Saturday, August 2, 2014

Rubberiest play with Morning Wood

Mind the gap! Relief zipper detail on a lactation training catsuit

The photo: A latex catsuit similar to the ones we use for training escorts to get used to the restrictive grip and heat while working (or playing depending on your point of view) in latex.  Jenna wore an identical front zipper suit when breast feeding her son and Marvin wants me to continue to breast feed him while wearing hers which like all her other clothes fits me perfectly.

I didn’t realize until several weeks ago when I was able to explore Jenna’s wardrobe in detail that she had a rubberiest side, something that Marvin didn’t mention until I found the latch to the hidden door to her rubber closet. I had suspected as much as I was able to smell the latex and latex polish, but only recently found the button for electric lock behind a book on the top shelf of a built-in bookcase on the same wall. And what a lovely collection of up-market pieces she had put together! He said he would have told me eventually and didn’t want me to think less of her for loving sex in latex. Why would I feel that way when I love sex while wearing latex? Marvin still has a lot to learn about me. The lavender (her favorite color) latex suit I now wear with Gepettos ballet boots or Jenna’s Bloch Alphas is the one in which she had the encounter from which she conceived.

Rubber clubbing with Marvin: When Marvin takes me to local fetish clubs we both wear catsuits, full face hoods and special ordered black nitrile exam gloves to hide our identities. Neither of us wants to be known to the public as kinky since he is a well known psychotherapist and I among other things teach in a girl’s school. So we use assumed names and credit cards with only number identity requiring retinal image verification. It’s not quite as much fun clubbing incased in latex in the summer in the desert though heavily chilled porticos help and one absolutely has to keep well hydrated.

The clubs smell of latex, latex polish, leather (ballet and platform boots) and sweat and sometimes pelvic secretions if ones sense of smell is keen enough. There are some things to watch out for if one is encased in latex and an important one is grease of any sort which can harden and destroy even the best chlorinated latex as well as latex cervical barriers if a partner inserts greasy fingers to caress your G-spot and gets chicken fat on your latex diaphragm. To protect customers latex wear from greasy bar foods boxes of Nitrile exam gloves are on every table and the bar in the best clubs so a girl doesn’t have her suit and/or her cervical protection ruined by a groping male with greasy fingers.

Ballet boot insemination: I love testing Marvin’s submissiveness. When we are in our favorite rubber club I will lay my riding crop on our table where other clubbers can see it as a sign that I’m accepting complements from admiring males. Once my crop is on display men come to our table to pay homage to my corseted latex sheathed body. When clubbing Marvin and I work out in advance how much interaction and of what sort I intend to have with other club members and I let him bask in the attention I get from other men, but I never allow penetration when I’m with Marvin. I think he ‘allows’ other men to interact with me as it feeds his ego as much or perhaps more than mine knowing he has taken me clubbing to show me off and he has access to my body which other men covet.

The guys who come to pay their respects usually ask for something basic like to kneel and ejaculate in the laces of my ballet boots - the lightly armored ones with the lace splitter heels and the spider filament laces - from my custom boot maker Gepetto. It’s amazing how men will humble themselves to kneel and ejaculate in the laces of a of a latex-fetish girl’s ballet boots. During that sort of encounter they seem unaware of other club members watching them spew seed into my laces while Marvin looks pleased with himself  knowing he will be deep inside me to splatter his semen against the stretchy translucent latex membrane of my diaphragm in a few hours time.

Latex and hydration: When I go clubbing in latex I always use a good silicone under-lube not only to ease getting in to the catsuit, but to lube the areas that would otherwise get chaffed; neck, breasts, armpits, elbows, wrists, groin, knees and ankles as sweat will wash away water based lubes. And because I sweat so much in latex unless I’m kept cool it drains out of the sleeves at my wrists and legs at the ankles which wet the inside of my ballet boots or pointe shoes. And since I’m lactating as well that adds to my tendency toward rapid dehydration so I am continuously drinking fluids, usually fruit juices or sports drinks to replenish my electrolytes and prevent leg cramps, which can be severe when you dehydrate while wearing ballet boots, especially if I have sex while encased in latex.

Pelvic grooming: Close pelvic grooming is vital for both men and women when wearing or playing with a woman wearing a catsuit with a relief zipper as getting pubic hair caught in the zipper can be painful, which is one reason why my wards and I all have totally waxed pubes and in my opinion men should wax their pubes too as getting beard burn on your mons pubis from a poorly groomed partner’s pubic or facial hair stubble is a huge turn-off. Buying a high quality chlorinated latex suit with a good jam-proof silicone tooth sipper is worth the extra money. If the zipper jams and can’t be closed girls can wrap a pareo around their hips and get away with it, but a guy just looks silly trying to cover his exposed package.

Ladies rooms: Ladies rooms in good rubber cubs will have mild scent-free soaps, tampons and breast and menstrual pads available as well as laces for ballet boots and sewing kits in case a ribbon comes loose from someone’s pointe-shoe.  It should also have an attendant with latex polish to wipe you down just before you go back into the public area to get admirer’s fingerprints off the latex covering your buttocks, breasts and groin.

Latex fetish - swallowing used condoms: Marvin surprised me recently by starting to ask to take me while wearing a micro-sheer latex condom during ballet sex, knowing that I will pull it off him or he would slip out of it - depending on your perspective. [My ability to pull condoms off my partners is a side effect of strength training with Ben Wa balls. For more about that see the section Ben Wa balls and condoms in my post for July 13, 2014.]

I asked why he wanted to stuff a condom up inside me and he said he wanted me to leave it marinating in my acidic vaginal secretions for 24 hours so that it would develop a very strong rubbery/fishy scent. Then he wanted to pull it out and swallow it. I said I could give him head not swallow then spit his load back into his mouth, but he wanted the rubbery taste and scent and said the transparent latex membrane would be quickly dissolved by his stomach acids.  I said he might choke, but he said he and Jenna had done it from time to time when it had come off inside her when he went limp after orgasm and he knew how to swallow the whole thing safely as long as we were using the Japanese super-sheers. Kissing him afterward I can taste the rubbery/fishy taste of my secretions.

Ballet Summer Intensive ending: Another successful BSI at St Lucy’s is over. Everyone wore their diving diaphragms to protect their upper reproductive tracts during dive-sex and none of the students have tested positive for hCG which would indicate any became preggers while here. The students have all made new friends and met a lot of very influential European men.

We did have two 19 y/o Towel Girls from Adolph’s intimate swim club, Splash, conceive, apparently from inattention to detail  – on antibiotics and not using a diaphragm or FemCap as back-up –  ahead of encounters during Adolph’s 4th of July party when they were serving as hostesses.  Vacuum aspirations were quickly performed and they are now back at work serving dive-sex clients at Splash, but wearing FemCaps - with the removal straps trimmed off - while they continue to recover.    

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