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A disadvantage of an underwire bra, Prep for the Equinox

Staircase to the ballet studio in the Abbey tower

The Photo: The staircase to the fifth floor (tower) studio showing the clockwise spiral which in medieval times gave right handed defenders an advantage. His Grace’s grandfather had the tower built to medieval specifications to match the rest of the abbey. Fortunately he didn’t carry that to the extreme of having the stair risers hollowed out to simulate hundreds of years of foot traffic up that staircase. 

The underwire bra as an offensive weapon: During His Grace’s reconciliation party on the 19th a visiting American journalist brought an escort from a London service along. She was a lovely blonds Aryan with high cheekbones killer legs and silicone enhanced breasts. They are too large for my taste, but it’s her rack and they are eye-catching. She had been a dancer with the Austrian State Ballet and was wearing pink satin Schachtner pointes at the party. She was obviously distressed to find I was wearing red satin Gaynors (red to signify I was menstrual) and in her opinion I seemed to be spending an inordinate amount of time on my toes. She was fixated about that and I said I loved being en pointe and thought they showed my legs beautifully which was why I wore pointes at all on social occasions. She thought I was showing off and she was right as I’ve always been of the opinion that “if you’ve got it flaunt it”… tastefully of course. 

Anyway, she asked if my breasts were real and I told her they were and that I’m lactating which gives me the cleavage in 32B cups. Somehow she took offence seeming to think I was coming on to her client when I had only spoken to him in greeting, though he was enjoying the 30 y/o scotch and feeling no pain when he put his hands on me and fondled my breasts before I backed away. Not that I minded all that much as I needed to be milked and I was spotting ahead of my period arriving the next day and when menstrual I’m at the secondary peak in my libido.

I suppose she saw him pawing me and thought I’d initiated it. I tried to reason with her to no avail and so I led her into a quieter part of the Abbey where we could continue our discussion w/o creating a scene as it was getting louder by the minute.  Unfortunately there was no calming her down and she tried to kick me in my breasts with the platform of her pointe-shoe. Fortunately her aim was wide and missed me. She tried twice more and barely missed both times and each time she missed she just got madder. At that point I decided I’d had enough so when she lunged again I kicked and the platform of my right pointe caught the underwire of her left cup and the energy of her 120 lbs moving toward me and my 105 lbs, concentrated in the 4 square inches of the suede covered platform hit the underwire with 200+ pounds of force and broke two ribs and shoved the underwire up under her left breast like dull knife splitting open her implant incision and her implant slid out of her ruined breast under her bra and into her teddy where it lodged while she collapsed against a sofa then slid on to the floor where she bled profusely while screaming and writhing on an ancient Persian rug.

Chris was called to help stabilize her condition until an ambulance came up from Inverness. Her date said she had been acting erratically and apologized for her attacking me which we had on a HD security cam video so I was obviously acting in self-defense.

Training regimen: On Saturday the temperature at the Abbey, on a crag overlooking Loch Ness, was in the low 50s F which made it good weather for wearing latex catsuits. There is an elevator to the fifth floor ballet studio at the top of the tower of the ‘new’ addition His Grace’s grandfather built in the late 40s. The elevator was replaced several years ago when it became apparent that some of the family and their friends needed safe access to a convenient place to keep in shape while on vacation and the top floor was converted to a sprung floor, mirrored wall, ballet studio with bathroom and dressing area. The outer wall of the studio facing the Loch is glass from floor to ceiling giving a spectacular view of the Loch. Tanaquil has seen to getting us male ballet partners while we are here (more about that below) and they take class with us, while also providing a source of recreation and tension release.   

There is also access to the studio by a narrow stone staircase – shown in the photo accompanying this post - that we girls use to help warm our leg muscles along with stretching and it’s great sport to see who can run up or down the staircase fastest while en pointe. We all wear Gaynors with suede tips and the surface of the stone risers is still fresh and very slightly textured so there is little danger of any of us slipping. Though it does take some getting used even to even walk up the five flights of stairs on pointe, much less run. After class we all ice our feet and legs while sewing ribbons and elastics on pointes and gossiping then wear negative heel clogs for an hour to stretch our Achilles tendons.

The inseminators: Jack, His Grace’s son, Viscount Sandbach, is here of course as well as Chris our male Gyn who along with the Duke’s estate manager has been selecting virile male candidates for the ritual planting of winter seed in my and my demi-priestess’s vaginas at sunrise (7:07 AM BST) on Tuesday September 23rd, the Autumnal Equinox. There will be ten of them; two each for the five of us and then the ritual inseminations will be completed by His Grace mounting me on the primary altar and giving thanks for the blessings the Goddess has bestowed on his family will get off inside me to complete the ceremony. At his age I’m going to suggest he take a performance enhancer an hour before he mounts me, just in case.

Sex as recreation: For male entertainment while we are here – other than on the morning of the Equinox - Tanaquil, a retired POB ballerina and courtesan who is Taryn’s Munich based Procuress, has sent over a small stable of stallions to share amongst all the girls including me and Fiona, whose lover couldn’t accompany her when she came to vote in the independence referendum. Alice, Duchess of M****, decided she would go to London for the Equinox and stay at the Savoy with a widowed German Count whom she met when he was vacationing on Virgin Gorda and who she is training to meet her sexual needs. I’m rather sorry she didn’t feel comfortable enough with him to bring him to the Abbey and introduce him to the family.

The Escorts Tanaquil sent came over on the Eurostar and arrived at Inverness on the train on the 18th. They are staying in guest quarters at the Abbey.  They were selected carefully to ensure they all liked unprotected menstrual sex since my wards and I are bleeding for the next few days. All are from the Paris Opera Ballet and have up-to-date negative full STI panels so we can sample the delights of young virile men with boundless sexual stamina filling us with thick creamy semen with none of the worry about the possibility of STIs while we pass them around among us. Jack understands my needs both professionally and emotionally so he isn’t upset when I take the new men to see if they are suitable to provide the physical and emotional stimulation a good ballet trained male partner can provide during sexual intimacy. All of them have been through Tanaquil’s Escort course so provide amazing sex.

Location Z: Sunday we moved from the Abbey to His Grace’s hunting lodge in the hills below Location Z. I went with Jack up to the site, east of Ullapool, to see what improvements he has made since the Summer Solstice. The access road up the mountain has been widened and the drainage improved and the whole thing hidden except from the air. He has cleaned the massive braziers that heat the altar area and restocked a huge supply of peat blocks and incendiary powder to insure their burning completely and smokeless during the ceremony. He has also trimmed back the Gorse which threatens to overgrow the site between ceremonies. It’s flowering there now, though not as strongly as it was at the Winter Solstice, and its strong coconut scent is wonderful and pervades the entire site.

The current forecast for Ullapool: The forecast for sunrise (7:07 BST) when our celebration will begin is still for light clouds and a temp at sea level of 50° F which means probably 40° at the holy site. The humidity is very high, often 95% so fog and mist are quite common. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow as we are sleeping in the staging area below the summit tonight and will be getting up at 4:00 AM. If it doesn’t rain during the ceremony it will be the first time, though we have had brief instances when the rain stopped during our altar encounters.

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