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Sexual activity at St Lucy’s, Marvin and dive-sex

A silicone Semina coil spring rim diaphragm with its case and introducer

The Photo: A Semina diaphragm. Isn’t it lovely! You can see why St Lucy’s Student Health has all students fitted with it at menarche. It is so attractive and sexy that the younger girls want to wear one just like the older upper form girls who are sexually active.

First pregnancy tests of the school year: Because the students at St Lucy’s are so sexually active - either because of the courses they are taking or because of social relationships - every student who has reached menarche is required to take a pregnancy test at the end of each week. We prefer that students have copper bead (GyneFix) IUDs implanted or if not then a Skyla Levonorgestrel releasing IUD inserted or the single rod implant Nexplanon that released etonogestrel for contraceptive protection. However, no method of contraception is 100% effective, hence the weekly tests. Today was the second week of tests and all tests for both weeks have been negative so the administration is pleased.

Clitoral orgasms in the training regimen: The 316 club ballet girls all of whom have totally waxed pubes train for ballet-sex w/o male partners in the St Lucy’s studios, encounter sallies and their dorm rooms. The solo training regimen is to insert their 1.0 inch diameter 316 SS ball pair, don their hard shanked GM pointes and go en pointe while leaning back against a wall or barre and masturbate to orgasm. The goal is to be able to masturbate to orgasm w/o falling off pointe. Doing that will strengthen the students ankles and legs and, over time, train the girls to keep their ankles from wobbling or falling off pointe  during orgasms when with a partner and being penetrated from behind.

Each woman has her own technique in masturbating to climax by caressing her clitoris. The head of my clit is far too sensitive to caress it directly so what I do is slip my hand down my tights or under my thong and with a finger either side of my clitoral shaft caress the shaft until I orgasm. Once accustomed to clitoral masturbation you can use the technique to pass the time on long train or plane rides or while trapped watching a dull film, though if I do that in public I tend to nap afterward so I rarely masturbate watching a film in a theater. Too, if an encounter sallie is equipped with mid 19th century European barre brackets (now exceedingly difficult to find and thought inappropriate by today’s ballet schools) a girl can masturbate by rubbing her leotard and tights sheathed pelvis against the bracket protrusion placed there for that purpose. That is how some students and adult dancers get ‘bracket burn’ (a worn spot on the fabric) on the pelvis of their leotards.

Dive-sex during Labor Day weekend: On Labor Day I was CD10 and fertile so for diving I wore an Oves cap screwed down tight on my cervix and then double bagged by inserting a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm to prevent under-thrusting. Bea and Willow had gone to spend the weekend with a Brit-chick friend of Willow’s in LA leaving me home alone for several days with Morning Wood. I cautioned the girls about using condoms as the guys might not have current clean full STI panels.  I gave the servants the weekend off so Marvin could ravish me anywhere in the house. However, we spent a lot of time in the pool area getting him used to using an OTS Guardian FFM for dive-sex. He didn’t seem to have any trouble adjusting his delusion that I’m, Jenna, to accommodate the new environment and wearing SCUBA for sex with Jenna while she wore neutrally weighted silicone pool-pointes.

I’d had my divemaster hang a net across the pool at a depth of 30 feet so if anything went wrong neither of us would sink any deeper, but there are openings around the edges so we could dive to the bottom at 64 feet if we wanted.  We were diving enriched air Nitrox (EAN) with 32% oxygen rather than the 21% oxygen in regular air not so much to prevent DCS, but as a precaution to increase Marvin’s stamina as dive sex can be strenuous and I wasn’t sure about his stamina underwater. And of course before I entered the water I let him watch as I inserted a prefilled 10ml disposable applicator of DiveGel+ deep inside me, up against my silicone sheathed cervix before depressing the plunger and releasing the impermeable spermicidal lubricant. I took two more 10ml disposable applicators with me on the dive in case I needed more lube, but the one 10ml dose was plenty for the amount of action he was capable of. Marvin was great and was able to get off inside me three times in thirty minutes while I was tethered to the net at 30 feet with an ankle leash. Though, the last time I had to ripple-grip him to squeeze the cream out of his éclair.

Bea and Willow in LA: The girls came back late Monday night. Willow’s friend had taken them to a party in Beverly Hills on Saturday night where they were invited to another all day affair at an A-list movie star’s beach house in Malibu on Sunday and they ended up sleeping over. The movie star’s wife was at their home in Vail with her sister and their two young daughters recovering from pneumonia gotten while filming on the Yorkshire moors during heavy rains.

The A-list actor is know to have a roving eye and it immediately settled on Bea at the party in Beverly Hills where he took her unprotected in a spare bedroom at the back of the home.  The ID she was carrying said she was 21 and physically she is so well developed that she can easily pass as the baby fat of the typical sixteen y/o had been sweated off long ago from hundreds of hours in ballet studios leaving a well muscled lithe young goddess guaranteed to turn any man’s head. A-list enjoyed that so much that he made sure she was by his side with her deep, tight, wet vessel available every time he felt the need to fill it with semen. Supposedly A-list’s brother, a director, is planning to make a ballet film and wanted to have the girls at his Malibu beach house in pointe shoes so he could watch them stretching and walk around on their toes for inspiration. Fortunately both girls never travel w/o several pairs of pointes and pointes are far more comfy then 4 inch heels if you are standing in them for long.

Not that Willow was ignored. She became the playmate of Mr. A-list’s married brother, the film director, whose pregnant wife was in Vail along with Mr. A-lists family. The director seemed fascinated by Willow’s plummy Berkshire accent as well as her legs and high firm breasts so she got a lot of personal attention and the promise of a screen test if he didn’t have to wear a condom. That could have been a problem as Willow knew I’d be furious if I found out she and Bea hadn’t asked to see recent negative full STI panels for their sexual partners and she really didn’t want to be that blatant to ask for the men’s STI status so she just smiled and didn’t answer as Mr. A-list showed them his wife’s rubber room where she kept all her fetishwear .He and his brother are rubberists and they wanted to have ballet-sex while the girls were encased in latex catsuits, gloves, full hoods and pointe shoes. Bea and Willow are just about her size so her latex catsuits fit them. It was as Willow was opening the Rubber Services storage bags to find the color catsuit she wanted (yellow) that she remembered Rubber Services was one of the casinos ancillary businesses in support of the escort service that Pirate runs for us.   

She remembered that Pirate also supplies girls in LA as well as Vegas. So she called Pirate’s private number, put in her password and was put through to him and asked for his help. She explained that she and Bea were in LA for the weekend with guys who didn’t want to wear condoms and asked if they were registered with his escort service and if so what their STI status was. Fortunately they were and were clean so the girls could confidently take them skin-on-skin and drain coital discharge w/o worrying about STIs. So even though Bea had already taken A-list bareback she was ok. Immediately Willow hung up from Pirate he called me to let me know that Willow was thinking about their sexual health and told me where they were and who they were with.  So when Bea and Willow came back pleased with themselves and relaxed from several days of recreational sex ready to tell me all about the men they had been with I wasn’t sitting on the edge of my chair wondering if their health had been compromised and could enjoy their stories of amazing sex with some of the major players in the Hollywood film community.   

The Autumnal Equinox:  This year the Autumnal Equinox will occur on Tuesday September 23rd. Since they are in menstrual synchrony with me my wards and I will be CD5 and bleeding for the festivities. That’s a sign of favor that we will all be starting new cycles while performing ritual sex as Goddess surrogates using our own blood. However, I’ll have to watch our excitement level as I don’t want any of us to start hemorrhaging during the celestial ceremonies, or at any other time come to that.

I’m planning that we will leave after St Lucy’s chasses let out at 3:00 PM on Friday afternoon September 19th, so we hardly have two weeks before we leave for Inverness and Ullapool. I’m hoping the girls and I can have a few days at Crag Abbey to relax after the strenuous experience of being Goddess surrogate vessels on the ancient altars acting out the ritual planting of seed for fall crops. His Grace feels that spirited performances as Goddess surrogate vessels on our part will guarantee him and his crofter’s abundant spring crops and lots of healthy lambs from fertilized Ewes.

This Equinox celebration will be different from previous ones in which we participated. We will not be inducting very young men into the old ways. Rather, we are selecting young newly married men from His Grace’s crofters who have proven to be fertile by producing children one after another especially twins. The plan is to inseminate us with the highest potency semen available during the ritual planting of seed for which we as Goddess surrogates furnish the tight, wet, deep vessel in which it’s planted. The young wives of the men being chosen aren’t aware of the details and I expect some anger and perhaps even the chosen men being called unfaithful, but of course that’s not the case at all as they are being chosen to guarantee bountiful crop yields in the spring. However, that’s not to say that the men and my wards and I won’t enjoy our individual seed planting rituals.

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