Sunday, August 10, 2014

Formaldehyde Hall, necrophilia, pointe-shoe gag, Tahoe

One of Jenna’s Bloch Alpha pointes I use as a gag for Morning Wood.

The photo: A pointe-shoe I use to gag Marvin during Ballet BDSM play when I take him while astride. It was the position Jenna was using during the encounter from which she conceived. In that position I control the angle and depth of penetration and frequency of thrusts. I use one of Jenna’s 4 ½ xxx Bloch Alpha shoes (The size I wear when not menstrual) the toe-box measurements of which are: Platform 2.25 in. wide by 1.5 in. high. And across the toe-box measure 3.25 in. wide by 1.75 in. high. The platform just fits when he opens his jaws wide then I can push on the short hard out-sole and jam it further into his mouth. The ribbons on all pairs are 18 or 19 inches long by 1 inch wide satin nylon and machine sewn to the quarter panels and I tie them behind his neck to hold the gag in place. The platform and sole are seasoned with stage grime and the scent and taste of pine tar from the powdered rosin ground into the platforms and soles. Used as a gag a pointe-shoe is quite effective in keeping him quiet, but shouldn’t be used on anyone with a head cold as they might smother if they are unable to remove it.

Marvin during my absence: Fortunately Marvin has a speaking engagement in NYC at a specialist psychiatry convention during the week I’m in Tahoe so he is polishing his presentation and going east early to renew old school friendships so he shouldn’t miss me too much. Just to remind him of Jenna and me I left him several pairs of my sweat soaked Bloch Alpha pointes and several of her thongs damp with my vaginal secretions from when I was fertile last week. I’m CD16 and ovulated last Friday so I  should be safe from pregnancy for the next several weeks while with my girls and Adolph at the lake.

The Duchess to visit; a quandary: HD, a talented artist friend of mine, sent me a drawing of his impression of Her Grace, Alice Duchess of M****, in a lovely dinner dress with Champaign flute in hand standing in front of a glass tank with a female diver trapped in it. With Alice sipping French champagne the drawing rather reminded me of one of Adolph’s very selective cocktail parties in his museum where he has women in diving gear of various kinds floating in vertical glass tubes of formaldehyde. Lovely ripe young bodies of undocumented women who answered adverts for ‘swimsuit models’…  He said it reduced the work and cost of refilling air tanks and feeding the girls when he switched to formaldehyde for what he calls his ‘museum divers’. Alice has never seen his museum diver display as she has never been to Las Vegas. Until recently I thought Alice too much of a lady to approve of models in formaldehyde, but perhaps not…

Formaldehyde Hall and necrophilia: That display of women divers in formaldehyde is in what I think of as his man cave where very few women have been and come out alive. I think other than me only Anya has been to a party in Formaldehyde Hall and we went together so he would have had to take us both. We were in a group of his European necrophilia fetish friends at the time and we got admiring glances. I suppose they were wondering how we would look laid out on a slab encased in latex catsuits with the relief zippers open offering ice cold pussy and smelling of formaldehyde or bleeding out from a slit throat as they pumped semen into our dying bods.

It’s a really strange feeling talking to a group of men who you know would rather fuck your dead body than to mount you while alive and feel your muscles contract around their penis and suck semen out of them.  

When I shared the drawing (of Alice posed in front of a glass tank with a female diver trapped in it) with her she loved being a muse for fantasy art for the talented friend of mine.  She said being thought of as sexy at her age by a younger man has aroused some predatory instincts in her that she had managed to successfully suppress since her children were born. She has gentlemen lovers of course, but now she wants more… Sigh!  She is coming out to visit me in LV and I’m trying to think of suitable partners for her who we could invent cover stories for if one disappeared during an intimate encounter with her. In my experience it’s rare to find the huntress instinct so strong in an aristocratically bred woman and is a side of her I didn’t know existed until we recently chatted on Skype.

She is remarkably well preserved with a lovely hard body and for travel encounters favors men in their 30s who are skilled cocksmen, but then don’t we all! LOL! I can find a lot of very experienced thirty-somethings with clean full STI panels for her, but they all have lives here and will need to survive their time with her. She is so good at manipulating men that she was able to get her father’s permission to first train as a dancer and then as a surgeon and practiced (briefly) as a surgeon before marrying His Grace so she is very good with a scalpel or filleting knife.

Lake Tahoe: My wards and I are spending the week at Adolph’s estate (which was once a small hotel on the water) on the California side of Lake Tahoe. We arrived yesterday on Limnaea II and Adolph sent three Mercedes SUVs to meet us at Lake Tahoe Airport (TVL) which is just a few miles from the south end of the lake. He has invited some German business friends who were at his 4th of July party to come up to the lake as sex partners for us all.

The surface of the lake is at about 6,200 feet elevation so we have changed our dive computers to calculate using altitude diving tables which will shorten dive durations somewhat unless we want to use deco stops. The lake is too cold for dive-sex as the guys can’t maintain an erection even when using a performance enhancing medication. So we will use Adolph’s Olympic size pool that is 30 feet deep. At that depth coil spring diaphragms and FemCap will still function effectively and comfortably so if Adolph has other women over who have been fitted for shallow water diving barriers they should be ok. He has converted three rooms in the new wing to soundproof ballet studios which we can use for classes and encounter sallies as I recall the Germans seemed to be very fond of Ballet-sex, which I think is because en pointe a woman’s grip is so much tighter. I made sure that all of us, my girls and staff as well as Adolph and his guests, had negative current full STI panels so our only concern should be pregnancy and wearing our dive diaphragms (Reflexions FS) to reduce the chance of water being forced into the uterus. 

I sent Limnaea II to St Thomas to pick up Her Grace and two of her staff, her personal ladies maid/dresser and personal secretary. They sailed to Charlotte Amalie from Virgin Gorda on the Wanton Lass so they should arrive later today. Her Grace has the suite next to mine. Her Grace will be returning to Las Vegas with us to spend at least a week and I hope longer as she is supposed to be lucky at casino tables.

After Tahoe it will be back to our fall routine; returning to school for the girls and I will be working with the new students entering St Lucy’s giving them their entrance pelvic exam and fitting them all for silicone Semina coil spring diaphragms which is what all students entering SL who have reached menarche start out wearing. All that will be during orientation week, then on Monday August 25 instruction Begins at both UNLV and St Lucy’s.

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