel shoes to UNLV to keep their hamstrings stretched. Odette, the one with the submissive nature, does what I tell her to please me. Odile, the dominant and masochistic one, does what I tell her because she enjoys the discomfort and challenge. I think she is very much like me when I was her age. And of course they are wearing their 65 mm Reflexions FS cervical barriers with DiveGel+ (although they are still faithfully taking Beyaz BCPs) at all times to get used to the increased confidence wearing a cervical barrier can bring a sexually active woman. When I put them in training classes they will wear bright blue turtleneck thong-backed leos with pink tights over them to distinguish them from the IRL fetish escort trainees. That way the girls who are training to be IRL escorts will know I don’t intend the twins to hold the class back.

Deflowering the twins: I’m certain now that neither of the girls has been penetrated by a penis. They do lie to me about little things, but as yet don’t do it well enough to fool me about something as important as their virginity. Every woman remembers her first man. I was 14 and taken by a 16 y/o, another ballet student, while we were sunbathing on the roof of my dorm at ballet school in up-state NY.  So I want their experience to be safe fun and immensely pleasurable. Their pelvic exams showed no residual hymeneal tissue and there has been no discomfort when their hymeneal rings at the introitus were stretched to insert and open a speculum so there is nothing to impede a penetrating penis or even a partner inserting his or her fist. And as I’ve mentioned the girls have been inserting tampons, dildos, diaphragms, Ben Wa balls and riding a Sybian with no problems.

I hadn’t decided about which man or men would have the gift of their virginity until I realized I had the perfect man already available.  I don’t know what took me so long to realize I was right all along in leaning toward letting Chris (our male Gyn) have the pleasure and the responsibility and I knew that with all the attractive men in close proximity at UNLV I was going to have to decide soon or the girls would choose for themselves.

Chris is gentle and is an amazingly skilled lover who can determine exactly what a girl wants (or needs) and gives it to her with such energy and élan that she can hardly breathe from the strength of her orgasmic contractions. Returning readers will recall that Chris conducted the twin’s pelvic exams on Virgin Gorda and again here to establish their UNLV baseline values so they were already familiar and comfortable with him.  I’m hoping that being at UNLV will minimize the possibility of their becoming sexually fixated on Chris. I think there should be enough eligible suitors competing for their attention that they won’t develop a strong attachment to Chris as a permanent lover as Cyndi did while attending St Lucy’s, an all girls prep-school. Fortunately Cyndi has begun to outgrow her strong physical attraction to Chris, much to Chris’ and my relief. We are hoping her increasing interest in lovers other than Chris will accelerate now that she is at UNLV and has access to that pool of young attractive males.

And so it was that each of the twins was scheduled individually to see Chris today ostensibly for a re-check of their Reflexions fit and each was accompanied by one of my female security staff.  Its Labor Day here in the U.S. and UNLV is on academic recess. Chris had blocked out an hour for each exam which turned out to be just enough time. The exam rooms are soundproof and the security cam (to protect the medical staff against false charges of molestation) was on so I could watch and listen on a remote link from home. Each girl emptied her bowels and bladder before the exam began. She was tested for pregnancy as well as a finger prick to test for the progestin (drospirenone) levels to see if the contraceptive hormones were at the required level to prevent ovulation, in case he could take her bareback.  He was so gentle that before each girl realized what was happening he had her Reflections in his hand, set it in the exam tray and was so skillfully caressed the shaft of her clitoris that she was moaning and dripping wet with her labia engorged and parted before he even inserted a finger.  He asked if she wanted him to wear a condom and she murmured, “no”.  

He raised the exam table to the height of his pelvis and she guided him to her introitus. While keeping a gentle pressure from his glistening dripping glans gently against her introitus he raised the head of the table until she was sitting up and could put her arms around his back. Then had her raise her legs and swung away the stirrups and had her wrap her legs tightly around his waist locking him against her, told her to relax and asked if she was ready. She whispered in his ear, “yes”, which was easily picked up by the mike concealed in the medical lighting fixture above the table. Only then did he enter her, fully penetrating her in a single long smooth stroke that ended with his tip in her posterior fornix. She gasped in delight and he began his thrusting at a rate of about one per second.

Odette had gone first and she had been wound so tight that she began having orgasms in less than ten minutes. Once started they built to frantic G-spot orgasms where her back was arched, her contractions around his penis severe and she screamed, mewed and moaned between gasps for air as she clawed at his back with her nails. Not knowing what to expect Chris had worn a medical coat with a thick leather lining on the back to prevent his back being badly slashed by a partner in orgasmic ecstasy.   While he had scheduled an hour Odette was exhausted within half that time and fainted after her fifth major G-spot orgasm. The remainder of the time she was recovering her composure and strength to be able to be helped to the car by her minder.

Odile’s encounter with Chris this afternoon was virtually identical including her passing out after a half hour of extremely intense sexual pleasure. I think the main lesson the twins got from their virginity trysts with Chris was that men can be far, far more fun than toys, but there can be complications involved. Odile too is a slasher during orgasms so both girls should wear gloves when with a lover whose back is unprotected unless she intends to cut him up. So that’s another Item I can cross off my to-do list and can sleep well knowing that the Swan Twins have been introduced to the very best in heterosexual sex.


  1. " Odile too is a slasher during orgasms so both girls should wear gloves when with a lover whose back is unprotected unless she intends to cut him up."

    I know the feeling! My wife keeps her nails trimmed very short...but she is STRONG. Her nails aren't long enough to leave scratches, but she has squeezed my shoulders hard enough to leave bruises!


    PS--Are you mentoring FOUR girls, now? I recall the twins, Cyndi, and Bea.

    1. Hi John, thanks for the feedback. Yes, four at the moment. They are all such beautiful young women. Someone needed to take them in hand to guide them especially in effective techniques of feminine competition. I try to do what I can.


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