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Stamina and Pianissimo shanks, Dive-sex, GeniGel

The lavender polymer block and shank of a pair of Pianissimo shanked GM pointes

The photo: The satin and padding stripped away to expose the unitized toe-box and shank of a Pianissimo (very flexible) shanked Gaynor Minden pointe shoe.

Pianissimo GM pointes for stamina: I haven’t talked about the use of Pianissimo (very flexible) shanked pointe in stamina training, because the women have to have very strong feet before they can wear Pianissimo shanks safely. That being the case it is mostly upper form St Lucy’s girls or escort trainees with extensive pointe training who train in pianissimo shanked pointes. As returning readers may know Pianissimo shanked shoes have violet polymer blocks and shanks and come in a violet bag. They are also marvelous as bedshoes. For stamina training and bedshoes suede tips are a must.

Hard shanks (of green polymer and in a green bag) are used during performances and ballet-sex encounters to minimize the effort required for extended time on our toes, but training in Pianissimo shanked shoes develops the stamina so the wearer can enjoy her experience. 

Gliding in Gaynors: One of the things I teach my ballet students, wards and escort trainees is how to glide almost soundlessly en pointe while walking around building stamina for performances before audiences as well as sexual encounters. It’s a matter of gently transferring weight from the rear to the front foot while striding forward. You can think of it as a sort of bourrée in slow motion with a longer stride. Silently gliding across the floor en pointe shows off the line of the leg beautifully.  It also displays the dancer’s strength. That’s because it takes amazing skill and strength to control her weight transfer soundlessly and her speed across the floor. Gaynor Minden pointes are best for gliding as the blocks won’t melt, the shanks last a long time and the padding makes them virtually soundless while suede tips on the platforms makes them ideal for extended interval performances or encounters while providing superb traction.

Pool Boy effect – the downside: The surge in diaphragm usage by young girls using them as flood insurance – cervical protection during underwater sex – has an unintended consequence. Most of the young women are on hormonal contraceptives and many of those are on the pill which requires strict adherence to taking it correctly, a fact that our clinic is careful to have a patient understand when being fitted for a diaphragm to be used primarily for flood insurance. Apparently wearing a diaphragm w/o spermicide for flood insurance has given some girls fitted at other clinics a false sense of security that they no longer need to be careful to take their birth control pills correctly. This lapse has led to unintended pregnancies in young sexually inexperienced girls using diaphragms for flood insurance.

Thanksgiving day sex: Bea, Willow, Kassi and I were CD13 and fertile for Thanksgiving The Swan Twins, Odette and Odile, who in addition to having frameless GyneFix copper bead IUDs implanted are now on Yaz to increase their breast size were not.  Given that I was fertile and would probably have dive-sex I double bagged with an Oves cervical cap screwed down tight on my ripe cervix and then wore a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm over the Oves. It is almost impossible for a man to even intentionally under-thrust properly sized Reflexions so I could relax and enjoy myself as I was taken to ecstasy by each of my lovers.

Bea, because of her age was the most sought after by my male guests, but there were plenty of encounters for the rest of us even though the Swan Twins seemed jealous of Bea being in such demand even after the twins increased their rack size by a full cup by taking the 24/4 regimen pill Yaz. Men in my circle, while they appreciate a high firm set of breasts aren’t into pneumatic ones. Bea has the looks the lovely hard body grace of a ballet dancer, amazing stamina a super tight pelvic grip and dearly loves having a variety of men as sexual partners. Her enjoyment and desire to please her partners is readily apparent and that whole package puts her in great demand.

Hard hat dive-sex: I tried to limit the dive-sex to before Thanksgiving dinner and consumption of alcohol and again Bea was the favorite because we set up the dive station for her KM SL-17B helmet in my 25 ft encounter pool for men who wanted to experience hard hat dive-sex. However, I had underestimated the demand. There were so many men wanting to experience dive-sex with a woman wearing a Kirby Morgan that they all couldn’t have been serviced by Bea alone and since I am the only other woman in my circle who has one right now I went down in my SL-17B as well to minimize the wait time. The men wore OTS Guardian FFMs since it would have taken too much time to customize neck dams for each man. The men were good natured about having sex with me rather than Bea. I can easily pass for being in my early 30s, but not 17 and I know what’s on a man’s mind when he is thrusting deep filling her tight pussy with sperm. He’s fanaticizing about impregnating her and any man who has fucked her and is honest will admit it. Fortunately Bea and I had limited our depth and bottom times for the preceding few days so we were able to service all the men w/o needing a deco stop before surfacing.

Epithelium erosion, sex and a tight vagina:  For women who have tight vaginas and very strong vaginal muscles there can be a down side to very frequent penetrative intercourse especially sex underwater.  Vaginal tissue is very delicate and being tight and with super strong muscle contractions it’s easy to erode the surface of the vaginal rugae - the epithelium, the cellular covering of internal and external body surfaces, including the lining of vessels and small cavities - to make a girl raw even if she uses a superior silicone lube like DiveGel+ if she has multiple partners in a short space of time while underwater. It has nothing to do with the woman’s stamina or muscle strength it’s just that the vagina wasn’t designed to ordinarily be that tight and get that much short term use.

Dive cluster fuck protection: To protect the female diver’s vaginal health during a series of back-to-back penetrative dive-sex encounters we are using a new product, GeniGel, from Labia Labs applied inside the sheath of an FC2 and worn by women divers – in this case Bea and me - who will be taking a series of men for penetrative sex at the bottom of an encounter pool or elsewhere underwater. 

Jeff, the owner of Labia Labs and the creator of DiveGel+, developed a product – the lab name for which is GeniGel - to enhance both male and female sexual experience by increasing stimulation of the genital nerve endings, especially in the male penis and the female clitoris and G-spot. For cluster fuck protection the woman wears an FC2 with GeniGel in it so only her partner feels the stimulating effects of the gel which more than offsets any decrease in sensitivity he would ordinarily experience from sex in a nitrile sheath. Between encounters she applies a prefilled disposable applicator of GeniGel in the FC2 and she is set for the next man.  

Jeff added 2% of the stimulant into the DiveGel+ formulation and may call it DiveGel++ rather than the lab name GeniGel. So the user doesn’t get it confused with the dive lube and biocide (DiveGel+) the body of the disposable applicator with the GeniGel added is textured and has a red spiral around it so it can be identified underwater and in the dark. Men who have used GeniGel during underwater sex say it is the best experience they have ever had while using a condom.



  1. Which ones are more challenging for en pointe work: GM Pianissimo or Bloch Alphas? And which ones, in your opinion, are sexier as bedroom fetish shoes?

    1. Hi cliqueman, welcome to my world! You ask two really great questions.

      >Which ones are more challenging for en pointe work: GM Pianissimo or Bloch Alphas?

      Bloch Alpha shoes have medium strength shanks so if the shanks are in good condition they provide far more support than do the Pianissimo GMs. Pianissimo shanks can only be worn successfully by women with very strong feet and ankles because the shanks are so soft they provide little support so it’s up to the wearer to hold herself over the blocks with only the support of the toe-box. So really well fitting shoes is crucial.

      >which ones, in your opinion, are sexier as bedroom fetish shoes?

      For me it would be sueded platform Pianissimos. That’s because with a high cut heel they are more comfortable, look better on my feet and when mounted in missionary with my legs spread knees flexed and platforms pressing into the mattress I can put weight on my heels flexing the arch to do really strong up-thrusts with my pelvis while not ruining the shoes.

    2. Thanks, Jill! I'm lurking here for quite a while, and though I don't share all your fetishes, I'm a great sucker for beautiful ballerina legs and pointed feet :).
      I knew Bloch Alpha's shanks were not soft, but you have only 3/4 of outsole there, and they are recommended for experienced dancers only too. So, I thought they would be comparable to GM Pianissimo by the challenges they present.
      Anyway, I agree that high-cut heels look sexier. Thanks for your reply, you are my goddess :).

    3. Hi again cliqueman,

      >I knew Bloch Alpha's shanks were not soft, but you have only 3/4 of outsole there, and they are recommended for experienced dancers only too.

      That’s right. However, the rear quarter to one third of the sole and shank provide minimum support. The front part of a Pianissimo shank is far more flexible than anything other than a dead Bloch Alpha (and by that time the Alpha block is usually very soft as well) so from the start Pianissimos are more of a challenge while continuing to provide excellent toe-box and forefoot support.

      Thank you for your interest and great questions.


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