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Morning Wood, 50s retro fetishwear, Solstice planning

Enjoying chill contractions after inserting two 1 inch 65° surgical steel balls

The photo: A full-body open-bottom front-close corset. It’s ideal to stiffen the interest of any lover with an encasement and fastener fetish. The 50s-inspired shapewear has never been so sexy. The Mercy corset from Agent Provocateur comes in embroidery and lace and combines irresistible retro features with modern technology which allows mine to fit perfectly.  By unfastening the top three hooks I can breast feed easily or by unfastening the bottom two the corset folds up so I can be penetrated from the rear for ballet-sex - while en pointe a la seconds bent over holding on to the barre.

Tahoe storms: This past week (Thursday and Friday) we had really severe weather in the Sierra Nevada to the west of Tahoe which resulted in winds that damaged homes around the lake. Fortunately Adolph’s property came through the storm with minimal damage.

Jenna’s fetish wardrobe: Jenna, my psychiatrist’s dead wife, was a dancer with the San Francisco Ballet and an amazingly creative fetishist before she gave birth to her son. Now he wants me to take her place in his life and for me many of the aspects of that relationship are a great deal of fun as well as incredibly kinky. I’ve added to her fetish wardrobe with the Mercy Corset pictured above I love the nude colore but got a black one as well to wear when I’m menstrual so it won’t show the stain if the blood doesn’t completelt come out. He has such fun unfastening the hooks and pealing me out of it he sometimes prematurely ejaculates which isn’t a problem as it allows him to last longer once he is inside me and thrusting.  

Menstrual with rubber and steel inserted: Today I’n CD1 and flowing lightly so to make things interesting I have a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm as well as a pair of 1.0” diameter solid surgical steel balls inserted. Each ball weighs 2.307 oz for a total of 4.6 oz when both are inserted. I’m calling them my “McBalls”, as they are a quarter-pounder! With the diaphragm in it makes it harder to get a ball forced into the posterior fornix so deep that it gets stuck, but should that happen it can be teased out using the bowl of an ice tea spoon.

My therapist is insistent on penetrating me bareback as he wants me pregnant, which is fine with me, the bareback part I mean. I’m planning to enjoy him fully, but pregnant by him (or anyone else) is not part of my plan. However, wearing a Reflexions diaphragm or an Oves cap I have the pregnancy bit under control giving us both the thrill of live sperm coating the stretchy rubber membrane protecting my fertile cervix.  He has been well accepted in my circle of friends as delusional only where I’m concerned and they think that is rather endearing.

Kassi as a romantic competitor: I had first intended bringing Kassi into my circle to divert Marvin’s attention hoping he would prefer her to me as she looks amazingly like me and Jenna and is much younger. I was surprised to find when I though there was an excellent chance to channel Marvin’s ardor toward another woman I didn’t want to give him up to another woman and found that I’m enjoying the thrill of the chase outwitting a very smart man intent on impregnating me.

I had already begun enticing him with Kassi when he told me she doesn’t have the aura or scent to match Jenna (nor any interest in him) and when I had Kassi insert one of Jenna’s diaphragms Jenna’s Chi did nothing to increase his interest in her or her interest in him. So my fear that Kassi and I would be competing for Marvin’s affection and compound his delusion appears to have just been a case of nerves on my part.

Marvin is strong, handsome, rich, nearby and he has been an amazing help in establishing my priorities as a Priestess of Aphrodite. His semen is potent – I’ve had it checked – his sweat smells divine and he is a considerate lover who is fun to be with. I do have to be very careful not to have him catch me w/o a cervical barrier inserted, but that’s a fun part of the game. It is unlikely either a Reflexions or Oves will leak, but no method of contraception is perfect so there is always the possibility he can impregnate me and he so wants to do that! So I now look on my relationship with him as a marvelously sweet encounter as I’m able to make him very happy as he guides me in coming to terms with my responsibilities as a Priestess of the Goddess of love.

Jack’s current activities: Recently Jack, Viscount Sandbach,  who is my main Brit lover, has taken quite a fancy to a ballerina (I’ll call her Ashley) who is in her mid 20s and dancing with the Royal Ballet. I met her briefly at His Grace’s party after the Scotland independence vote this Fall and she comes from an aristocratic English family which makes her prime bridal material for him, at least as far as his father, the Duke of M**** is concerned. Willow knows her well having danced with her when she was with the RB and says this time the girl really is sweet and would make him a lovely wife from a suitably patrician family.

As Viscount Sandbach Jack has standing with the Royal College of Arms and is pursuing enquiries on my behalf about a title that seems to have become vacant from the recent death of a 103 y/o Welsh Countess. His effort in that regard is perhaps partly from his fondness for me, but I suspect should his enquiries be successful he hopes to blunt any anger I might feel if he decides to marry Ashley.

There are almost no titles above Baroness for women in their own right, only as the wives of Earls/Countess, Dukes/Duchess Marquisess/Marchioness). etc. So if it should turn out that I am a hereditary Countess then that would be extremely exciting.

Descent of claim:  The problem is that that the title would come down through my biological father who knew my mother in the UK before she immigrated to the U.S. I have always been told that my mother and her ‘Uncle’ (my biological father) weren’t married to one another and so I would not inherit any title that would flow to his legitimate heirs. However, there seems to have been a record in an obscure Welsh church of their marriage prior to her coming to America where she eventually married the man who she lived with (and who when I was growing up I considered to be my father) when she was killed in an auto accident when I was 7 y/o.. I only learned who my real father was upon his death when his entire estate was put in trust for me and I was given the interest from the holdings until I turned 35 at which time control of the entire estate was turned over to me.  So I don’t need the money (if there is any) but it would be fun to have a title and a castle.

A change in the Solstice ceremony: I’m taking Marvin along when we go to Crag Abbey and Ullapool for the Solstice and Yule.  I ned to have a therapy session with him in the temple to Aphrodite/Venus in the undercroft of Crag Abbey. In a sacred site for the Old Ways thousands of years old he should be able to help me gain far deeper insight into the powers granted to a priestess of Aphrodite.

I had been wondering how I could get him professionally involved w/o making Jack jealous and now that he is deeply involved at least for the moment with Ashley that gave me the perfect opening to add him to my support staff. I can get away with flaunting my current lover as His Grace sees Marvin as a sign I’m no longer intent on marrying Jack and Jack is happy that I have a man to slake my libido while he is fucking Ashley’s brains out.  

Both His Grace and Jack need me to preside over a proper celebration of sunrise on celestial occasions as a primary Priestess of Aphrodite so they are pleased that Jack’s and my partner’s switches have been accomplished under amicable circumstances. However, for the Solstice I’m using Marvin as far more than my boy-toy. In his capacity as a board certified psychiatrist in the UK and an expert in ancient Goddesses he is of significant use helping Chris with the selection of married couples from His Grace’s extensive population of Crofters who will be concelebrating the Solstice and participating in the ritual planting of winter seed to raise a crop of healthy offspring  in the Fall.

Actually, as this is written Chris and Marvin are both in the Highlands with His Grace’s Scottish Estates Manager  selecting couples for the Winter Solstice ceremony. Not that my wards and I won’t lead the ritual seed planting, but the intent is that heavy lifting and pregnancies will occur to the fertile Crofter’s couples being selected.   



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