Friday, September 12, 2014

Underwater conception

A sperm penetrating and fertilizing a human egg

The Photo: A microscopic view of a human egg being fertilized by high quality sperm. Look at the tails on those little swimmers!

The Lorelei’s underwater conception package:  Adolph’s luxury spa, The Lorelei, is offering dive conception packages and I’m helping with the sperm donor and the client’s preparation for insemination. The interest in underwater conception first caught the interest of the wealthy when female sports divers blogged about becoming preggers in training pools during unprotected sex with boyfriends. I’m guessing a substantial portion of those pregnancies occurred to push lovers toward marriage as no modern woman familiar with the value of birth control to female athletes could possibly ‘forget’ to properly use contraception if she intended to use it at all. Regardless of initial motivation dive conception has recently caught on with wealthy young adventuresome European women as a unique way to conceive and Adolph hopes to make The Lorelei a destination for planned underwater conceptions.

My involvement is to fit the client with a Reflexions diaphragm for flood insurance so she can take dive-sex orientation/familiarization training with a male escort and to work with the selected sperm donor to familiarize him with the basic techniques of dive-sex so he can successfully inseminate an unprotected fertile client while she is tethered to the bottom of an encounter pool at The Lorelei. The most important thing that we have to train both the dive-sex client and donor to do is to take deep breaths during the encounter so prevent them from hyperventilating.

We recommend the client be penetrated while floating vertically – tethered to the bottom with an ankle leash with a partially filled buoyancy vest to hold her almost vertical during insemination - so her vagina is less likely to flood and dilute the donor’s semen or have water forced into her uterus by the hydraulics of her donor’s thrusts. Both the client and donor have two test dives, the donor with me and the client with an escort, to get them used to the delights of dive-sex before the actual three encounters while the client is fertile when she will be inseminated.

A sperm donor is selected by the client from a list of men fitting the physical description of the man she would like to father her child. The candidates are made up of medical doctors between the ages of 28 and 35 whose genomes have been analyzed and found to contain no serious gene abnormalities. The men also have to be producing large quantities of high quality sperm and their penile shaft and glans above average in size and functioning correctly with strong ejaculatory contractions that guarantee sperm placement directly into the open cervical os of the fertile client. While the donor and client are intimate they both wear exterior mirror finish lenses in their OTS Guardian FFMs so neither knows who the other is.

An underwater conception package consists of a deluxe suite and all meals and spa access in addition to three acts of intercourse one day apart with the donor of choice while the client is fertile the last day being the day of ovulation. The client is tethered to the bottom of a 30 ft deep encounter pool with an ankle leash and the sperm donor mounts her from the front in a modified missionary position. So far seven clients have completed single cycle underwater insemination encounters and four of them have become pregnant which is an awesome achievement as the expectation was a 50% success rate.

First pregnancies of the fall semester: We are beginning to see bookings for terminations as the first fall semester pregnancies of university and high school students are detected. Of course it’s so soon into the school year that some or all are could be from accidents during summer encounters.  The first Contemporary Sexual Health classes have some students concerned about the effectiveness of their protection and some have talked with me after my lectures about switching methods.

It’s surprising how many women are careless about their birth control. Things like not routinely checking to see that their partner is still wearing his condom after he withdraws, or don’t realize that weight reduction pills can speed up the metabolism of users so that contraceptive hormones are flushed through their systems too fast to maintain a therapeutic level to prevent ovulation. And then there are a few students who use a cervical barrier (other than condoms) borrowed from a roommate or family member and which doesn’t fit correctly or they forget to insert it before penetration.

The only LARC method that is truly safe is a copper IUD and it has its own drawbacks since ParaGard is the only one generally available in the U.S. and some small women can’t be fitted with it and a fixed frame IUD can cause pain and heavy bleeding. My wards Bea, Willow and the swan twins Odette and Odile and most of my dancers all have the frameless copper bead GyneFix IUD implanted so they can cycle naturally enjoying the cycling of their hormones while being protected by copper ionization in the uterus which is 99% effective against pregnancy.

Scotland’s independence referendum: On Thursday September 18th the voters of Scotland will decide whether they will split from the United Kingdom. The referendum question will be "Should Scotland be an independent country?” At this point polls indicate Scottish voters seem evenly divided and there are significant issues of citizenship, defense, currency and the economy that would need to be resolved should the vote be yes. His Grace and Jack are busy talking with the voters’ who live on their estates and villages. His Grace and his father and grandfather before him have been kind and honest with the people who work for the Duchy and the villages that count on its patronage for a living.  There could be both benefits and drawbacks for the Duchy should the vote be yes, but there could be severe consequences for the rest of the UK (England, Wales and Northern Ireland) should Scotland declare independence. For now there are a great many important unanswered questions.


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