Monday, August 25, 2014

Orientation week for St Lucy’s girls

A silicone Semina coil spring diaphragm mounted on an introducer
The Photo: A Semina coil spring diaphragm mounted on its introducer to aid in inserting the device. Made of pink silicone it is readily accepted by St Lucy’s teen girls who are fitted with it as their first diaphragm after menarche because they are more likely to use it since they think its cute, “It looks like a pink soap bubble”, as well as wearing one is an indication that they have become sexually mature and are being given the tools and training necessary to assume the responsibility for protecting their fertility.

St Lucy’s student orientation: My part in the orientation of new student is to help with pelvic exams, check to make sure they have had all their Gardasil (HPV vaccine) shots and have clean full panel STI tests, fit diaphragms and give them an overview of contemporary sexual health as it pertains to St Lucy’s students. We teach responsible sexual intercourse between the sexes and techniques for seducing men with your voice, body and actions.

Semina diaphragms: New students entering St Lucy’s who have reached menarche are fitted with silicone Semina coil spring diaphragms as training diaphragms regardless of what other form of contraception they use as they will need a diaphragm for upper reproductive tract protection – to prevent water and or air bubbles from being forced into the uterus by the hydraulics of a lover’s thrusts during dive-sex. A coil spring diaphragm can be used for dive protection down to about 30 feet below which the rim will begin to distort and leak due to water pressure. All the pools generally available to the students are no deeper than 30 feet other than mine, (The Pit) at 64 feet, and Adolph’s, (The Well) at 216 feet. For both those venues they will need Reflexions flat spring diaphragms for effective dive protection. The RFID chip in each student’s Semina helps us track who is in class and who has forgotten their Semina, an infraction for which there are penalties.

The smallest diaphragms commercially available are:  the silicone Semina coil spring 60mm, the silicone Milex arcing or coil spring 60mm and the latex Reflexions flat spring 65mm. If we need diaphragms smaller than 60mm Labia Labs here in town can hand dip latex diaphragms in any of the three rim styles. Only a few of the younger petite girls require a 55mm.

Rarely do St Lucy’s students use diaphragms as their primary method of contraception. We try to get them to use stringless copper bead (GyneFix) IUDs effective for three years as their primary method since with a copper IUD the wearer will continue to cycle naturally and St Lucy’s feels strongly that some of the most creative and productive  work a woman can do occurs during the fertile days of her cycle. Removing the strings from the GyneFix before implantation allows the wearer to wear a diaphragm for flood insurance w/o the possibility of having the strings stick to the diaphragm and be pulled out when the diaphragm is removed.  

Alice shops in Gepetto’s ballet-boots: We returned from Tahoe on Sunday, Aug. 17th. First thing on Monday (after ballet class and breakfast) we all went with Alice to pick up her new lightly armored ballet-boots and she loves the scent of new leather boots how well they fit and how wonderful they feel even after walking in them in one of the up-scale malls for more than an hour. Our lace-splitter heels were all sheathed in heel guards so we wouldn’t damage the up-market shops hardwood and expensive rug covered floors

I’d promised myself I wouldn’t wear ballet-boots while out shopping as they tend to attract aggressive men, and jaundiced looks from store security (shopping in pointe shoes is for me a much more social experience), but Alice wanted to go into Neiman Marcus and Hermès, the one at The Crystals shops At Aria. So with Alice, Willow and me all in black calf length Gepettos boots and Emma in her black leathers no one was making comments though everyone- especially the men - was watching us and store security stayed well in the background. It’s impractical to go shopping for skirts or slacks in ballet-boots, but Alice did pick up half a dozen Hermès scarves and six leather key cases as gifts. And at Neiman Marcus she bought a purse size (.5oz.) bottle of Shalimar which she had forgotten to pack.

Ballet-sex in ballet-boots: Back at my place in the studio in her suite Alice took one of her lovers having him enter her from behind while she bent over and held on to the barre. It was her first ballet-sex in Gepettos boots. She loves how being on her toes in ballet-boots clenches her pelvic muscles so she has a much tighter grip then when on her back or astride and she told me afterward that Gepettos ballet-boots were so much more comfortable than her Brit-boots..

Since she is menopausal and on HRT her vaginal lining is still soft and well lubricated, but there is no danger of pregnancy no mater how many high quality sperm reach her tubes waiting for an egg that will never be released.  Afterward she inserted two fingers and swept around her cervix to speed expelling his ejaculate with Kegels before it had liquefied then came to me in my room and I helped her out of her boots. We undressed and went to bed where she milked me after which she gave me the most marvelous gasping, shuddering, moaning, mewing clitoral orgasm. Then we both had a wonderful nap basking in the afterglow of our sexual encounters.

Her Grace departs and school starts: Alice left yesterday, Sunday Aug 24th, on Limnaea II to go to Washington to visit with her daughter, Fiona for a few days before returning to Virgin Gorda. Classes start at both UNLV and St Lucy’s today so we are back on what passes, for us, as a normal fall schedule.

The 2014 Autumnal equinox: 2014 Autumnal Equinox will occur on Tuesday September 23rd in mid week in the middle of the fall term so the girls will miss classes for that week, but with preparatory studying and doing well in work up to that point they should have no problem getting time off to participate in “’prehistoric religious rites research” in Scotland.  

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