Friday, November 1, 2013

Odette and Odile at the Boot Bar

Commercial lace-up boots too large for the wearer

The photo: A pair of calf length eyelet and hook lace-ups that is too large for the wearer. The eyelet lacing over the instep has no room to be tightened more as the wearer’s foot changes shape. As a work-around she could wear heavy sox to give her feet more volume to get the eyelet laces tighter across her instep. The toe of her boot has also been damaged giving some indication that the toe-box will probably collapse if the wearer tries standing in them for very long.

The twins go clubbing: With defensive lessons from Yardley well learned Cyndi, Yardley and I took the twins boot clubbing for their first time. I had intended to start at Naughty’s Boot Bar, but Yardley suggested we try another boot club first as it was supposed to cater to newbies initially strutting their stuff. Since it was supposed to have a Goody-Two-Shoes reputation I thought that was going to be a bit tame given the twins background even though they were new to ballet heels, but we could give it a try and move on. There is a sort of uniform for women frequenting boot clubs here, not that there are many of us, but there are a lot of wannabes most of whom make fools of themselves or show a flash of talent and then disappear. The uniform is no panties, black fishnet tights with an absorbent crotch gusset, black ballet boots and a black sports bra under a fitted black leather jacket. I wear a front closure Champion so I can breast feed while I’m clubbing. Most of us wear toe pads under sheer nylon anklets over our fishnets to make the boots easier to get on. Platform and flexed forefoot boots aren’t considered ballet boots (true BB must have the foot and toes pointed in the boot) and if they are worn to boot clubs the wearer is ridiculed unmercifully so she leaves soon after arriving.

We intentionally avoided the bikers clubs where some of the female members are ballet heel enthusiasts and brawlers.  We were just looking for some conventional ballet boot sex for the twins to get their boot cherries harvested. Taking a tight wet neophyte in her new boots is something males at boot clubs dream of; shoving their dripping erections in a ballet boot chick’s tight pussy and inseminating her so his semen drains into her boots. The club had recently changed ownership and it had been redecorated, but its atmosphere and clientele were still as benign as I remembered when I first took Cyndi and Bea there. It’s a sort of up-scale almost Hanna Montana wholesome sort of place for young High school ballet boot enthusiasts and their dates to gather. Almost all the girls there take ballet have moms who were or are dancers and married well or have good jobs so they can afford a six or seven hundred dollar pair of well made leather ballet boots for their daughters. The boots aren’t nearly as good as Gepettos, but at a fifth of his price they are good enough to strut around in to impress boys and stand in while having sex.

There were no 4WD pickups and Harleys in the parking lot just Suburban and Tahoe SUVs and minivans indicating Ballet heels moms were lending their children their rides their for “boot lessons” and cokes. Actually I was surprised that they were as busy as they were and it was sort of a high school crowd with Hitachi Magic Wands as the fave toys which could be rented by the half-hour. There was no obvious penetrative sex but couples went into the back from time to time and in the Ladies rest room two very young boot-chicks were trying to insert contraceptive sponges so there almost certainly was somewhere on the premises.

The Today Sponge: I asked the girls why they were using sponges and they said wearing one their partner didn’t need to wear a condom, they could wear one for the entire weekend, it offered some protection for the cervix from direct thrust injury from a well endowed partner and it absorbed a lot of a partner’s semen. Actually, the literature that comes with the sponge says it should be replaced every 24 hours, but the tests run for FDA approval showed it was effective for at least 48 hours. The failure rate for the sponge is: for Parous women: typical use 24% Perfect use 20% and for Nulliparous women: typical use 12% Perfect use 9%, which explains why it’s an over-the-counter teen favorite, but not for their moms. If you aren’t allergic to the Noxynol-9 (N9) used in the sponge it’s easy to forget the sponge is inserted. Depending on where you buy them three count boxes are $14 to $16 USD so if you are planning on a very active weekend, aren’t allergic to N9 and don’t have to worry about STIs the Sponge might be a good choice.

It can also be a good faux method to wear on top of a properly fitted FemCap, or in my case an Oves, if you think a mischievous partner is going to pull out your barrier protection. I’ve used a Today when a partner can’t reach my cervix when I’m aroused or fertile. Then I’ll wear an Oves for contraception and insert a moistened sponge to shorten the depth he needs to penetrate me to feel my cervix. Except of course he will be ramming the sponge from which I’ve carefully trimmed the removal strap. It’s amazing how much pushing into a sponge can improve a partner’s ejaculatory experience when he thinks he has completely filled me with his erection.

The young teens in their commercial boots were like colts walking shakily around on wobbling ankles. A few had boots that were obviously too large and most of them were fascinated by and in awe of my girls in Gepetto’s ballet heels. It was obvious we were the oldest group there and with no male partners we rented Hitachi wands and played with one another, had a coke and left. We were all wearing Penetrator plugs and the Hitachi is particularly effective in giving both clitoral and G-spot orgasms when held against the head of a Penetrator so our visit to the baby’s boot bar wasn’t a total loss and we left relaxed.  

Naughty’s ballet boots bar:  At Naughty’s I got Odette and Odile registered and entered into the clubs database so they both now have accounts that will eventually be paid by me.  Since their ID shows them as being 21 they have access to every part of the casino and associated holdings, except the High-Roller venues, where they can only enter as talent or guests. The first thing we did after registering the twins was to go to the Ladies and remove our Plugs. Because we had all masturbated with wands at Baby’s and our Penetrators seal extremely well we were full of vaginal secretions that needed to drain and be Kegeled out while on a bidet and then empty our bowels and bladders, clean up and check hair and makeup before going out to look over the selection of Bar-boys I had let know there were boot cherries to be harvested as partners for the twins initial boot-fuck.

All the club members and staff have recent clean full STI panels on file so there was no need to concern ourselves about the possibility of infections, just pregnancy and all the others, Including Yardley, have GyneFix copper IUDs implanted so I was the only one who checked that my Oves was screwed down tight on my ripe cervix. It didn’t take long for the guys to come over to admire the twin’s boots and some of them even asked knowledgeable questions which the twins answered while flirting with them. The guys I alerted were escort candidates the twins had trained with and they are exceptionally compatible with both so I thought the girls would pick the men they felt were most attuned to their needs and that’s exactly what they did. Perhaps the men were chosen for technique, but I think psychological support as well since the twins think being taken in ballet boots is far sexier than pointe shoes and they were being taken for the first time in such erotic footwear.

After the twins made their selections Cyndi, Yardley and I chose partners and the ten of us retired to a reserved encounter salle to enjoy watching the twins lose their boot cherries and then had an awesome ballet boot cluster-fuck. The cherry pickers were alternately gentle and brutal caressing the girls G-spots until their ankles wobbled even with shaft guards for support. Then I could tell that their shafts had swollen as the girls went forward on to their platform with their heels off the floor trying to get away from that momentary penis enlargement just prior to ejaculation as the boys pounded their soft open cervixes and the girls gasped and moaned in pain and ecstasy. The boys brought the twins to orgasm simultaneously and their powerful vaginal contractions pulled the men into ecstasy with them.

Asthma and ballet boots: Two hours later we all had just emerged from the encounter salle into the main bar completely sated, drained of all sexual tension and ready to leave when a medical emergency occurred. A woman in a pair of gorgeous high quality German leather ballet boots, a fitted leather jacket, fishnets and an M10 gasmask was in severe respiratory distress at the warm-up barre. Both Odette and Odile recognized her from her enlarged chest the result of asthma she has had since childhood.  Odette said the girl was a grad student and had been taking pointe at UNLV, but had to stop because her asthma had gotten worse and she no longer had the lung capacity and stamina.

What she was doing being penetrated from behind standing in ballet boots while wearing a gasmask given her limited lung capacity was a question that only occurred to us later when Yardley and I found out how severe her asthma was. She was being thrust into by a very energetic Bar-boy while bent over the warm-up barre against the mirrored wall. She was bleeding freely from her vagina and moaning in seeming delight.  Then as we were getting ready to leave there was a strangled gurgling moan only partially muffled by her gasmask as her right ankle turned out, gave way and snapped inside her boot and she shrieked as she toppled on to her right side almost pulling her partner with her. She lay writhing on the floor trying to get her mask off with one hand and holding her ankle with the other.

Odette knew right away what was wrong and ran to Gasmask-girl’s table grabbed her tote and emptied it on the table searching for her Asthma rescue inhaler. Finding it she ran back pulled the M10 off the chick’s face and had her partner pull her up and lean her against the mirrored wall so her chest and head were more or less vertical. Then had him hold her mouth open as Odette primed the rescue inhaler shoved it into the chick’s mouth and depressed the plunger sending a mist of medication down her throat as she struggled to breathe.  Her breathing didn’t seem to improve so she gave her another shot from the inhaler and then her breathing markedly improved. By then the duty manager and the EMTs called by the bartender had arrived and Odette stepped away as the professionals went to work.  Odile had gone over to gasmask-girl’s table and put all her things; wallet, car keys, tampons, a new pack of Beyaz, tissues and iPhone back in her tote and stood guard over it and when the EMTs wheeled her out Odette rode in the ambulance with her.

We followed the ambulance to the hospital to take Odette home, but she insisted on staying and our leather jackets, fishnets and ballet boots in the ER waiting room raised a few eyebrows, but most of the others there were too sick to notice what we were wearing. The twins decided to stay with their injured friend so I got their dance bags out on my Subaru and they changed out of ballet boots in to wind pants and GM pointes before we left them one of the cars and Cyndi, Yardley and I went home to shower and relax.

Adolph’s party: Today is Halloween so all of us are going to Adolph’s later for his party which is starting very late. It’s a school night so the girls will almost certainly cut classes tomorrow as we probably won’t get to bed (to sleep) until dawn.



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