Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl weekend in London

Eaton Square Belgravia, Westminster, London

The photo: Eaton Square, London SW1W Terrace to the north side of Eaton Terrace looking west. Part of the Grosvenor Estate in Belgravia. The photo is by Paul Leonard 2006. Eaton Square is one of the three garden squares built by the Grosvenor family when they developed the main part of Belgravia in the 19th century, and is named after Eaton Hall, the Grosvenor country house in Cheshire. Blackthorn House is one of the few freeholds privately owned by others in the square.

An Invitation: Morning Wood, who is living at Blackthorn House while he practices psychiatry at Blackthorn Clinic during the week received an invitation on my behalf to a Super Bowl XLIX party at a neighbor’s home a few doors down from Blackthorn House.  I was surprised and pleased. Not because I care about the game, I don’t, but because a London neighbor invited us. It is a marvelous neighborhood, but a lot of homes are owned by foreign absentee owners and it is very quiet so I was looking forward to meeting some of the owners who actually live on the square.

Our hosts who I’ll call ‘Alexei’ and ‘Veronika’ were a widowed Russian expat businessman, and his 18 y/o daughter who dances with a prominent local ballet company.  Alexei is very handsome (think George Clooney) and local gossip has it he is an attentive lover and expert swordsman. Assuming that to be true I wore a latex Reflexions flat spring diaphragm even though I was CD23 and Luteal so if we had a sexual encounter and neither of us were protected I should have been safe from pregnancy. A bigger concern on my part was that I had no full panel STI test for him so I wouldn’t have taken the chance on him penetrating me w/o using a condom. I needn’t have worried; he didn’t make a serious attempt to seduce me.

Dress was casual so I wore pink seamed tights over a long sleeve, turtleneck, and thong-back aquamarine leotard with pink suede tipped GM pointes. Over my leo I wore a toasty warm cowl collar canary yellow woolen sweater as a tunic which came a bit above mid thigh. It was an ensemble to display my legs and be noticed in and I was.

The weather was cold and damp with light rain. Fortunately Alexei lives in the same terrace row less than 100 yards away so it was a short dry walk for Marvin and me under the covered terrace walkway to his door where we were greeted by two large security men and after showing our invitation were shown in. We were warmly greeted by Veronika who was acting as hostess.  She knew us by name and said she had been looking forward to meeting me as her father had told her about me. I smiled and said I looked forward to being good friends with her while I wondered what her father, a I man I had never met, had told her about me. Her remark did alert me that the invitation might have been more than to a friendly neighborhood gathering and I wondered what he wanted.

Veronika introduced Marvin and me to other guests, mainly young Russian men and gorgeous Russian women with one or two older business acquaintances of her fathers. No one was wearing wedding rings. There was a table with caviar from the Caspian Sea on toast points and Champagne and single malt scotch which I avoided since I suspected Alexei had some business he was going to ask me about. It turned out many of the young men work for Alexei and the women are ballet dancers either in Russia or other European countries and England who had time off and had been invited for their looks and pelvic skills.

Alexei: As soon as we had something to drink, Marvin had a Macallan 40 y/o single malt scotch, Veronika guided Marvin away to introduce him to her ballet girlfriends and I found Alexei immediately at my elbow. He must be in his mid 50s, but has a lovely hard chiseled body, is 6 feet tall, about 165 lbs. and steel gray eyes. He is in the energy business, natural gas from Russian fields which he has the rights to, among other things, and is a patron of the Mariinsky and Royal ballet companies. He said he learned about me from Maya, the Russian ballerina from the Mariinsky who returning readers will recall had the termination and spent her recovery with me at Blackthorn Castle after her German Medusa IUD failed during her stay with the Duke of M**** at Crag Abbey over the Christmas and New Years  holidays.

Training Veronika: Alexei Said he had heard what an amazing job I have done in training my wards; Bea, Willow, and the Swan twins and asked that I coach Veronika in the ways of men as there is no woman in the family to take her in hand to counsel her and to improve her seductive and pelvic skills. I was pleased that he asked as I had taken an immediate liking to Veronika and I have been missing the interaction between myself and my other wards. I’m not sure how much time Veronika would otherwise have away from the ballet company she dances with, but since Alexei is a patron she can probably get a leave of absence with no harm to her career.

Super Bowl XLIX: In a drawing room there was a huge flat screen TV and soft couches and chairs in a semicircle around it where we all gathered to watch the game. The New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks, the defending champion, 28-24. I watched very little of the game as I’m not a sports fan. I accepted the invitation so I could chat up my neighbor and his friends which I thought worked out quite well.

Though it was hard fought and a tight contest In my opinion the New England team had no business playing in the Super Bowl as they cheated with an under-inflated football to win over the Indianapolis Colts to get there. A ball condition that team members must have known they were playing with, but in hindsight no one seems to have any knowledge of. Imagine that!   If you don’t understand the last sentence Google ‘deflate gate’. I thought the Commercials were less interesting this year and my fave was the one for Budweiser with the lost puppy saved by the Clydesdales.

It was three AM when the game ended and many of the guests paired up and retired to rooms at Alexei’s place. Marvin and I said goodnight to Alexei and Veronika and walked home and to bed briefly before Morning wood took me doggie style before showering, dressing, having breakfast and going to the Clinic for his first patient at ten AM while I slept in.


  1. Jill, I have to correct you on the Deflategate scandal. New England did not defeat Green Bay, they defeated Indianapolis in the AFC Championship. Seattle had that epic comeback to beat Green Bay in the NFC Championship, trailing by 16 at halftime. Of course, some of the Colts players stated the Patriots were good enough without the underinflated footballs. One said the Pats could've beaten them with soap footballs the way the Colts played.

    I watched the game at a co-worker's apartment. I thought it was a good game, but the play call by Pete Carroll was terrible. You don't throw a slant pass at the goal line on second and goal from the 1-yard line. You give it to your unstoppable running back. If you can't get in, call time out and THEN you throw a pass on third down. That would leave 5 seconds for fourth down, and a decision. Either way, Carroll did the wrong move, and it bit him in the ass.

    Of course, I picked the Patriots to win anyway, though I thought it would go overtime, 20-14. I guess a game-defining INT is just as good.

    1. Hi Eric,

      >New England did not defeat Green Bay, they defeated Indianapolis in the AFC Championship.

      Oops! You’re right the Patriots cheated the Indianapolis Colts not Green Bay! My bad! I suppose it’s an indication of my less than keen interest in the sport where brain damage is a common side effect. I think the Super Bowl should have been played between the Seahawks and the Colts. I’m glad you enjoyed the game. - Text corrected.


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