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Yule at Crag Abbey

A Yule Log ablaze

The Yule log: “Because there are no accounts of the custom in Great Britain prior to the 17th century, some historians and folklorists have theorized that it was not an ancient British custom but was in fact imported into Britain from continental Europe in the early modern period, possibly from Flanders in Belgium, where the tradition thrived in this period.

The first written account of a Yule log in Britain is by the clergyman Robert Herrick, from the 1620s or 1630s. Herrick called the tradition a "Christmas log" and said that it was brought into the farmhouse by a group of males, who were then rewarded with free beer from the farmer's wife. Herrick claimed that the fire used to burn the log was always started with a remnant from the log that had been burned in the previous year's festivities. He also said that the log's role was primarily one of bringing prosperity and protection from evil - by keeping the remnant of the log all the year long the protection was said to remain across the year.

The Yule log was not only seen as a magical protective amulet in traditional British rural culture. There are many reports of rivalries occurring between members of a community as to who had the largest log.” The above was taken from Wikipedia. The complete article can be seen HERE

His Grace’s family has always lit their Yule log from the remnant of the log from the previous year and they cut and prepare the following year’s log a year ahead so it has time to season before its use. It is lit on December 21st, the Winter Solstice, and it continues to burn through the Twelve Days of Christmas, beginning on Christmas day and lasting until January 5th. It is a massive log and is positioned in the massive fireplace in the great hall by six Crofters and two mules – that live in stables retained at the abbey especially for their care during the winter holidays -  and is constantly attended for the entire sixteen days.

His Grace and Marvin: Himself has become noticeably more at ease with me since his son and heir, Jack, Viscount Sandbach, has become smitten with Ashley a RB ballerina from a noble family who is his current bedmate. Not that His Grace was ever rude as he enjoys sex with me too much to take his pique to the point that I would cut him off. But now his sexual overtures are much more sweetly and gently expressed. Actually, he is a better lover now that he doesn’t feel I pose a threat to the longevity of his dynasty. His attitude toward me has changed to the extent that he is using his influence with The College of Arms to speed up the investigation (to the extent possible through the old-boy network) of a claim the Jack first discovered of my possibly being the heir to an ancient Welsh Barony previously thought to have become extinct.

The Duke approves of Marvin because he seems to have diverted my attention from getting Jack to marry me.  And in addition, as a physician, and psychotherapist with an advanced degree from Cambridge Marvin enjoys elevated social status (for a commoner) and is such an amazing conversationalist – part of his gift that makes him such an amazing therapist - that the Old Bull enjoys long conversations with him and wants to take him hunting if the weather ever clears

Sleeping arrangements: On holidays like this no one is monogamous. We women all have individual suites at the Abbey and the men rotate between us by some arrangement among themselves that gives all the men an opportunity to spend at least one night with each of us.

Tanaquil sent over a 23 y/o Russian ballet dancer, Maya, for His Grace’s holiday pleasure. Jack has Ashley, Marvin has me and Tanaquil sent virile male soloists from the Paris Opera Ballet chosen for their looks and sexual stamina for Bea, Willow, and the Swan Twins. My Dresser is partnering Chris, our male Gyn.

Ashley, Maya and me: I had met Ashley, the RB dancer who is Jack’s current bedmate, at the Party here at the Abbey when Scotland rejected independence from England this past Fall. I thought I’d dislike her but I don’t. Actually she’s quite sweet and in her mid 20s is just learning about fetish sex so I have been tutoring her in certain aspects of that skill. Maya dances with the Mariinsky and speaks fluent English with a Berkshire accent. She is much more knowledgeable about fetish sex than Ashley and in some respects possibly me as well since I don’t usually do anal or double or triple penetration.

I saw them both with the Abbey Divemaster trying on wetsuits and adjusting the spiders on their OTS Guardian FFMs so afterward at lunch I asked if they were going to dive the cistern with Jack and His Grace and when they said yes I asked if they had ever had dive-sex.

Finding that they hadn’t I asked if anyone had told them they should wear a diaphragm to prevent having water forced into the uterus due to the hydraulics of her partner’s thrusting if her vagina floods during the encounter. Just as I suspected, no one (all men who had been prepping them) had.  So I fitted Ashley with a 70mm latex Reflexions flat spring rim diaphragm and a 75mm for Maya who is taller. I explained the Reflexions is nearly impossible for a mischievous partner to under-thrust. Fortunately neither is allergic to latex and both have lovely deep post-pubic vaults so no partner should feel the rim during dive-sex. Then I showed them how to insert and remove their diaphragms and let them practice insertion and removal several times and gave them both  12-packs of 10ml prefilled disposable applicators of DiveGel+ for pre-lubing before a dive.

During menses both use a menstrual cup so they are familiar with inserting a device in their vaginas which made it much easier for them to place the Reflexions correctly. Maya has a ‘normal’ – 31mm x 24mm - German Medusa Goldring Ag+Au (silver+gold) IUD inserted from which the strings have been removed. She has been wearing it for a year w/o problems even when being thrown and landing jumps so she should be safe from pregnancy.

Cerazette: Ashley is on the progestin-only-pill (POP) Cerazette as so many other European dancers are, so in theory she shouldn’t need the diaphragm for contraception, but only when she dives for protection during underwater sex.  A Cerazette pill contains 75 mcg of desogestrel which metabolizes into etonogestrel that is used in Nexplanon and NuvaRing. Etonogestrel primary effect is prevention of the follicle ripening and releasing an egg. However, our clinic in Vegas has had quite a few women on Cerazette come in for abortions so perhaps because there is a long half-life of the progestin being used the women are not as careful as they should be about taking them correctly.

Ashley seems to have adjusted well to the hormone in her pills with no decrease in libido, or increase in weight, dryness or mood swings and she has few instances of spotting which makes it a great pill for her. I cautioned her not to leave her pill pack unattended while at the Abbey as there could be mischievous guests who think it great fun to sabotage a guests birth control for any number of reasons including but not limited to; jealousy, revenge or just curiosity to see what their target would do if she found herself pregnant.  

Other etonogestrel contraceptives and their dosages: For readers wondering about the daily hormone release amounts of other popular etonogestrel progestin contraceptive methods the two most popular are: 1) Nexplanon a single rod progestin-only-implant. The release rate is 60-70 mcg/day in week 5-6 and decreases to approximately 35-45 mcg/day at the end of the first year, to approximately 30-40 mcg/day at the end of the second year, and then to approximately 25-30 mcg/day at the end of the third year. 2) NuvaRing releases on average 0.12 mg/day of etonogestrel and 0.015 mg/day of ethinyl estradiol over a period of three weeks.

Gifts from St Nicholas: No one got coal, or peat, which is a primary fuel here, in their stocking.  There were a lot of gifts of condoms (which no one plans to use while here as everyone has past a recent full STI panel. There were performance enhancers, Cialis and Viagra, for the men and ellaOne (the UK EC brand) for the ladies. Just in case since one can never be entirely certain that contraception will work all the time.

Fet-tex rubber catsuits: The big presents for the women, (I even managed to get one for Ashley) except for Maya who I hadn’t known was coming, and eye-candy for the men were new custom latex catsuits made of Fet-tex, a new formulation of latex rubber from Jeff at Labia Labs. Fet-tex has all the benefits of natural latex such as marvelous heat transfer properties, but is molecularly stronger to resist punctures and tearing and is far stretchier – think cotton Lycra - with immediate return to original size when no longer being stretched so can comfortably be worn during ballet class, if the wearer can stand the heat. It is also more resistant to oily lubes, medicines and perfumes that contain natural oils and isn’t sticky when dry (w/o being chlorinated) so it is much easier to get into w/o using talcum powder or a water based lube. All the other women’s Fet-tex catsuits have dual-pull back-zips. Mine is dual-pull front-zip so I can easily breastfeed as well as open the crotch for relief or sex and the Fet-tex cups expand as my breasts fill so the suit is amazingly supportive w/o binding or pinching. The zipper is miniaturized and more flexible so a front-zip in a Fet-tex 2mm suit is as flexible as a back-zip suit in standard natural rubber latex.

A catsuit made of 2 mm Fet-tex is nearly indestructible, a feature that any woman who has been held against a masonry wall while being fucked wearing a latex catsuit will appreciate.  With her partners hands clutching her buttocks and her legs wrapped around his waist while he pumps seed deep inside her the up and down motion of his thrusts cause the back of a typical natural latex catsuit to shred against the rough texture of the wall so a new $200 suit can be easily ruined in less than five minutes. However, Fet-tex catsuits like all latex apparel are impervious to moisture so they are quite hot to wear if the wearer is exerting herself and so are very dehydrating. The sweat drains down the legs soaking the boots or shoes of the wearer, which is another reason to wear polymer block Gaynor Minden pointes which won’t melt when in a rubber catsuit. Staying well hydrated in any rubber catsuit is extremely important.

Visual erotica: The men enjoyed us modeling our Fet-tex suits and depending on the men who were taking us we wore either ballet-boots or pointes to minimize the thrust-drop while we enjoyed having them spew their seed quickly, almost as though they were prematurely ejaculating, during ballet sex. Having men that anxious can be fun when there a lot of them as there are here now. The Fet-tex rubber has a very distinctive latex smell mixing with our estrogenic perspiration, the scent of our shampoo, perfume, our pointes or boots (and in my case breast milk) and the scent of the man we are with so the bouquet just screams fetish sex! And that may be what has caused some men with excellent ejaculatory control to finish so quickly. A woman can sense when that is going to occur in time to brace herself since her partner’s shaft gets thicker and longer, his thrusts become more forceful and quicker, his grip tightens holding her closer, his saliva thickens and his respiration increased in the few seconds before the fluid transfer leaving her inseminated!




  1. I'd love to see those Fet-tex suits on you or the other girls. What color are they?

    1. Hi Eric! Happy New Year!

      The Fet-tex suits I got were glossy black. They also come in white but I think white will show secretions and wear more easily.


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