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An intimate relationship with ewes

A highland relationship - Scottish Blackface Sheep

The weather: We made the trip safely landing in Edinburgh and taking a helicopter to His Grace’s hunting lodge in the mountains to the east of Ullapool. The weather here at the lodge is very cool, in the mid 50s F with a brisk wind and light to heavy rain.  The forecast for tomorrow, Sunday September 22 is about the same, but at a much higher elevation it will be colder so it looks like the girls and I are going to perform while soaking wet, unless there is divine intervention. The thought of being cold and wet again brings to mind how delightful it would be to wear a swimskin, but a few sips of The Old Bull’s Gorse brandy before ‘Showtime’ and the stack of soft waterproof blankets made of red deer skins should take care of the cold, for a while at least. We are all going to bed very early tonight as we are still jet-lagged and have to get up at 4:00 AM to have our buns on the altars at sunrise, which is at 7:06 AM.

A complication: Chris, our male Gyn who travels with us, had gone on ahead to the hunting lodge in the hills overlooking Loch Broom. There he met Taryn who cut classes at Cambridge to join him and they met with the Dukes Veterinarian who looks after the flocks of Scottish\h Blackface sheep he raises for their wool, which goes into making Harris Tweed, and meat.  The most delicious rack of lamb is served at His Grace’s table!

Chris was sent ahead to check the sexual health of the boys (13 to 18 years of age) who had been chosen as candidates to be seed planters in celebration of the Autumnal Equinox. There were 20 candidates, all from his Grace’s extensive sheep farming operations in old Wester Ross-Shire. Three of the candidates, two 17 and an 18 y/o, all from the same farm, tested positive for Chlamydia C. abortus.  The chlamydia bacteria are zoonotic. It can be spread to other species including goats, cattle and occasionally humans. C. abortus is the most virulent strain and so while being treated with antibiotics and recovering the boys were out of contention for seed planting on an altar at Location Z on the equinox

Spew in a ewe: More worrying for them however, is the very real possibility of losing their jobs because of transmitting Chlamydia to His Grace’s ewes which can kill their lambs.  Not because they were fucking ewes, which Jack says is common on sheep farms in the Highlands, but because they rode bareback when they were told to wear condoms. Being tight and with a body temperature of 102 – 103 degrees F Jack (speaking from experience) says a ewe makes a delightfully tight warm fuck and there’s no danger of having to pay child support, though the smell leaves something to be desired. I couldn’t really be upset with him, as sheep fucking is something of a male right of passage in the farming communities in the Highlands. Not to mention that I’ve had sex with a Great Dane, a tiger and several dolphins so I couldn’t honestly be upset with him for taking his pleasure where he found it in remote locations w/o women.

Now that chlamydial abortion has been diagnosed the entire flock is being treated with tetracycline. Fortunately the outbreak occurred in the smallest of the flocks so is thought to be isolated and well contained.  Human cases of C. abortus always involve pregnant women, most of whom will miscarry. Of course my circle and I all test to make certain we aren’t pregnant. Even though we all use DiveGel+ with a biocide that should kill the Chlamydia bacteria and we know our partners are clean it’s still scary to know that we could have an STI bacteria deposited in some of us if we hadn’t been pro-active about STI testing since we need to take our equinox altar partners bareback.  

Partner distribution: Two other candidates had minor injuries from recent farm related accidents that made them ineligible this year so we were left with fifteen healthy participating males. The plan is that we make an equal distribution over the five (one principal and four cardinal compass point secondary) altars which will give us three each. I’m taking the youngest, the two thirteen and one fourteen y/os. Bea gets the three fifteen y/os and Cyndi and the twins share the seventeen and eighteen y/os. If any of the girls can’t handle three I’ll take the ones they can’t accommodate and Jack and if the Old Bull feels up to it I’ll service him as well.

Hoods from hares: The Mountain Hare (Lepus timidus) is Britain's only native member of the rabbit/hare group. The women of the village supporting His Grace’s hunting lodge have made rabbit fur hoods with attached capes over the neck, throat and shoulders, for all the visiting altar girls, from the white winter coats of the Mountain Hare. They are beautifully made delightfully warm and were fitted individually over our hair after we arrived. They are ceremonial altar clothing for warmth and head protection while being repeatedly inseminated on behalf of the earth goddess at sunrise on celestially important occasions when ritual seed planting is called for.

The Swan twins, an update: Odette and Odile seem to have adjusted well to their GyneFix IUDs with no pain or spotting after the initial two day discomfort from having the knot buried in the fundus. The day before we left Odette showed Himself the main library at UNLV one evening and was taken (from behind while she was sur les pointes a la seconde in the stacks where she had gotten a job shelf reading. She wore a ball-gag to minimize the noise a brown long sleeve turtleneck thong back leo with matching brown 50 denier tights over the leo for immediate access and brown suede tipped GM pointes for traction on the polished floors as well as to deaden the sound when the old bull repeatedly thrust dropped her. The color of her clothing made her nearly invisible in the low lighting in the stacks. 

It was a simple matter for Himself to pull her tights down and when she bent over and held on to the metal shelving he slipped the thong to one side, spread her lips and inserted himself bareback with a single stroke that completely filled her and rammed her cervix she moaned and tears ran from her eyes.  She was very excited to have him thrusting into her cervix and he actually gave her an orgasm before shooting his load to coat her cervix with his thick creamy semen. Afterward she unbuckled her ball gag, pulled it out and was gasping for breath as she Kegeled out most of his ejaculate. She adjusted her thong, pulled up her tights and the rest of their coitial discharge drained into the thong of her leo and the absorbent crotch grommet of her tights as they walked back to her car.

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  1. The equinox arrived at 2004 GMT on the twentieth and the priest entered me at that very moment purifying me for the six cohorts to follow. We do not include the youngest, and seventh, cohort at the the equinox, only at the two solstice. We celebrated at Callanish (Calanais) this year. That is only several miles, and a ferry ride, from where I grew up in the Hebrides. For the season, the weather was glorious; I hope the same held for you, Jill, some 1000 metres higher. It was cool but not as damp as usual. The altar was set up among the stones which, unlike most standing stones in the UK, are in multiple rings with a stone in the center. This is one of the identifying characteristics of Pictish sites, though the goddesses invoked are from all seven Celtic Nations. Only one of our own goddess names has been recorded as the Pictish language, usually written in Ogham and sometimes runes, has never been translated. We do need a Celtic Rosetta Stone!

    Without the youngest generation male to transfer the collected semen from in me to the young woman who immediately enters training as a goddess, I always feel a bit incomplete. We had a very small group and a young man and woman who had been inducted five years ago were present. With the priest's acquiesence. I invited him to take me and then join with the young woman whom he had not seen for five years. Her mother was overjoyed as it gave the young woman wonderful exposure and a chance to get feedback on her performance. The three of us then retreated to a home still owned by my mother on Uist, vacant save for an aging couple who care for the place. They were delighted with the visit as I had not returned since moving to Germany three years ago and my mother and aunt are no longer spending summers there.

    It amazed me, once again, that a nineteen year old boy made thirteen rounds, seven in me, though the last was oral. I also introduced the young lady to some of the secrets of woman love. He was very attentive as we two women satisfied one another learning a bit more about reading a woman's response. He shall make a good priest and I believe she is on her way to representing our goddess well. She has not yet spent her time as a temple prostitute, taking on any comers, and is not looking forward to it. She was quite surprised that I still volunteer in that role yearly because as a goddess it is no longer required of me.

    We had neither diseased sheep nor diseased crofters to deal with. You had a much more exciting visit. I did not visit Ullapool this trip but traveled both ways across Skye and flew in and out of Glasgow.


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