Saturday, August 30, 2014

The 316 club and Labor Day

Awesome for after-oral splatter cleavage cleanup

The Photo: A sports bra that has great dual support for jumps during ballet class as well as front (clip and zip) closing which makes it ideal for athletic lactating women like me. The front close feature also makes it easy to put on: slip into the straps, bend over, swing the girls into their cups then clip and zip. And it’s great for quick cleanup if he slips out of your mouth and spews down your cleavage or you drool before you can spit it out.

Morning Wood’s pique: Marvin thought I wasn’t giving him the attention he deserved and was jealous of Alice who he thinks got preferential treatment as far as my time is concerned. I could hardly introduce them to each other since Jack, Alice’s son, is my main squeeze. And telling her that my relationship with Marvin is strictly business  (sex for his $650/hr therapy sessions) wouldn’t have cut it either since she knows how much I enjoy sex with a well hung man who is good working with heavy equipment. And Neither could I mention to Alice his delusion that I’m his dead wife Jenna or she would have insisted on meeting him, so I had to short him on personal attention the last several weeks. While I was away he slept with the pair of Jenna’s Bloch Alpha pointes that I sweated and Kegeled my fertile cervical mucus in and left for him to sniff and ejaculate in while I was gone. He is so predictable and treats her sweaty shoes, which he carries in his briefcase, as talismans of her/my love for him.

However, I made up for my lack of attention to him by spending most of the evenings during the first part of the week with him having ballet-sex in Gepetto’s ballet-boots and Jenna’s SO104 pointes as well as taking him in missionary and astride to name only the simple positions after which he was so weak he could hardly get out of bed. I became menstrual Saturday (a week ago) and he absolutely adores menstrual sex and he has been taking me as often as he is physically able and afterward we are covered with my menstrual and our coitial discharge. I had s waterproof liner put on his bed so we don’t ruin the mattress and I change the sheets after we shower together so it’s not too messy. As this is being written I’m CD8 and newly fertile for this cycle and for now his desire to swim in the red sea seems sated.

St Lucy’s ballet girls and the 316 club: We have pretty much sorted out who of the 4th form girls taking pre-professional ballet will be granted ‘Training Associate’ status with our escort training school for the 2014-15 school year. Now 16 Bea is in this group though because of her amazing physical ability she has been a Training Associate for the past year. The girls not only have to be beautiful with Balanchine bodies, but must have a pronounced post-pubic vault (more about that below) and be very proficient in pointework, have excellent stamina and very tight pelvic muscle tone. In order to develop and retain a very strong vaginal grip students aspiring to become a training associate at our casinos escort school train continuously for a year with Ben Wa balls so they can pass the vaginal grip test that has become the gold standard for  expectations for 4th form ballet students Training Associate qualification exam.

The test consists of the candidate wearing a pair of one inch 316 surgical stainless steel Ben Wa balls continuously for twenty-four hours including during ballet technique and pointe classes w/o expelling the balls for any reason; sneeze, cough, voiding waste or any ballet step combination or pose including landing jumps. That’s where a pronounced post-pubic vault becomes essential as no woman can hope to prevent expelling the balls during ballet classes if she doesn’t have a ledge formed by the back of her pubic bone helping along with her strong muscles to hold the heavy balls securely during jumps and développés. For a set of 1.0 inch diameter solid 316 surgical stainless steel balls each ball weighs 2.307 oz for a total of 4.6 oz when both are inserted. Returning readers will recall that I’m calling them my “McBalls”, as they are a quarter-pounder! 4th form St Lucy’s ballet girls  passing the 316 test are accepted into the 316 club and get to have an entry level position as a training assistant for male escort candidates in the casinos escort training program.

The 316 Club and pointe-shoes: 316 club girls are all fitted and train primarily in Gaynor Minden pointes. They choose whichever shank strength they need for ballet training and performances. However, in their capacity as training associates for male escort training during ballet-sex (where the woman is entered from behind while en pointe a la seconde and bent over holding on to the barre with both hands) hard shanked shoes are needed so she can put weight on her heels without crushing the shanks during the time her partner is thrusting inside her.

The 316 Club and contraception: No male escort trainee uses contraception except while learning the different types and sizes of condoms. The female training associates know this and we make sure they are protected effectively with a copper LARC, (long acting reversible contraceptive). All the girls who are inducted into the 316 club have stringless GyneFix copper IUDs implanted and are fitted with the latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm for upper reproductive tract protection during dive-sex. A 316 club member who has a latex allergy is fitted with a silicone Milex arcing spring diaphragm. We also fit the 316 club girls with FemCaps – almost always the smallest, 22mm -  as there may be a few instances where a FemCap might be better than a diaphragm during relatively shallow dives. 

Once accepted the girls find they need to work on stamina of different muscle groups and to learn to stand en pointe for 20-30 minutes at a tame during ballet-sex, which is where hard shanked GM shoes can really help. The up side is that they get to have mind blowing sex with young penis-gods who leave them feeling boneless after screwing a 16 or 17 y/o’s brains out leaving her gasping and holding on to the barre until she stops quivering and can walk to the dressing room w/o collapsing. It’s a new experience for a student who thinks she is in top shape to be left helpless after sex with an escort trainee and gives her some idea of what she has to look forward to and how much work she has to do to match the physical condition of the male partners she will be helping train.

The girls rotate through the males they help train so there is less likelihood that romances will start and both sexes get to experience partners of different physical appearance as well as depths, grip, length, girth and stamina. Even so favorites develop between couples, but they rarely last.

Labor Day: Both UNLV and St Lucy’s students are off on Monday September 1st to celebrate Labor Day, the official end of the commercial summer season. My wards; Willow, Bea, and the Swan Twins Odette and Odile were invited to spend the long weekend at The Gemini’s father’s estate in the hills. Returning readers will remember that the Gemini, Castor and Pollux, are the sons of a Casino mogul and are dating Odette and Odile.  The boys are handsome, articulate and have impressive sexual stamina even for healthy males in their 20s, but Odette and Odile will have them so weak they will be unable to get out of bed by Tuesday morning.

I am spending the day relaxing with a book and a man, not necessarily in that order, but most guys do need time to recycle before they can get off again so I’m reading Norah Roberts romances. I’ve invited Morning Wood to my place late this afternoon and for Sunday and Monday and it will be interesting to see if his delusion that’ I’m Jenna can survive the visit. Though when he takes me out clubbing or to a show or restaurant he holds it together and here there will be fewer distractions, though there will be some things that he and Jenna never experienced together. I’m going to teach him the delights of dive-sex in the pit, my 64 ft deep pool. So we shall see.




  1. Quick question about the Swans and the Gemini: Who's paired with whom?

    1. Hi Eric, The Swan twins and the Gemini usually pair up: Odette with Castor and Odile with Pollux. However, since Odette and Odile are identical twins and can be quite mischievous they sometimes switch partners w/o the men realizing it.


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