Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The GyneFix menstrual sex and a Hollywood complication

A large, six bead, GyneFix copper IUD.

The Photo:  The GyneFix IUD consists of 6 or 4 copper beads, each 5 mm long and 2.2 mm wide which are threaded onto a length of surgical thread.  A knot at one end of the thread acts as an anchoring system which is imbedded to the fundus muscle at the top of the uterus.  The photo shows a large (6 bead, 30mm, 5 year) copper IUD like the ones Willow, Odette and Odile have had implanted. Bea had the mini (4 bead, 20mm, 3 year) GyneFix implanted last year and will have it replaced in eighteen months.

Menstrual sex and the GyneFix: In the past IUDs have been associated with a number of problems, most commonly pain, heavy bleeding and accidental expulsion. GyneFix was designed to overcome these drawbacks. The size and shape of the womb varies from woman to woman and, since the GyneFix is smaller, frameless and therefore more flexible, it takes up less space in the womb and the flexibility means it can move in harmony with the uterine muscles.  Studies have shown that during the first year’s use less than 1% of GyneFix will fall out compared to up to 3-5% of traditional devices.

A copper IUD, either a ParaGard or 6 bead GyneFix, can result in somewhat heavier bleeding during menses and for an unfortunate few very heavy flow and those women usually have it removed. However, GyneFix is favored by some escorts whose specialty is providing menstrual sex because there is less likelihood of expulsion from uterine cramping and during menstruation.  If their periods are heavier and longer once the GyneFix is implanted they accept it as a cost of doing business.  Because my girls love pool encounters they had their GyneFix strings trimmed so the latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm can be worn for flood insurance during dive-sex.

We manage my wards somewhat heavier bleeding by checking their hemoglobin levels twice a month and ensuring they eat plenty of iron rich foods, stay well hydrated and take 800 mg of ibuprofen to manage cramps. For flow control when no penetrative sex is anticipated we all wear Diva menstrual cups which even on heavy days take hours to fill, but can not be worn during deep dives (below 30 feet) w/o the cup collapsing from water pressure . Below that depth when no penetrative sex is anticipated we will insert silicone Milex Omniflex diaphragms which have deeper domes that can contain the gush when we surface.    

Given that we will all be menstrual during our times as Demi-Goddesses during the Autumnal Equinox celebration at Location Z Chris, our male Gyn, and Malcolm His Grace’s estate manager are looking for newly married potent crofters who enjoy menstrual sex as it wouldn’t do to bring a crofter to the altar to plant ritual seed in a Demi-Goddesses belly only to find he is repelled by a woman’s menstrual flow and have to rape him on the altar.   

Hollywood complications: Mr. A-list the actor who was filling Bea with semen over the Labor Day weekend has turned out to be a nuisance. He now is sniffing around her here in town. He found that she is in the 4th form at St Lucy’s and considerably younger than 21 and rather than being concerned – once he found she was barely legal at 16 - he was delighted and wants more of her. Fortunately his wife’s latex catsuit were bought from Pirates rubber shop and were the deluxe models with hidden miniature wide angle video cams disguised as part of the nipple design. My girls and I routinely use the coitial cams – a lot of the girls call them pussy or cunt cams since they are commonly used for sexual technique training with escorts or for parties - so we can play back encounters during parties to see how we and the trainees that we are working with can improve our technique or just for pleasure to play back being fucked by a favorite partner while we masturbate.

The battery for the cunt cam is in the push-up pad of one cup and the memory chip is in the other.  We all wear that style suit as a training aid so Bea and Willow knew to replace the memory chips in the suits they wore with new ones then remove the chips that recorded their encounters over the weekend and replace the original memory chips in the suits they used before they left. We downloaded the videos off the chips and transferred them to a memory stick just in case there was a need and sure enough there was.

Mr. A-list came looking for Bea and at first thought she was under age. So he came to me when he found she was barely legal. He was very relieved and asked for permission to have Bea visit him in LA or to visit her here at a place he rented in the hills. I asked if his wife and family knew about his flitting like a bee between beautiful flowers pollinating where he can. He is reputed to be the father of the fetuses two teen stars were carrying before they had terminations. He turned red, but still insisted that he would be discreet with Bea. I said no.  He insisted and so I showed him the video from Bea’s pussy cam where his identity and pleasure were obvious. I told him if he didn’t forget about Bea I’d send the videos to his wife’s father who is in the rackets in New Jersey. At first he thought I was joking, but when I named her father along with his home address and private phone number that got his undivided attention.

It happens that her father and Adolph are good friends and her dad visits Vegas frequently and parties and plays cards with Adolph while here. He runs a very profitable exterminating service for vermin of all types throughout the Northeast. He has a friend who knows someone (you know how that goes) who has a small contracting operation that specializes in offing the target by castrating the man and then asphyxiating him by stuffing his testicles down his throat.  After I mentioned his wife’s father A-list turned pale, started to sweat and clutched at his groin which I took to mean that he was familiar with her father’s “friend’s” special service offerings. He quickly agreed never to bother Bea again if I would not out him to her dad. I don’t think he will stop dicking flick-chicks, but I’m certain he won’t bother Bea again.

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