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More contraceptive sabotage, Seminarian training

So, my breasts are sore because I’m pregnant?

The Photo: I love that color! A front close clip and zip sports top that is a godsend to woman who are lactating. It’s so easy for me to feed an ANR partner. I just lift my sweat or tee or unbutton my blouse w/o having to unfasten the hooks in the back and pull the cups out of the way. And the support for ballet and thrust-drop training is marvelous with hardly a giggle.

Halloween contraceptive sabotage: I found out after the fact that Adolph had been lacing the six mistress’s food with ella during their stay at The Lorelei for the ten day training session prior to his Halloween Ballet assignation party. He admitted it to me when he said after the party “well I wonder if any of the women will become pregnant”. I said “they all were being very careful about their birth control given that they knew what was going to happen during the party.” He smiled and said, “Yes, but the ones on hormonal contraception might find their method wasn’t as affective as they would like”. I’m thinking, “OMG!” And asked, “What did you do? He said he had them dosed with ulipristal acetate, a progesterone agonist/antagonist that binds to the woman’s progestin receptors. It’s used in 30mg pills in the U.S. as the EC drug ella.

None of the women mentioned feeling a bit off or the food tasting strange which could have been from ingesting the drug during their training and I suppose the first indication that something happened is if one or more has a heavy period which would indicate she had ovulated but wasn’t pregnant. So we waited to see if any of the six became preggers. In the 12 days total they were here all of them had been with the six escorts training them and a minimum of three or more men at the party so of the nine or more men whose semen might have reached their tubes any of their partners could be responsible for any pregnancy. We found out the other day that one is pregnant and another miscarried. This sort of thing is the reason that a frameless copper bead GyneFix IUD is such a good option for a woman who is sexually active among mischievous men.

Still more contraceptive sabotage: The Swan twins have been saying for weeks that someone is lacing women’s drinks at fraternity parties with something that can significantly decrease the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives which most of the undergrad women are on. And if a woman was already on a diet pill that increased her metabolism and therefore reduced her protection the woman might have very little hormonal contraceptive protection.  The twins really hadn’t paid that much attention before since they have copper IUDs implanted, but now that they are on Yaz to increase breast size it’s more of a worry. Chris. Our male Gyn, said that whatever is being used probably binds to a woman’s progestin receptors making it impossible for the progestin in her hormonal contraceptive to protect her, it’s the estrogen in the pills that the twins need for breast size. So in that respect they are ok as they are still protected by the copper ions from their GyneFix IUDs. However, if they ovulate on Yaz because of something they ingested they will be back to heavy copper IUD periods again and that hasn’t happened yet.

A Brit student friend of Willow’s is on a progestin only pill (POP) Cerazette: 0.075mg of the progestin Desogestrel - which metabolizes into etonogestrel used in NuvaRing and the implant Nexplanon. Because of the long half-life of etonogestrel Cerazette can be taken as long as 12 hours late and still provide effective protection so for a POP it is a great oral contraceptive.

However, Willow’s friend is also on the migraine med Topamax which will cause birth defects when taken while pregnant. And after not feeling quite right and being nauseous in the mornings for several days she tested and found she was pregnant. Knowing about the birth defects caused by Topamax and in no position to care for a baby she asked Willow to contact Chris about a vacuum aspiration as she didn’t want to go through Student Health since her parents would find out.  In the blood work done to validate the urine pregnancy test ulipristal acetate (a progesterone agonist/antagonist that binds to the taker’s progestin receptors) was found in her blood which, since she was six weeks preggers, meant that she was still ingesting the chemical at parties.

It is fairly easy to get Ulipristal acetate 30 mg Tablets (ella in the U.S and ellaOne in Europe) clandestinely and it is commonly used by mischievous men to decrease the effectiveness of their partner’s hormonal contraceptives.

A GyneFix is implanted: Willow sat with her friend while she was in the stirrups as Chris inserted a cannula and sucked out the reproductive tissue. And while she was there he implanted a six bead GyneFix frameless copper IUD so she should have very effective contraceptive protection for several years.

Bea as a Temptress: At seventeen Bea is coming into her own as a Temptress. She especially enjoys seducing married men and she is so into it that I’m having to repeatedly caution her about being sure the men she seduces have recent clean full STI panels. Recently she seduced the guest pointe teacher at St Lucy’s. He was teaching master classes and coaching a select group of ballet girls on pointe technique and Bea was one of them. His reputation as a stallion who enjoys selectively breeding his students had proceeded him so all of the pointe girls were there most flirtations vying to see which of them he would take first but he usually stays away from teens preferring adult semi-pro ballet girls. He is known to penetrate his women bareback so it’s the responsibility of his partners to take what contraceptive measures they think necessary which has resulted in pregnancies and terminations for many of the students who have taken his classes.

He has always managed to make sure the pregnant ones terminate the pregnancies and that is well known by his students so the sexual tension in his pointe classes is very high even though everyone knew he was unlikely to initiate a sexual encounter with the St Lucy’s class. Bea said lust was as thick in the air as the scent of estrogenic sweat as the girls all tried to entice him to initiate an assignation. Amazingly each student has the fantasy that she can enjoy having him unprotected inside her be filled with his seed and escape the usual consequences. The old it-won’t-happen-to-me syndrome is alive and well in teen ballet girls and Bea said after his pointe classes the girls are so aroused that most have to masturbate to relieve the pelvic congestion. Most of his students are on the pill, but because many young women can’t remember to take the pill correctly the effectiveness is about 80% which usually means one pregnancy in each class he teaches. So far Bea seems to be his fave as she let him know that she had a GyneFix implanted which increased his interest in her though he is trying not to show favoritism with what he once called his “breeding stock”. While classes are very strict she has been with him in the evenings emptying him of his genital secretions and reveling in the g-spot orgasms he give her while they have been together for the last few days.  

Seminarians and lust: Willow and I have a new, but possibly short life project. Willow, returning readers may recall, is Jack’s 19 y/o natural daughter by an RB ballerina. She danced with the Royal Ballet and now dances in my ballet Co in Vegas and attends UNLV. I thought Willow a good choice for this project as she is more the male participant’s age while I can take the role of a sexually assertive unfaithful wife, widow or an attractive older woman in need of sexual satisfaction with a male.

A deserted abbey in the hills outside town has been refurbished and is being used to host retreats for seminarians from seminaries all over the U.S. so they can strengthen their ties to their faith. The administrator, a Jesuit, decided to test the willpower of the seminarians to resist carnal temptation while counseling emotional female parishioners.

Bishop ‘Tom’ recommended me to the Abbey administrator as someone who could provide suitable female s to act as emotional parishioners and tempt the students to forsake their vows. Returning readers may recall the Bishop when he was a newly ordained Priest, who I knew as Father Tom, when he was assigned to a parish in up-state NY where my ballet boarding school was located. He was then my spiritual advisor and taught me a lot about fulfilling the carnal needs of the female body and helped me satisfy my own. The staff, nuns from St Lucy’s, running the retreat facility and training syllabus thought that the exercise was designed to fail when they found Willow and I would be the temptresses.

And so it came to pass that for the past few days Willow and I have been interacting with individual seminarians. After an initial lecture during which the carnal knowledge seminar leader told the students their willpower would be tested, but didn’t say how. Then they went about their normal schedule of classes. Willow and I were separately and covertly introduced to individual students who have no access to any form of electronic social media so can’t record or photograph us.

The student is told that we are dancers who have come to recover from an emotional crisis and need cloistered ballet classes to exercise the mind and body as well as spiritual guidance and we meet with the seminarian in a room that has a desk, chairs, barre and mirrored wall. Once a student begins seeing each of us separately several times over the course of a week he is separated from the rest of the students as it shouldn’t be a surprise by then how his willpower is being tested and by whom.

It almost always happens that the seminarian is thoroughly compromised by the end of Willow’s or my second counseling session and we are having penetrative sex lying on our backs with our legs on our spiritual advisor’s shoulders while his hard shaft thrusts into us with his hands holding our hips to ensure he drives as deep as he possibly can. Some start out using condoms but when we ‘help’ roll them on we coat his shaft with his own pre-ejaculate so by the second or third thrust he is bareback and the condom is pushed into the posterior fornix.  Only later when we ask him to fish out the condom he shed does it occur to him to consider where we might be in our cycle and what if any contraception we might be using and by then he is thoroughly mindfucked.

It wasn’t a surprise that Willow and I were able to thoroughly mindfuck and have bareback sex with every one of the seminarians and I have to say they enjoyed being led astray immensely. Only later did it occur to them what a strong drive carnal temptation can be for a man. And that is probably the only meaningful lesson to come from the exercise of celibate men ministering to sexually assertive women.



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