Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Winter Solstice Dec 21, 2014

Ullapool and Loch Broom in the Winter

Our military hospitals tour was cancelled: It was a combination of new hospital administrators and heightened security that made it impossible to get my dancers in to perform for Christmas. Perhaps we can entertain again next year. However, with that off the schedule we were able to leave for Scotland earlier than planned which was good because with Crofter brides as offerings to Aphrodite we needed time to prepare them.

The flight McCarran to Inverness: We left on Wednesday the 16th and topped off our tanks at Dulles prior to a nonstop flight to Inverness. It wasn’t the best day we could have picked as there was a major storm in the Highlands, but we managed to land and Jack, Chris and Marvin were there to meet us along with three other Range Rover SUVs to take us to Crag Abbey.

While Jack had Marvin’s and my luggage taken to our suite- Marvin and Chris were moving back from the hunting lodge above Ullapool -  my first stop was the temple of Aphrodite/Venus in the undercroft of the Abbey over which the Abbey was built beginning in the 13th century. I brought an offering of pomegranates, her sacred fruit, and prayed that the couples Marvin and Chris had selected for the ritual planting of seed on the five altars at Location Z would result in pregnancies. I took Marvin with me to the temple since I felt he hadn’t believed me when I told him about the Altar and Holy spring and how a feeling of power and tranquility comes over me when I’m worshiping Aphrodite there.

Marvin is presented to Aphrodite: Actually Marvin was stunned. Not so much from the antiquity of the temple itself, but at the aura that surrounds me when I pray to Aphrodite and her spirit appears above the altar. He said later that her image was so bright that it was like looking at the sun and he had to turn his back. The Goddess was none too pleased that I had brought an unbeliever and a man at that to her temple, but I explained that he was my therapist and lover at which point she wanted me to convert him to the Old Ways.

Thoroughly mindfucked: I explained that he was more valuable unconverted, but securely in my thrall so he would do the Goddesses bidding while walking undetected among unbelievers. She seemed satisfied. However, she had the last word by appearing as a wraith and confiding that she wanted to experience sex with my mortal partner seduced him and for nearly 30 minutes she had him in a continually aroused state during which he had multiple orgasms; shuddering, gasping, moaning with his hips continually thrusting and sweat pouring off him as though he was in a sauna. His ejaculate passed through her form jetted several feet in the air in large creamy strings only to fall back splattering on his flat sweaty abs as she kept him in orgasm.

After she finished with him he was unconscious for at least 45 minutes. I feared for his health, but she assured me that he was uninjured and when he woke he would still have his usual sexual stamina and recall the encounter as sex with me as she didn’t want an unbeliever thinking he had hallucinated about having sex with a Goddess. I was pleased that she left him with that thought as it should make him far easier to manipulate.  I felt my time with the Goddess was very positively received by her, especially after she had her way with Marvin.  

Breeding diaphragms: Chris, our male Gyn, and I had decided to fit the brides, 17 and 18 y/o girls, with ‘breeding diaphragms’ to help increase the likelihood of pregnancies even though four of the five girls were to be fertile on the Solstice. Returning readers may recall that a breeding diaphragm is one two sizes smaller than the size she should wear for effective contraception. The smaller size allows her partner to under-thrust the rim and ejaculate in the dome so when not aroused and on her back the tip of her cervix will be submerged in a pool of her lover’s semen. Chris had fitted the brides for the correct size diaphragms so I brought a lot of 60 and 65mm sizes to use as breeders I also had time to give the husbands a trial run to show them how they should angle their thrusts in missionary to under-thrust a breeder with me wearing a 70mm Omniflex (coil spring rim) as a breeder. And given that I was CD9 and fertile on the Winter Solstice I had an Oves screwed down tight on my cervix underneath.

Sunrise on the Solstice: At Location Z sunrise on the Solstice was at 9:04 GMT so we were up at 5 AM for breakfast at His Grace’s hunting lodge then in a convoy traveled up to the robbing tents just outside the Holy site by 7:30 to dress in full length hooded shearling robes. Jack had the road plowed of snow which started above 600 M and he cleared the altars of snow with a flamethrower type device and the four huge stone fire pits for the peat fires around each altar were lit. The wind gusting from 15 to 20 mph howled through the tone-holes in the stone columns surrounding the altars location and the brides were very spooked before they were given goblets of Gorse brandy which settled their nerves. Then seven minutes before sunrise my wards and I walked the brides and their husbands to their respective altars. Their positions were chosen by drawing straws the longest getting the main Altar and the second longest the altar furthest east.

The ritual planting of seed: We had the brides lie down in their shearling robes and their husbands mount them so that at sunrise they were all penetrated and  perhaps it was the Cialis that all the husbands had taken, but there were no cases of erectile dysfunction though there may have been at least two cases of premature ejaculation, but after the breeder rim had been under-thrust so the speed wasn’t a problem. Actually none tarried and the brides were back in the robbing tent on their backs on cots with more Gorse brandy to sedate them in less than twenty minutes while my wards and I mounted the altars to give the husbands another shot at immortality and after that my being mounted by His Grace on the primary altar as the final act of intercourse of the eleven performed that morning.

It snowed the entire time and we never saw the sun. The blazing fire pits and the wind caused there to be this curious nearly dry almost warm bubble around the altars for the ninety minutes there was sexual activity on the altars. The Goddess was pleased. His Grace and I were very pleased as well with how flawlessly the ceremony had gone given the weather and new participants. Now if five pregnancies result it will be such a good sign as His Grace is trying to increase the family sizes of the Crofters on his estates.

Back at the hunting lodge: As a Christmas gift to the Crofter couples who participated in the Solstice seed planting His Grace has given them Christmas weekend at the hunting lodge with a set of servants to wait on them and they were so appreciative!

After the ritual burning of the ceremonial shearling robes and a hearty lunch His Grace, Jack, Marvin my wards and I returned to Crag Abbey overlooking Loch Ness. The cloud cover and snow have been so heavy that we haven’t seen the Loch in more than a day and I wondered if the Range Rovers were going to make it up the mountain but they did.




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