Thursday, September 18, 2014

Ballet-sex, Morning Wood and the Scottish referendum

GM Luxe satin pointes showing the internal platform pads

The Photo: A pair of new Gaynor Mindens in Luxe satin with sueded platforms, showing the thick soft internal platform pads that cushions the wearer’s toes for hops en pointe and thrust-drop during ballet-sex. The shoes were new when the photo was taken and I hadn’t really sweated much or bled in them then.

Ballet-sex and Morning Wood: I’m CD25 and luteal as this is written. This time next week I will be menstrual and will be in Scotland con-celebrating the Autumnal Equinox at Location Z with my wards as surrogates for the demi-goddesses of fertility. During that ceremony, if my cycle (and theirs) goes as usual we will be CD4 and bleeding, which is what the Goddess needs for our inseminators to plant their ritual seed deep inside my flowing wards and me.

What does this have to do with morning wood you ask? Since he is my therapist it’s important that before I leave I stoke his desire for me so that he will be satisfied pleasuring himself while sniffing the musk from Jenna’s panties soaked in my fertile cervical mucus (I Kegel FCM into at least three pairs, put them in Ziploc bags and pop them in his freezer so he can defrost a pair every day or two and suck my mucus out of the crotch) and a pair of my GM pointes soaked with estrogenic sweat and perhaps a bit of toe cheese from tiny pieces of toe pads, sloughed off shin, chips from toe polish and toe-tape adhesive. I’ll also leave him a pair of Jenna’s Bloch Alphas pointes I’ve sweated in as there is no suitable substitute for the scent of sweat soaked pointes made of traditional materials, leather, hessian, paste and satin.

Surviving thrust-drop: 316 Club girls train to strengthen calves and ankles while soloing in their dorms or in encounter studios with a vibi and a quarter-pounder steel ball set is inserted when not with the escort candidates they are helping train. However, there is no substitute for actual penile penetration while en pointe. That’s especially true with a taller man who lifts you off your toes when he thrusts as far into you as he can get as that is the only way to experience and therefore train to survive thrust-drop during ballet-sex.

For thrust-drop training tall male escorts are pared with shorter 316 club girls so that the men can learn to be gentle to an extent, while the girls can learn to guide her partner’s shaft  by adjusting her hips to avoid him directly ramming her cervix and having the fat pad on her mons pubis pounded by her lover’s pelvis as he lifted her off her toes and then at withdrawal dropping her back en pointe. Thrust-dropped while wearing pointe-shoes made with traditional materials shortened the life of their blocks substantially w/o protecting her toes. That is why the internal platform pads and the polymer blocks of Gaynor Minden pointes are so important for ballet-sex and the fetish community.   

Ballet-boots forbidden during ballet-sex training: The 316 Club girls have been forbidden to wear their English made leather ballet-boots while training for ballet-sex. We fear they will become accustomed to putting their weight on the heels, not remaining centered over the blocks and their ankles and toes won’t be strengthened as they would if they were wearing pointe-shoes because of the ankle support provided by the tightly laced boot shafts and in properly fitted and laced boots very little of the wearer’s weight is on her toes. Too, we have them in negative heeled shoes when not training in pointe-shoes because otherwise they spend so much time en pointe they will shorten their Achilles tendons.

Change in plan: It was a scramble, but we boarded Limnaea II on the afternoon of Tuesday (9/16) and landed at Inverness in the early morning of Wednesday the 17th. Our departure date was advanced as His Grace thought it would be an educational experience for us all if we could be in Scotland for the independence referendum that will be held tomorrow, the 18th of September. I had no problem getting my wards out of school as they will be writing first person papers for their political science courses about the results of the referendum as well as some general papers about ancient sites found in the mountains behind Ullapool on Loch Broom.

His Grace’s Celebration: His Grace and Jack were there to greet us with the convoy of Range Rovers and took us up to Crag Abbey in the mountains west of Loch Ness to get us settled in. Fortunately we had sent our dive gear and other bulky clothes and equipment ahead. His grace will be holding a celebration party for the Lairds and other grandees on the night of the election regardless of whether the vote is yes for separation into a new nation or no to remain as part of the UK. The result is expected to be known some time early Friday, the 19th.

The old bull also had our new ceremonial shearling robes in which we will be pumped full of semen to celebrate planting of seed for the spring harvest ready to be fitted and they are lovely and so warm. But of course it’s entirely different when you’re lying on your back on a stone altar on the top of a mountain in the rain with some lusty Scotsman trying to fuck your brains out. If you get your mind set to take a lusty man most of the discomfort just disappears in the moment, but initial it can take some concentration. It’s still British Summer Time (BST) in the UK until Sunday, October 26 so right now the UK is still 8 hours ahead of Pacific daylight time. Alice, Duchess of M***, her daughter Fiona were already at Crag Abbey and Willow Jack’s daughter came over with me so the family will all vote together. The temperature is forecast to be in the mid 60’s F for the next several days with clouds and fog in the elevations at the Abbey.

Chris has already run ultrasounds on my wards GyneFix IUDs to make sure they are still in place and he will run them again on the morning before we appear on the altars to make sure the girls protection is properly in place.  It’s past 1:00 AM here and I’ve got to post this before I go to bed as we will be up early for the family to go to town to vote.

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