Thursday, February 26, 2015

Circe’s Lair, Google/Blogger TOS changes

Circe by John William Waterhouse, 1849-1917

The Photo: Here we see Circe consulting her spell book while one of her tame leopards looks on. Readers may recall that in Greek mythology Circe was a powerful witch, Homer called her a Goddess, who transformed her enemies or those who offended her into tame animals.

Circe’s Lair: Several years ago I started a small gathering spot in my club Naughty Pleasures in Las Vegas called Circe’s Lair, which was a private costume encounter club, giving women an opportunity to act out their fantasies with men by giving them so much sex it drains the men of their energy. Rather like Delilah cutting off Sampson’s hair, but a club member’s weapon of choice is her vagina not shears. A talented woman with stamina could turn a man who thought himself a tiger in bed into an exhausted tabby during a single encounter.

I’m thinking about upgrading part of one of the newer wings of Blackthorn Castle to make a small getaway destination for aristocratic vanilla women who want to improve their sexual skills and call it Circe’s Lair. It won’t be specifically to exhaust men sexually, but if that happens more power to the women. It is an achievement devoutly to be wished! From what I’ve seen of young aristocratic British women they are generally quite sexually naive so there should be quite a market for a course that teaches my seductive techniques and pelvic skills.

An Oscar party: Marvin and I hosted a small gathering at my place in Eaton Square for Alexei, his rubberist friends and their wives to watch the Oscars. I had it catered by an amazing private outfit. We had salmon, roast beef and rack of lamb. I tailored the menu to appeal to the men who always want meat.  Since the show started at 5:30 PM Pacific time (eight hours behind GMT here in London) this was a really late party. Fortunately none of the girls had to get up early Monday. The men came because their wives wanted to come so they were rather quiet and talked among themselves while we girls all talked about the lovely gowns on the red carpet.

The 2015 Oscars: Host Neil Patrick Harris I thought was flat as an MC and his monologue was poor. At the very least they needed a different writer! Where is Ricky Gervais when we need him? Harris also tried a Michael Keaton impression (from Birdman) at one point in the show, walking across stage in his tighty whities which seemed to me to be stretching mightily for a laugh. And in an apparent attempt to make up for the supposed slight to black actors not being nominated for Oscars, the presenters seemed to be mostly black.

The Oscar for best documentary in 2014 was won by CITIZENFOUR, Laura Poitras’ documentary about Edward Snowden's efforts to shed light on various surveillance techniques used by the United States government and its partners. I think it was a far left political statement by members of the Academy w/o having to put their own reputations on the line. I think the U.S. and its allies are less secure because of what Edward Snowden has been able to get away with and he needs to pay dearly for the crime of treason.

Blog access changes in the near future: Google is changing its terms of service (TOS) effective on Monday March 23 to ban “content that's sexually explicit or shows graphic nudity” even in Adult content blogs.

I had first thought that if it was only sexually explicit images I could delete them and continue as a public blog. However, there is so much other sexually explicit content that just deleting photos wouldn’t suffice.

Given the forthcoming TOS change I will be changing my reader access permission from Public to Private.  This means that anyone wanting to read, or continue to read, my blog will have to have given me a valid email address I can enter into a permitted readers list. The control permissions rules are:

“For each address entered, the Google Account associated with that address will be given access to view your blog. If an address is not associated with an account, that person will be sent an invitation email with a link allowing them do one of three things:

Sign in to an existing account
Create a new account
View your blog as a guest (no account required)

In the first two cases, the reader will be given permission to view your blog whenever they are signed in to their Google Account. As a guest, they'll be able to continue viewing your blog through the link in the invitation email, but this will expire after 30 days. After that, they'll need a new invitation.”

Reader sign-up: Readers wishing to be included on the permissions list can send me the email address for which the permission should be granted. A free Google gmail account email address is preferred and will save both of us trouble once established.

Permissions are limited so I’ll be accepting friends I know first. If I don’t know you already you will need to tell me a bit about yourself in the email containing the address you want the permission for.  Email requesting access permission and the access email address may be sent to me at: Friends can use the email address we normally use.

I regret the necessity of these changes, but with Google going mainstream with a higher profile in the tangible internet infrastructure (think Google fiber) you can understand why they are changing the TOS.


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