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Lake Tahoe and the Duchess

Lake Tahoe the Sierra Nevada in the background

The Photo: Lake Tahoe looking North West is a large freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. At a surface elevation of 6,225 ft., it is located along the border between California and Nevada, west of Carson City. Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America. Its depth is 1,645 ft, making it the deepest in the United States after Crater Lake (1,945 ft. In August the Average high temperature is about 77° F while the low is about 44° F a major difference from the mid summer temps we experience in Las Vegas. Water temperatures warm to 65 to 70° F during August and September great for recreational diving at that altitude, but too cold for dive-sex as very few men can sustain an erection in water that temperature even when taking a performance enhancing medication.

The Duchess:  Alice and her travel staff arrived mid-day Sunday and Willow (her 20 y/o granddaughter) and I took three of Adolph’s Mercedes SUVs down to the airport to pick her up. She had two four-piece Louis Vuitton Leather Luggage sets as well as her dive gear and then the luggage for her Personal Assistant/bodyguard and ladies maid/dresser. She had slept soundly on the plane so she was ready to go when she deplaned.

Alice has her PA dress in tight black leathers when they are out together as she believes that focuses any attention on her PA and not on her. The PA’s last name is Peel and Alice calls her ‘Emma’, which Alice thinks is very droll and ‘Emma’ doesn’t seem to mind. I didn’t get the name association since I’d never seen the British TV series The Avengers (1961-1969) which had a character named Emma Peel played by Diana Rigg from 1965 to 1969 who Alice explained seemed always to be clad in tight leather. I Googled her and Alice’s Emma does look a bit like a young Diana Rigg and when Alice and Emma are together there are enough similarities for them to be mother and daughter and they make a striking pair.

Emma fills out her 5’7”frame beautifully and she doesn’t wear heels while working since you can’t really run fast in heels. She prefers a sort of leather combat sneaker with steel toes and crape soles. It’s not the sort of shoe that attracts male attention while being worn, but is extremely effective for security work.

Mindful that Alice while here doesn’t want to be seen as on a royal progress I’m presenting her in public as just another of my Brit-Chick friends. Other than her plumy upper-class accent she can act middle or lower class when she wants. Actually, she can cuss like a sailor in French, German, Spanish and Italian as well as English. A gutter vocabulary she said was greatly expanded while attending an elite girl’s school in Switzerland. She has some bespoke ballet-boots from a British shoemaker and has been wearing them for a lesbian Domme on Virgin Gorda who is training her to build up her stamina while wearing them properly for long intervals. However, they aren’t nearly as well made or comfortable as ones from Gepetto’s. She brought them along to continue her calf and ankle training until she can get several pairs of Gepetto’s boots.

Gepetto fits Alice in ballet-boots: Going to Gepetto’s was our first order of business Monday morning. Alice, Emma, Willow and I took Limnaea II down to McCarran International. It would be closer to fly into North Las Vegas but the pilot had filled the tanks at my request and while we weren’t at max TO weight we would have been a bit heavy getting off the 5,000 ft runways there. So landing at McCarran gave us a chance to take a helicopter to Gepettos and on the way I got to show Alice a bit of the city; my casino, my home and Adolph’s place as well as Splash and The Lorelei which she had heard me talk about.

Gepetto fitted her himself. She has lovely high arches and gorgeous insteps which are important for prolonged wearing and no foot irregularities that would require custom adjustments. She got exactly the same options Gepetto recommended for me; the light weight unitized titanium toe-box and shank assembly with light titanium armor plates in the shafts, quarter panels and titanium mesh/scales in the tongues as well as replicable lace splitter heels and spider filament laces with a dozen pairs of spare laces and four pairs of heel guards with Inman release mechanisms for walking on slippery floors or expensive rugs w/o punching holes in them.

Spider filament laces are nearly impossible to break or cut. However,  having a doz. pairs allows her maid to change them out to wash off the ejaculate from males paying homage to her by stroking off into her laces. Returning readers know the armor is necessary because when partying with other ballet-boot wearers tempers can flare and with 7 inch spike heels a malicious boot wearer can with little effort ‘accidently’ put a heel into a rival or adversary’s unarmored instep very quickly.

Alice ordered three pairs, two in calf length black leather and one in brown. She will have them by early next week when Willow (her granddaughter) and I take her clubbing in Vegas. In the meantime Alice will be wearing her Brit Ballet boots or pointe-shoes at Adolph’s meet and greet get-togethers. While we were there Willow dropped off a pair of her boots for replacement of the linings.  She also picked up a pair which had just had the linings and padding replaced after more than a year of heavy use.

Alice goes shopping: She was introduced to the first of the group of possible sexual partners over cocktails Sunday night and other men individually at breakfast, lunch and dinner on Monday. If she is interested it’s more or less vanilla sex before she will choose a partner for dive-sex. I won’t leave her alone in an unmonitored encounter pool. All our pools have full coverage with at least four conceded HD video cams and monitoring the voice transmissions from their FFMs while giving the appearance of privacy to occupants so Emma will be available in seconds if she is needed.

I’ve offered her a selection of possible lovers from Pirate’s best male escorts. The requirements are: a negative recent full STI panel, heterosexual ballet dancers in their late 20s to early 40s. Have amazing sexual stamina, can be gentle or rough, are expert swimmers, are good at dive-sex and ballet-sex and are fluent in French and Spanish as well as English. I decided to use professionals because while expensive they are known quantities and if one or more disappears there would be few questions asked. She seems very pleased with the selection and is still putting the candidates through their paces. I suspect she will settle on at least three favorites unless she decides to just fuck them all! 

Chalet Adolph: Adolph’s estate was formerly a boutique hotel so doesn’t lack for apace to sleep guests. On the roof of the new wing there is a sun deck with beautiful and unobstructed views. To the east is the lake with the mountains in California in the distance and to the west are the jagged peaks of the Sierra Nevada Mountains close behind us.

The encounter pools are all 30 feet deep, the maximum depth that coil and arcing spring diaphragms and FemCap can safely and comfortably worn. The Divemaster’s shop is there by the pools for mask, regulator, pool-pointes and platform weights and tank choices for guests who didn’t bring their own.

Altitude training: A benefit of exercise at an elevation of 6,000 feet is that since the air is thinner it takes more effort to do the same set of exercises or ballet class combinations than when at 2,000 ft in Vegas or at sea level on Virgin Gorda. My wards and I have found that a goal to be able to run up and down a flight of twenty concrete steps to the sundeck in ballet-boots may be unachievable in the time we have here. I have a flight of fifteen in the basement of my casino that I run up and down, but that’s at 2,000 feet not 6,000.  It’s a humbling experience for any woman who thinks she is in good enough shape to be able to run in ballet-boots. It is an exhausting exercise, but really builds up your lung capacity if you can stick with it long enough. Just walking up and down the flight of twenty to the sundeck several times is marvelous exercise and may be all that should be expected this time. Because Alice goes hiking so often in the mountains on Virgin Gorda in ballet-boots she is keeping up with me and girls young enough to be her granddaughters.  Her stamina is also a tribute to her trainer who developed her boot training regimen and has kept her motivated.

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  1. On your last point about altitude, I remember when I was in Colorado Springs for my cousin's wedding in 1999, I danced quite a bit during the reception at the Air Force Academy. (Her maternal grandfather is a retired USAF colonel.) Hours after the reception, I got up from a slumber to use the toilet, going No. 2, and when I tried to stand, my quads were like jelly! I struggled to stand up. Of course, we're talking about an altitude of at least 5,740 feet, and I live at 860 feet.


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